Several YouTube Channels Found Featuring Possible Child Abuse Disguised as ‘Child Art’ with Millions of Views and with the Username ‘Snuff54’ For One Channel (Updated)

Just stumbled upon this after loading the YouTube home page randomly. It was a channel which features videos of little girls under 10 years old (they specify the age in the description) doing ballet poses in a home and studio setting. Some of these videos feature thumbnails which depict the girls in obviously sexual poses (to me anyways).

One huge red flag for me was not only the user name of one of the channels which is ‘Snuff54’ (and for those who are not aware, snuff films are videos which show people being killed or killing themselves):

But also the description in the initial YouTube channel called ‘New Kids Art’ describing how much they wish to share the beauty of children through their channel (which appears to be little girls under 10):

(YouTube About)

“I admire the beauty of children and my goal is to show it in my films. That’s why I’m shooting on a cinema camera to create a naturalistic image that will give you an opportunity to feel the vitality and beauty of captured moment. Becoming my patron and supporting the channel, you help me to realize this creative task. Thank you very much.”

And after reporting one of the pages I discovered there were several other pages, some of them featuring the same videos with the same amount of millions of views for certain videos. Here is an example of a few of the most popular videos:


The people doing this appear to be based in Russia which is apparent from a link to their main website which ends in .Ru. What is also creepy is the fact that they are requesting donations for this kind of work. And indeed many of the videos appear to be made in a home setting.

(UPDATE) Someone on Voat (website similar to Reddit) went ahead and checked out the other links on this person’s YouTube page and found a Russian version of Facebook depicting a little girl getting her teeth pulled. (Note: most of the photos/videos on this page are of little girls dancing and posing, and then this video?):


On another page via this Russian Facebook features a little girl with her facing away from the camera and people sharing some creepy comments:


Here’s another, notice the title (I’m Ready, For Your Love):


I’m not sure how much work it would be to report all of these channels but I thought they could at least be brought out to light in case there is abuse happening here. Take care all, wishing each of you much love.

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  1. All of this together is incredibly inappropriate. Its funny how honest and healthy citizens like myself have been targeted and ‘gangstalked’ by the likes of Imagine Entertainment when there are guys like “Snuff54” who are sexualizing little girls doing ballet in a public forum. Also some #gematria/intelligence on the moniker: #Snuff = 66/396/342 (Simple/English/Jewish) For starters: 66+396+342=804. 804÷54=14.8888888… So we can see a deliberate attempt to link the “snuff54” moniker to a white pride number (1488), however the /Jewish/ number of 342 is also happens to be the /simple/ number of Roman Polanski’s full name (with acceńted numbers counted in the total). Roman Polanski is an evil man who works in film and I wouldn’t doubt that he is personally involved in this:

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