#Pizza/PedoGate Victim Comes Forward on Dr. Phil

In an incredible exposé on Dr. Phil yesterday a woman had reached out to the Texan psychologist about her being born for a wealthy man by her parents for money and to be used as a sexual servant. Her abuse began as an infant. She recalls being sexually abused before she could even talk.

This is exactly what PizzaGate is. It’s been going on for a long time per David Icke and others that have been telling us. I cried watching this episode, just as I did when I was reading the Podesta e-mails. It is so horrific and the things that were done to this woman and other children are so sickening that it is beyond words.

She discusses how she would be abused by wealthy people, newly elected politicians, judges, police officers, the VIP people of society. She witnessed other children being killed and even herself participated in a killing. Just like we have been hearing from many others living this way. I heard something similar in the Teal Swan information some months back. Her story is just as horrific and she explains how she was used and abused in the same ways:

Here is the Dr. Phil interview. It may be taken down but there are other copies of it on YouTube that you can check out. We owe it to these people to show them love and support for the hell they have been through and continue to live through to this day. This woman appearing on this show is a huge blow to the Cabal as this information was never supposed to come out and their Agenda 21 plans were supposed to have been completed already.

Her testimony is tragic, gut-wrenching and graphic so please be aware of this before watching:

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12 Responses to #Pizza/PedoGate Victim Comes Forward on Dr. Phil

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  3. Cathy Adams says:

    Right! After all, Oprah is in on this she’s one of them, for all her enlightenment crap, she’s right on board, and everyone knows she’s Dr. Phil’s mentor ect. I’m also curious to know why he did this interview. Just one more question in a whole pile of them I guess!

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  6. Joy Williams says:

    I don’t know why Dr Phil did this interview and not MSM. He is not taken seriously any more by many Americans.

  7. Sonja says:

    Once again Jonathan, I thank you for your fabulous work. As this information gets out, everybody will know it’s true and the revolution of Love will pick up even more steam. Much love to you.

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  9. truthearth says:

    I heard the same video…this was worse than that in my opinion..

  10. Don’t think I’ll watch that – too disturbing – but thanks for posting this. I heard an audio clip of what was allegedly Podesta torturing some child a few weeks ago. Pretty disturbing stuff. This crap needs to end.

  11. Amanda says:

    I am so glad that this woman (and the many others) came forward. Their stories need to be told and experiences acknowledged. That being said, I don’t trust Dr. Phil as far as I can throw him and the cynical side of me wonders what his end-game is here. Either way, her story is being heard and in the mainstream too. I hope this helps wake people up. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Eliza Ayres says:

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    Distasteful as this information can be, it serves to inform those who have looked away from the severe abuses inherent in the global elite’s form of “culture”. Look with compassion upon those who have suffered and request Heaven’s assistance in righting all wrongs.

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