Batch of Goodies: 2nd Dr. Michael Salla Intel Update, Update from James Gilliland, Cosmic Disclosure Transcript, Asgardia Updates, Disclosure in Headlines, Human Trafficking Round-Up Going On!

Today has been a real tiring day. Lots of fatigue and lethargy going through me. It is my understanding that we are experiencing some intense solar wind at the moment. I definitely feel it! I don’t want to do anything. But I must!

“GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on March 21st as a high-speed stream of solar wind buffets Earth’s magnetic field.  The stream is broad and Earth could remain inside it for the next three days. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras shining through the waxing twilight of northern Spring. Free: Aurora Alerts

The first part of this update is the second part of the series of intel updates that were given to Dr. Michael Salla while Corey Goode was in Hawai’i. I will post some excerpts below:

“According to secret space program whistle-blower, Corey Goode, President Donald Trump issued a highly classified Memorandum soon after his January 20th inauguration ordering the release of group of classified patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies. The Top Secret Memorandum was sent to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, and due to its classification status it will not be accessible to major media for reporting.

The information received from Goode comes from a senior official in an interagency secret space program comprising the USAF, NRO, NSA, DIA which he describes as the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC-SSP). The official, whom he calls “Sigmund”, is investigating Goode’s claims and conducting an “information exchange” with Goode in the process (see Part One).

The current number of patents that have been classified are approximately 5700 according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which matches the information given to Goode by Sigmund.

Then we have an update from James Gilliland about the current state of events that he goes over in an interview and a newsletter:

“There is so much going on I don’t know where to start. The Republic was restored March 15th – the Globalists finally let USA Inc die – it was totally bankrupt. The G8 meetings keep getting sabotaged by globalist moles that want America to collapse and go into total chaos. They are being dealt with. The global currency reevaluation and the new currencies backed by gold have to come forward and they will.

Seek Truth and Practice Kindness. When you pray and meditate ask to know. Know who you are and your part in this grand process.”

Next we have a transcript of an episode of Cosmic Disclosure titled Viewer Questions Part VI. There are some great questions in there, a half an hour was definitely not enough:

“David: The space program insider, Jacob, who has been so helpful for years in giving me lots of intel, corroborated very nicely with what you have to say. And he explained meeting certain types of extraterrestrials in which he said they were very boring people, and that any one of them that you meet, it’s like you’re talking to the same person. They all see very similar to each other.

Do you think there is some reason for why humans on Earth might have greater diversity in their personalities and potentially greater creativity than some of these extraterrestrial civilizations that are out there?

Corey: I think what you just described would be the minority.

David: You mentioned that there are an increasing number of people who have had a blue orb experience. And then they don’t know what the heck that is, and they Google it up, and they find our show, and then they’re writing you.

Do you think, based on this question, that those people are necessarily all being identified? Or is it possible that some of that is happening off the radar as well?

Corey: A lot of it’s happening off the radar, but the blue orbs are usually visiting people to awaken them to why they’re here.”

In case it slipped your mind, there is still a brand new breakaway civilization forming right before our eyes under the name Asgardia. There are a few updates they have posted in the last week that I will include here:

I would also like to share some great news in the headlines. Nearly 800 relatives of the victims of 9/11 have gone forth and taken legal action against the Saudi Arabian government. No doubt the government will be exposed and the real perpetrators will be brought to justice:

And from the Disclosure website (that’s what I’m calling it anyway) Daily Mail, among others, we have some interesting headlines which I will share with you below:

Daily Mail – Military magnetic field breakthrough could lead to mind reading computers and Harry Potter ‘wands’ to check for head injuries 

Daily Mail – We’re off to Mars says Trump as he signs a law for NASA to have manned missions to the red planet by the 2030s

Daily Mail – Alien satellite set up 12,000 years ago to spy on humans is shot down by the ILLUMINATI, claim conspiracy theorists – Aliens created our genetic code and signed it with the number 37, scientists say

The Event Chronicle – Large fireballs explode around the world in March 2017: Sweden, USA, UK, Germany, Pakistan, Australia

In even more good news there are more stories about human trafficking rings being busted:

CP 24 – 911 call leads to charges in human trafficking case:

“Three people are facing human trafficking-related charges after police say they were called to a home in Georgina where a woman was being held against her will.”

Florida Today – Human trafficking sting nets Brevard County men:

“An intensive, six-day-long prostitution sting focused on human trafficking — including those soliciting sex from minors — netted 104 arrests in Polk County, including an active duty U.S. Air Force officer from Brevard who coaches Little League and a 51-year-old Melbourne man with military ties.”

There is so much more going on right now but these are the highlights I wanted to document and get out. Thank you all for reading and much love!

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