Dream About The Galactic Wave of Love

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I am being guided to share a beautiful and hopefully prophetic dream about The Galactic Wave of Love that I experienced this morning as of the time of this writing. It was extremely beautiful and I highly recommend checking out the short video I made explaining it further. I will post the dream below. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a dream and perhaps isn’t exactly what will be happening at The Event. As always discernment is advised! Much love everyone!

(March 22nd, 2018) The Wave of Love

I was inside of this trailer home with my family when all of the sudden I felt a huge wave of energy hit me. I knew I was changing and I looked down at my hands which were turning into light. I couldn’t see my body but I knew I was turning into all light. It was just like in Star Trek.

This was happening to my hands and my whole body.

My thoughts and consciousness changed immediately and I felt the biggest rush of benevolent power and Love!

I calmed down and the energy slowly dissipated. I was still filled with so much excitement! I also recall getting a notification on my phone at the moment that the wave had hit, although it was so obvious I didn’t need it.


This is just a generic screenshot I made online.

Then a second wave hit and I started to turn into light again. It was so beautiful and powerful! I remember different people testing out their new abilities inside some indoor location by doing some majorly difficult physical actions like gliding across the floor close to one another then quickly shifting positions upside down and gliding another direction.

What a happy day! It happened suddenly and without warning.

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  5. Cool dude! I had my own similar dream almost 20 years ago when I first started reading “Conversations with God”. I wrote about it on my blog (somewhere! lol) Well, I’ll just tell you… I am in a church, standing where the Reverend would stand and I’m looking out @ the audience and everyone is clapping their hands and smiling @ me. There are about 80-100 people. I look up @ the ceiling and see what looks like the sun but there is no hole in the ceiling and I can look @ it w/o hurting my eyes. As soon as I see this light, I feel this immense feeling of Love… it feels like what a giggle fit feels like coming on when I’ve done mushrooms… you know, that “welling up” feeling and you feel like you’re going to burst! and it was about 1000 times more intense than the peak of an orgasm! I felt like I was made out of LOVE! I only got to feel it for a split second because any longer and I would not have wanted to leave the dream! lol I still remember what it feels like. I don’t think mine was about the event though… mine was more a prophetic dream about the path I was on and where it was leading me. I think the event will be the culmination of that path though. I invite you to read about me. 😉

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  7. Margaret says:

    Thank you Jonathan. That was wonderful to hear about your dream. Very comforting.

    Victory to the light. Thank you Galactic Federation for all your work liberating the planet. Thank you Cobra for all your Intell updates and advice.

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