New Video: Freedom 432Hz

This video was inspired after hearing the song that was used. After hearing it I knew it would eventually be used for a video and today was the day to make it happen. Thanks to ‘their’ (the higher ups) help of course as always.

I believe there was some kind of interference at first. When I went to upload it YouTube said it would take 2 hours! No way…So I tried twice more and the same thing happened.

Then I verbally stated, I manifest there be no more interference with my internet connection and then it starting working just fine again. Whew!

Image result for aint nobody got time for that

I would supplement this video and the subject of freedom with a poem from my great-great-grandmother. Much love everyone!

‘Star Lure’
Grace B. Davis
From ‘Overtones’ 1958

“The stars are ships upon an azure sea.
They sail the deeps of God’s blue mystery;
Afloat within the endless realms above,
Unmoved by earthly hate – untouched by love.

The star are flowers embroidering robes of night,
With silvery pattern on a loom of light.
In quiet peace, they shine at close of day,
To cool the fevers of man’s restless way.

The stars are beacons flashing from afar
Across bright sands of heaven’s golden bar;
God’s lighted windows, calling me to come
To endless joy, to love, rest, peace and home.”

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2 Responses to New Video: Freedom 432Hz

  1. Moon Mama says:

    Awesome😌’ve done it again, dear Jonathan. Great song, inspiring video..and perfect timing.
    Thank you!

  2. lmamer says:

    Wonderful 🙂 Thank you!

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