Just for the Record…

I just wanted to do a short post that I may use in the future in regards to comments that others make on these posts or on Facebook. I am not interested in engaging in rebuttal or arguments of any kind about anything that is shared here or elsewhere. I understand people feel the need (is it really a need?) to share their opinion about everything and that everything has to be criticized. I am not talking about pleasant conversations or compliments of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I am open to constructive criticism, as someone who is a pianist I have had to take harsh advise and learn to break long-term bad habits and technique. And I currently work in a hospital in a life and death job and I can tell you that nurses and doctors will shout, yell and cuss at me if something doesn’t go their way, even if I did everything right. So attacks and the like are pretty much pointless as I have heard just about everything possible already.

I have learned that people are gonna do what they wanna do and regardless of what I write they will keep on keepin’ on. So there’s no point in getting to involved in every argument. One of my favorite quotes is the following:

The author is unknown but the message is so powerful. Part of learning/having/maintaining self-respect/love is knowing when to just walk away and not be a part of something. Will this argument help either party? Will either party learn anything from sharing their opinions or is this just someone who is a troll or someone only interested in hearing them self talk?

Back in the day I was a huge atheist and was a real online fighter. Everyday I would rejoice in the wonders of arguing back and forth between strangers and trolls. I was really hoping to change people’s minds about religion but after a certain point I was like…what the hell am I doing this for? I am having the same argument over and over, only the screen name would change. So I quit. Like I quit all arguments, even in person.

Depending on the tone of the person I will engage them in a little back and forth but I have a keen sense of what will be a waste of effort and can just tune out and never talk to that person again. By ignoring them and moving on I am showing myself respect and love because getting involved would A) use up precious time I could be spending on spiritual evolution and B) cause me stress and in case you were wondering working at the hospital is extremely stressful enough as it is. I am responsible for people’s lives. I can’t be troubled with more than I need.

I hope this may have been helpful in your own life as I see many people getting involved in such silly comment wars that go no where and where all parties are pissed off and charged up. We are on the Earth to experience something beautiful and getting involved in pointless conversation is only a distraction and only harms yourself in the short and long run. Many people wanted to be here, we shouldn’t waste our wonderful Golden Ticket to attend the show of a lifetime.

Thank you all for reading and much love!!

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2 Responses to Just for the Record…

  1. Thank you for an honest presentation of your stance, Jonathan, sharing your past online activities and your moving away from endless arguing and fighting, on screen.
    It saves us loads of time and energy and keeps our health in good condition as well, I think.
    Like you and Sonja, in her comment above, I’ve also moved away from entering virtual arguments and endless ranting for the sake of ranting.

    In the British paper The Guardian, a number of online articles offers readers a chance to comment. In Britain, many commenters seem to need a daily dose of throwing oil on the fire of their anger, burning other people’s opinion and insulting them ferociously.

    The moral standard in what’s allowed or not, in readers comments, isn’t vey strict, for the moderators are British as well. And Britain seems to be a sizzling cauldron of dissatisfied citizens, frustrated about an eternally arguing disfunctional government, a huge unbalance in wealth and poverty, allowing scarcity to spread like a fungus. I guess online ranting is a virtual form of Bread and Games.

  2. Sonja says:

    Yep, I agree. I also no longer attend all the arguments or even just plain old negative energy I get invited to. I move along and find something that feeds my soul, or at least distracts me in a more positive manner.

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