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Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True & Other Synchronicities

For those who are interested here is a post about another Cobra dream I had this morning. I am not sure about the Cobra post with the ‘R’ word in the title coming true yet and that may not happen. … Continue reading

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Another Cobra Dream & Other Messages in Dreams

Leap of Faith Alert! I am posting this before the dream comes true, assuming it will, which it may not. What was interesting was that the last dream I had before I woke up for the day this morning was … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) Prophetic Dreams Come True, Uplifting Synchronicities, Personal Update

For those who feel guided to check this out I will be sharing some prophetic dreams that have come true over the past weeks including a personal update. Despite the personal craziness going on and experiencing health issues I am … Continue reading

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