Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True & Other Synchronicities

For those who are interested here is a post about another Cobra dream I had this morning. I am not sure about the Cobra post with the ‘R’ word in the title coming true yet and that may not happen. I’ve learned that sometimes what I see in dreams comes true but not exactly how it is shown to me.

In this case I had a dream this morning which I almost didn’t write down but decided to anyways and it turns out it seemed to be predicting a coded Cobra post from this morning.

I would also note that while I was in town yesterday I was at the library and came across a DVD with the title ‘Black Cobra’ which indicated to me that a new Cobra post was coming soon. This has been happening consistently for a while now and it is quite interesting to see these real time synchronicities prophesize events that actually happen later:

Here is the dream which was entertaining as well as prophetic. I just happened to finish writing this dream down 5 minutes before Cobra posted a coded message on his blog:

June 14th, 2021 04:01 AM

Cobra post dream. I had yet another dream where I saw a new Cobra post with the ‘R’ word in the title. This time the title was ‘Seeing Through R’ and I forgot what the word was. [I couldn’t remember the ‘R’ word after I woke up and also from the previous dream.]

I remember being and working in a hospital in another dimension. I asked repeatedly how the physics of the dimension worked but they weren’t sure.

I remember one of the women there also tell me I needed to have them make me contacts [contact lenses] instead of using my own. She was nice about it.

She asked me my prescription and retrieved a small [rectangular] metal box and then proceeded to poof them into existence [they appeared on top of the metal box].

They were dry and there was residue on them which I cleaned off. I was nervous to put them in as the residue was orange and still on them when I was about to put one in.

I remember something about how the bureaucrats of this dimension had something to do with something I was asking about which I was surprised to hear. I thought surely things were better here.

I think I remember thinking that everything was working on the idea of the Moment of Now and that everyone was accounted for because they are all connected here. They are all One and it’s easy to locate people.

I also remember being calmly overjoyed at seeing the new Cobra post and several other new ones after the one with the ‘R’ in the title. I saw several as I was scrolling on my phone I believe.

I don’t remember anything about the others except that they seemed to be posts which weren’t coded although this was very brief so I’m not sure.

I didn’t care for patients [meaning I wasn’t assigned to take care of them] but was mostly feeling like a tourist who was excited to explore this new experience and dimension.

The people seemed human and were very kind. One of the main highlights was seeing the Cobra post and being validated that it came true. [which it may not in reality or at least not exactly as its described here.]

I don’t recall the content but it was similar to his other ones with sentences and links.

One of the main nurses there who helped with the contacts seemed to be Hispanic and I’m not sure about the others. I think there was one male that was kind of odd and reminded me of a co-worker from the hospital I worked at. I don’t remember much else.

Then five minutes later at 4:06 AM after writing down this dream at 4:01 AM Cobra posted a coded message:

So it seems that this post with ‘R’ in the title may be coming still and based on previous dream experience it may not materialize exactly how it is presented here. Time will tell of course.

In another dream I was able to repeat the same event/series of events over and over again in what seemed to be another example of being able to control time and space, or at least time in this case. This time I kept trying to steal a gold coin for some reason and CNA = certified nurses assistant in the dream:

Some might be interested to see that during the time that Cobra requested per the Light Forces to meditate for the clearing of the underground Chimera bases (May 23rd, 2021), the sun went crazy including the day before the request (and possibly a few days before even that):

And especially the day of the meditation request on May 23rd, 2021:

In any case this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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    Thanks for reading and for the kind words 🙂

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    Your posts are very interesring, video and music too.Thank You.♡☆

  3. Еlenagora says:

    Your posts are very interestingvideo and music too.Thank You. ♡☆

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