Cobra Dream, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested I will be sharing a few things of interest including what I think might have been a very bad energetic/scalar type of attack which is currently ongoing (moments of being ‘strangled’ where something is trying to stop me from breathing, waves of horror/terror/nausea and just generally feeling like garbage). Maybe the Cabal doesn’t like talk of revolution?

It seems that the more lightwork I do, the more I post, the more prophetic dreams come true, the more the attacks come which is why I stop for a while. I think the Higher Ups can only provide so much protection as perhaps they don’t understand the kind of weapons the Cabal uses (scalar/directed energy weapons, etc).

So my head is still spinning from some of these prophetic dreams coming true and synchronicities which have manifested over the last week or so. We’ve had a lot of solar activity going on which is directly connected to the dreams and synchronicities. One doesn’t happen because of the other, they are synchronized.

On November 1st, 2021 I woke up and was strongly guided to write the following cobra dream down at 8:04 AM:

It was prophetic as usual because cobra posted a coded message literally minutes after I wrote this down at 8:16 AM:

Then later in the day cobra provided an update about the Flash Overtura message from some days earlier:

I was also strongly guided to write the following article on October 31st, 2021 detailing some interesting dreams and synchronicities and finish it before the library closed at 5 PM:

I finished it at 4:49 PM (hover mouse over the date below the title of any post to see its posting time) and interestingly, 68 minutes later at 5:57 PM Arizona time, we had a solar flare take place:

This magic number 410 (my birthday) continues to appear throughout time and space including dreams which you will see below. The number 410 is the main attraction of this post.

The Higher Ups helped with this one and had me plug in my birthday, April 10th, 1990 at 11:03 AM, which is also today’s date, 11/03:

Issue date happens to be 03/11, same digits as today’s date
Time of birth from my birth certificate

They gave me an energetic body/gut pulse along with the telepathic word ‘birthday’ and time and compare it to one of the most current solar flares at its peak which took place on November 1st, 2021 at 7:01 PM (19:01) in Arizona time which amounted to a number which seemed irrelevant, 1647 weeks:

And when I looked up the meaning of the number 1647 on the Angels Numbers website which they regularly use (it’s a spirit world favorite) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the date of the post for the number which was, April 10th, 2014 which would look like 41014. So the 410 was mirrored and we know everything in the Universe is a mirror of itself:

But it doesn’t stop there. The time the above article was published was 2:57 PM and this is the same time in UTC that the same solar flare started approached its peak (the flare peaked once and then once more right afterwards and the second peak is the one used for these synchronicities):

Interestingly the flare was recorded at a strength of 1.72 and if we reverse this to 2.71 (Euler’s Number) and multiply it by 410 we get 1111.1:

The time this solar flare took place was 7:01 PM here in Arizona and amazingly the date for the Angel Numbers website blog post about this number was published on 11/11/11:

The flare peaked at 3:01 PM UTC and this is interestingly my apartment number:

The next thing was the two strange Britney Spears dreams from days ago, October 29th, 2021 which didn’t seem to make much sense. I am not usually following the lives of celebrities (it’s basically like watching The Hunger Games) but I discovered that she actually went to a private island on October 28th and shared a picture of herself on October 29th in some kind of nature-looking scene which I saw in my dream:

In the dream I saw a beautiful hotel in a jungle or forest and there was Cabal influence at every turn (Hunger Games) along with seeing 410 in the corner of a video.

I’m not sure where she was or what time she posted the above Instagram post but it was the same day I had the dreams which happened earlier in the morning. The Higher Ups really wanted those written down asap but I didn’t feel like writing all of what I saw down as I was tired.

But this wasn’t all that I found with the Britney Spears stuff. When I looked online for the number 410 connected to her I found that her music video ‘Stronger’ was posted on October 25th and the amount of likes happened to be… 410K:

So the dream seemed to come true in that the 410 would appear on the screen in the right hand lower corner:

October 25 is written out as 10/25 and interestingly 1025 times 4 equals 4110:

The new reboot of ‘The 4400’ also premiered recently on October 25th as well so there is the 410 appearing again:

It is, unfortunately, a mix of the original good idea of the show along with the social engineering, cause-as-many-social-issues-as-possible-before-they-are-defeated thing going on by the Cabal/Jesuits/Black Nobility that is part of their current narrative so I don’t know if I will personally continue watching it. Inclusiveness is ideal but the Cabal is distorting the idea like Eric Cartman from South Park. That’s the closest personality I can compare to the Cabal’s actions. It will be so wonderful when they are finally gone.

Just a few other spirit things that have been happening if you are still around to read it. I have continued to see little blue specks of light in my main and peripheral vision, and they tend to happen when I make certain important decisions but they happen seemingly at random also.

The Higher Ups are using energy in my body to help me and warn me about things before they happen. One example, and I apologize for bringing up something depressing, but the night I spent outside the library and tried to sleep but couldn’t, I tried to sleep on the bench by one of the entrances. And my body started twitching and jerking and it was getting more and more intense so finally I had to just get up and go somewhere else (I went back up to a picnic table out of view) and not long after that an employee arrived and walked right next to the bench and would have seen me which could have resulted in a potentially big problem. So this is one example of the increased level of divine/spiritual communication from the Higher Ups which was changed at the beginning of this year and hasn’t stopped since.

Something that happened to me while I was in the hospital in March of this year when I got a blood infection was pretty interesting. Apologies again about posting something less than positive but it has a positive ending.

While I was in the hospital bed with frequent high fevers with body chills I thought this was some kind of spiritual teaching and I had to figure something out to make it all stop. So I went within and did an epic emotional clearing while going through this craziness and after the emotional clearing there was the most beautiful visuals in my mind’s eye. The body chills actually stopped too for a while was surprising.

I saw a figure (which I think was myself, kind of difficult to remember in that state) and I think a light that shone in the form of a cross behind me surrounded by beautiful white heavenly clouds. This photo is really close:

Cross Heaven Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

The visuals were so clear and wonderful in that moment. I just saw the figure (myself I think) just floating around the clouds in what I don’t think was any particular path. I think this was around the time that I was as close to dying as possible, it was bad.

And here are a couple of dreams from this morning which seem to be of a personal nature.

The first one was about helping this homeless guy who I help once in a while and talk to also. He has the pet doggo who is part wolf. I think he was supposed to represent myself:

And the second one had a couple of 33s appearing in the form of Rick from Pawn Stars talking about athletes for some reason:

And to top it all off, since we are on the theme of solar activity, here is a song that was just uploaded today titled ‘Stella Solaris’ (Latin for ‘Solar Star’). Thanks for sticking around, much love all!

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