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Today while I was hiking a thought popped into my head, write a humble article about yourself, nothing too in-depth – just a list of things about me that the readers may be interested in learning. I think it helps to know the person you are getting information from. There are so many whose intent it is to deceive. Perhaps someone is wary of this blog and finds its creator a deceptive new world order agent?

I won’t add it to the list but I’ve been called that before. One of the great things about being (mostly) self-funded is that I can say and do whatever I want! I am not bound by the rules and restrictions of another. So anything goes here, and here goes nothin’!

  1. I always wanted to be an actor (I was in many plays, went to a talent agency and even tried out for a Discovery Kids commercial when I was a kid, good thing I didn’t succeed or else I may have ended up in some rich person’s dungeon as their sex slave..)
  2. I tried out for American Idol Season 8 when they were here at WestGate in Arizona (I didn’t get to see Randy, Simon and Paula, we auditioned in front of producers and had to sing over many other people auditioning all at the same time, I saw a lot of wild-looking people!)
  3. I was born and raised in Arizona, and I work at the hospital I was born in
  4. I’ve beaten several addictions, including drug addiction
  5. I am a backyard mechanic
  6. Today 4/10 is my birthday!
  7. Played the flute and violin as a child, always played the piano and still do now, I was always in choir, spent a lot of time in the Tucson Boys Chorus
  8. I have been held at gun point before, I won’t go too far into details, but it had to do with my past drug addiction
  9. I randomly stopped breathing one time when I came inside from the backyard at my grandma’s once, I felt like I was being strangled, this might have been around the time of the 1996 Archon Invasion, nothing like it ever happened again afterwards
  10. I used to be very overweight with extremely severe cystic acne
  11. I have traveled to many places (Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Connecticut, Nevada) but haven’t been to Europe yet!
  12. I have been in love once, but only as a karmic event, I’ve found romantic love is not part of my life plan here, so I do not date nor have any desire to seek companionship in this way at this time
  13. I’m currently caring for two box turtles (male and female) and a ball python (female), maybe I am part Reptilian?
  14. I just recently came out to my youngest brother and that went well, so now my whole family is up-to-speed on my sexuality, even though I am not dating haha
  15. I can’t say who it is but I did care for a very wealthy and well-known person here in Arizona for a short time, I don’t think they were Luciferians..Ha
  16. I was a hair away from joining the Air Force with my friend, no one would hire me as a certified nurses assistant, I secretly wanted to be close to Area 51 and the UFOs Haha

These are all the most interesting things that I can think of right now. I think I’d just like to keep the list at this length. If anyone would like to know more about these things just leave a comment or message me on Fed/CIAbook. Thank you all for checking this out and I hope I have not scared you away. If I have, I wish you well on your journey and path with love. And don’t let the tree branch on the path hit your toosh on your way out. =D

Only kidding of course…. Or am I? Much love to you all as always!

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