Interesting Synchronicities/Dreams & More

This blog post will feature a few things for those who are interested. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

So some might recall that at certain moments I go into like a day dream/trance/autopilot state and then find myself humming a song of some kind which contains a message I need to hear. In this case, on October 28th, 2021 I started humming ‘Too Long’ by Daft Punk, the same day the X-Class solar flare took place (around today is the day where the ejecta should be hitting Earth):

This is the final ‘episode’ in Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 story which is basically about a group of benevolent blue-skinned extraterrestrials who are kidnapped by en evil French man who they discover abducts beings from other planets, erases their memories and implants screen memories into them and uses them to make money as performers:

In this final episode the evil French man is almost defeated and chases after the extraterrestrials who have received assistance from Earth following the exposing of the entire evil scheme word-wide to return to their home planet. This evil French man, who is now an entity, follows the group of benevolent ETs in their ship towards their home planet and is saved by one of the beings from their group who died trying to help them earlier in the movie and ‘took care’ of the entity in their spirit form.

Everyone on Earth and the beings celebrate as the ETs play their music on their planet while it is live-streamed everywhere on Earth with everyone uniting after this harrowing ordeal.

Is this telling us something like this is going to happen? Of course I don’t know for sure. But they don’t give me these messages for nothing.

Interestingly, the magic 410 (my birthday) seemed to appear connected to this solar flare where the intensity of the flare hit pretty much right on the line with the 10 and 4:

On the right is a magnification of the line on the chart on the left.

Also as interesting, the flare took place on October 28th, 2021 and this is the 301st day of the year which also happens to be my apartment number:

And here’s an amazing divine story of how I was shown in advance that I was going to live here.

In September 2021 I walked into the library and sat down in a chair near the front desk. I noticed someone was crying and talking to a librarian. This went on for a while and I got telepathically ‘help them’. So I went over to them and asked if I could help in any way. Fast forward to later in the day we go to the store and get something to eat together and then they show me where they live. I thought this was strange but this wasn’t an ordinary situation, it was most certainly divinely-guided/orchestrated.

So we go up to their place and they give me a tour of the building and I thought of it as being kind of spooky but just went with the flow. Fast forward to when I am looking for a place and when I told the person I was working with I wanted the first place they mentioned, some kind of water damage occurred and that wasn’t an option anymore. My option was this place I had a tour of some days ago. When the person I was working with was describing it I said ‘Oh I just saw that place!’.

So the Higher Ups seemed to give me a tour of the place I was going to live at before living there.

One amazing thing that I’ve noticed about this place is that in the morning there are these beautiful rainbow colors that come through the window. It is all the colors and it’s really a sight. The pictures don’t do it justice:

Additionally, I was warned in a dream about a dental situation before hand which made no sense at the time. In this dream I thought it was some guy trying to poison me but it turns out it was a warning which manifested later on. For some reason David Wilcock was there and a gentleman was trying to give me toothpaste with anti-freeze as an ingredient:

That was on October 22nd, 2021 and then at my dentist appointment on October 26th, 2021 they prescribed me some antibiotics for a tooth abscess and last night while searching online about the side effects I saw that you shouldn’t consume propylene glycol with this medication (including no alcohol, which I do drink sometimes). And interestingly propylene glycol is used in anti-freeze. So the toothpaste = dentist and the the ingredients = antibiotics reaction to alcohol.

See the date, October 26th, about four days after the dream.

When it comes to health-related issues I get dreams about this too and they are so incredible.

I’ve also decided to remove the entire subscriber list from this blog and start over so if anyone who wishes to continue following this blog with its current content can do so knowing this will be likely what I post from now on. That could change of course but I do appreciate your understanding.

Strangely enough, when I was doing this I noticed that there were 20 followers I couldn’t remove from the list and when I contacted WordPress about this they didn’t know why:

Then I had two dreams about Britney Spears for some reason on October 29th, 2021, with one of them featuring the number 410 (which I accidentally wrote as 419) and the other with the number 113 and/or 13:

The Higher Ups really wanted this dream written down but I didn’t feel like writing the whole thing down but got some of it down later:

Here were a couple of other dreams which seemed positive, one of them being about The Event:

This was was more personal:

One strange thing that has been happening over the years is that my body is being triggered into releasing extreme trauma it experienced at some point. I have no memory of what is happening but my body is certainly remembering something.

One of the first instances was when I was watching Babylon 5 and one of the alliance members was injured badly and when I saw them in the hospital bed I started freaking out and my body started experiencing/remembering? a severely traumatic event. For those who haven’t experienced a severely traumatic event I would say you are lucky. This includes panicking, screaming, hyperventilation, hyper-vigilance (eyes wide open) and the most terrifying horrific full-body feeling that you could never imagine. It’s one of the downsides of doing inner work but this is the release of the trauma which is positive.

This happens periodically and they are spread out thankfully. I have learned that with trauma, the psyche/subconscious will heal itself when its ready.

Fast forward to yesterday, October 30th, this one was very strange and I can’t look at it without the same reaction you read above. My mind doesn’t remember anything but the body definitely does. I was watching acts gone wrong I think on America/Britain’s Got Talent and for some reason when this man was hooking himself up to a wooden cross-shaped prop this immediately triggered the same response as above and still does now while I’m trying to write this. I can’t find the video for some reason but I wrote down my little note about it:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and much love.

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