Batch of Goodies: Costco Disclosure, Interview with James Gilliland, Notes from Cobra Conference in Taiwan, New Benjamin Fulford Updates, Disclosure in Headlines!

In an interesting and unexpected but should-have-been expected disclosure some Costco customers may have found themselves questioning the existence of life in the Universe when the company released a small advert/brochure on the subject earlier this month:


I found it very interesting that the extraterrestrial being on the left side of the ad was one with an elongated skull, just like the Pre-Adamites we have been hearing about from Corey Goode:


Next up we have an interview with Andromedan Council Member Tolec and ECETI founder James Gilliland from yesterday. I haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure it will be as exciting as all James’ interviews are. As an interesting synchronicity when I clicked on the video I got a numerical show from the Universe:


Then we have some notes that were taken from Cobra’s conference in Taiwan last month in March. The notes are very helpful and informative. I will post some excerpts below:

“Below are the Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference in Taipei on 11 – 12 March 2017 written by Peter Reed ( These has been approved by Cobra for public release.

Special thanks to Peter who allowed me to post these Notes here.

“We have been born in this time to facilitate the removal of all darkness. Our Ascension process, both personal and planetary, is a Galactic process as well, and is part of the “great purification prophecy.” Every 225 million years our galaxy completes one rotation and approximately every 26,000 years emits a super wave or pulse from its center. We are in the initial phase of that pulse which basically clears the primary anomaly, the source and cause for all darkness.”

The three forms of matter are solid, liquid and gas. When a particular gas is heated to an extreme, it becomes an ionic gas, holding immense amounts of energy – which is plasma. The incredible abundance of cosmic plasma filaments throughout our galaxy holds the keys to free energy. Plasma is made visible in our world in the form of lightning and the aurora borealis.

One way to reaffirm our sovereignty is by repeating the following:
“I AM, in the name of my I AM presence.
I AM in the name of the Light forces…
I cancel and nullify all my contracts to the Dark forces and i decree and command to remove all consequences and contracts from past, present and future.”

Connecting with our Galactic brothers and sisters as well as with our terrestrial Lightworker brothers and sisters, is helping to manifest the Event. Every time this veil is pierced, either psychically or physically, the primary anomaly dissolves more. Every time we connect our hearts and Light to the hearts and Light of others on the planet, we grow and ground the Light. Every announcement that is made my Cobra is from the 70 million Resistant Movement’s higher forces.”

On a more negative note we have 2 updates from Benjamin Fulford on his other website which is a notepad in which he makes entries on occasion:

Yesterday 4/8/2017:

“The missile attack ordered on Syria by US President Donald Trump is a sign of desperation, not strength, and will lead to the end of Trump’s presidency, CIA sources in Asia say. It is no coincidence the missile attack came as Chinese President Xi Jinping was visiting the US because it was intended to provoke China and Russia. However, this attack will fail to cause World War 3 and will fail to prevent the bankruptcy of the corporate government of the United States.

This attack came after the heads of state of Egypt and Jordan visited the US to demand a final end to Israeli crimes in the Middle East and to force a solution to the Palestinian problem. The US military supports this request and has created an alliance around Israel to ensure such an outcome.

In a desperate hail Mary move aimed at preventing their demise, the Khazarians forced
Donald Trump go along with this stunt by blackmailing him with a video of him raping a 12 year old girl, CIA and NSA sources say. By forcing Trump to carry out this act, however, the Khazarians have only revealed their desperation and doomed the Trump presidency.

The Satan worshipping gangsters who control the State of Israel apparently did not read the story of the boy who cried wolf or in this case the boy who cried Sarin gas. They have completely lost the ability to fool the world no matter how hysterically their propaganda repeats their lies about Sarin or anything else. The link below explains what really happened in Syria.

It is time to permanently end these criminal’s reign of terror over the planet earth.”

Then another today 4/9/2017:

“This came from a senior Pentagon contact about the video they are blackmailing US President Donald Trump with:” tell them the girl’s name is Mary and the video shows Trump beating her to death. Pass it on and god help us all.”

I take in this information as potentially true or possibly not, as I have no emotional investment in anyone in regards to politics. I will hold onto it and if it ends up being true then Trump has a trial waiting for him. If not then it’s not and that’s that.

Moving on to some more positive things here I found an interesting article from Ascension With Mother Earth yesterday as of the time of this writing and apparently it is a memo/public release of information in regards to changes in the structure of the space command via the Air Force’s website. Here is what the author of AWME had to say about it:

(Ascension With Mother Earth) “I have communicated with Dr. Michael Salla, of, today about these major changes to the USA Air Force Space Command (AFSC) and space enterprise programs.  Dr. Salla said he is working on this story and will release more information as soon as he finds out the real agenda about these changes within the Air Force Space Command.

You may want to review the following press release that discloses the Air Force changes in their space command and organization structure as it may relate to the coming announcements to the secret space program.”

(Air Force Press Release) “WASHINGTON, (AFNS) — The Air Force announced five major organization and management changes to its space enterprise April 4, 2017.

This new organization will be instrumental in fostering, at the Air Force Headquarters level, the cultural change and capabilities evolution required to operate in an increasingly contested space domain.

Space capabilities provide the nation with effects integrated into the Air Force’s mission of Global Vigilance, Global Reach and Global Power. The enormous advantages space capabilities provide to theater commanders in today’s fight has led potential adversaries to either replicate or try to negate U.S. space systems,” Disbrow said. “The Air Force seeks to deter conflict in space, but should deterrence fail, we will counter any attempt to deny freedom of action in this vital warfighting domain.”

That certainly sounds interesting! I will be keeping an eye out for Dr. Michael Salla’s comments and further information about this little, or not-so-little tidbit.

Continuing the positive news I found an article titled as follows:

Russia is Currently Bombing the Shit Out of The CIA’s “moderate” al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib:

(Willy Loman) “Last night the Russians canceled the memorandum of understanding they had with the U.S. which made them share information with us on flights and locations of their attacks on the CIA’s moderate terrorists. Today they are carpet bombing al Qaeda and the other “moderates” in Idlib.

When they stopped sharing information with the U.S. they prevented the Pentagon from warning the terrorists about impending Russian airstrikes.

Imagine that. Russia steps up and bombs al Qaeda/al Nusra/Jabat al ASSHAT after our president conducts an air strike against a Syrian airfield to protect them. And Rachel Maddow is still screeching about how Russia is the enemy? My how the fucking world has turned, huh?

What Russia is saying is “if you think you saved your terrorist moderates by attacking the Syrian air force, think again. We will bomb them into oblivion and DARE you to stop us”

Trump and the Pentagon started a brinkmanship contest and Russia has responded.”

In a hilarious but not-so hilarious move North Korea has condemned the U.S. strikes in Syria. Yes that’s right, the leader of a dictatorship who forces its people to live in, what is essentially, a country-sized concentration camp has called out the U.S. for its actions in Syria. Now if that isn’t humor, I don’t know what is…

And now for some sweet headlines!

(DailyMail) From an artificial gravity chamber and a fuel free engine to a Martian airship: NASA funds 22 sci-fi proposals that could ‘expand how we explore the universe’

(Russia Today) Nanotechnology breakthrough means almost any surface can become a touchscreen

( Do aliens exist? The mysteries of the universe revealed

(ABC) If we finally find alien life, will it be anything like the movies?

(DailyMail) Earth-like planet is discovered just 219 light years away that experts believe could host ALIEN life

(Space) Discovery! Atmosphere Spotted on Nearly Earth-Size Exoplanet in First

Thank you all for reading and much love as always! #ApocalypseNow

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