Cabal/Famous People/Child Abuse Exposed Dream, Cobra Update Dream, Possible Agarthan Blue Dragon Synchronicity/Dream & Other Dreams

So I have some more dreams to share here for those who are interested. As usual discernment is advised with anything you come across here. I might be revealing a lot about my psychological state by sharing some of these dreams.

The first dream is graphic in some parts and involves high-level people including celebrities and politicians being caught talking about crimes including child rape. The guy in the dream kept reminding me of Hunter Biden and I almost wrote that down but decided not to as I wasn’t able to concretely identify this man. Maybe something will come out about Hunter Biden. This Full Moon which was yesterday as of the time of this writing was a Hunter Moon.

October 17th, 2021 02:32 AM

Okay this dream is pretty damning as I saw Cabal and famous people talking about raping their kids and other people for fun in addition to doing a lot of drugs of unknown kinds.

There was one guy in particular who stood out and I saw him in person admit to raping his very young daughter, like baby age, and other crimes.

I was inside some place that seemed benign and the people there seemed alright on the surface. But then somehow sometime later I was there and to my horror they were openly talking about doing these things. Like I wasn’t there listening.

This one guy had tattoos and I was definitely nervous about him. He seemed dangerous. Other high-level people put on a façade of being very different publicly than privately.

I remember I started telling people there about it and I was scared of what they would do, especially the younger guy, who I would guess was in his 20s or 30s.

We were in some indoor pool which looked like a really nice place to be. Cut to another scene and I saw this guy in another place which may have been the same building but he has his shirt off and he was at the pool and he was obviously on some kind of drugs walking around.

There was water dripping down from above, like there was a fountain above or something, I’m not sure.

But at first the people I was telling didn’t believe me and then I think I showed them footage of them talking about these things and then they started talking it serious.

I saw a scene where he was lying on his back with what I think was his daughter on his stomach and he had somewhat of an erection while he was doing this.

There were women criminals there as well. My perception of these people changed dramatically in a matter of seconds and minutes as time went on and the more they admitted.

It was like I was a fly on the wall throughout hearing and watching them talk but I was there in person.

Woke up at 2:22 to write this.

Then after going to sleep and waking up at 4:44 I wrote down a dream where I knew Cobra’s next post would be a coded message. Again, I have no idea if any of these dreams will come true and it’s always a leap of faith to write about them before the event they predict occurs:

So this next dream was quite strange and seemed to be part of another dream where I got a job working somewhere and was totally miserable. I think it was a warning to choose my line of work carefully. This one ends amazingly and for some reason I was in Jerusalem:

October 18th, 2021 08:55 AM

Dream about working at a resort kind of place and I had to flip the rooms I think and do things around the resort.

I remember being very unhappy and it showed. Some guests noticed how upset I was and I thought I would get fired for this.

I remember at one point there was goat poop coming out of one room and into the hallway. I also remember Grandma _____ being there at one point. It wasn’t a bad interaction I think.

They said they couldn’t find a place to stay so I was going to check AirBnB to see if they had any place for them.

At one point I remember realizing I was in Jerusalem. Then I remember talking to the owners or someone about the place and then they replaced all of the flooring in the entire place.

It was so beautiful and very well done. The rooms were redone and everything. I don’t know if I still worked there or not.

Then I had another dream about my Grandmother for some reason. But this one was different and the ending was pretty interesting. I don’t know if she is supposed to be a symbol (of the past possibly) or is a literal dream that she isn’t doing well. Since my knowledge of the physical plane carries over into the astral plane I used my medical training to help her in the dream.

I have had dreams about my own health problems and I’ve had dreams which were trying to prevent other relatives from going down a less than loving path. All of which came to pass:

October 21st, 2021 05:37 AM

Grandma ______ not doing well. She progressively got worse throughout this dream. At first she was okay and then she started behaving a little strange and I decided to put some oxygen on her which remedied the situation.

I was in some underground location or something I think. Some things happened before this. I remember she would be standing around and then became confused so I put her on 2 liters of oxygen and she was fine, but she kept taking it off.

So at one point I tried to get her into bed and she kept taking it off and become confused. [At this point in the dream I realized she was going to need more involved care and would need assistance for her daily activities including personal hygiene.] I explained to her that I could help her shower if she wanted, I could assist with her or just be outside to make sure she was okay. She looked at me funny [understandably] but I tried to reassure her.

So then she got out of bed after getting enough oxygen and then she was on the ground on her back and appeared unconscious.

People were there but I had to drag her by her arms and put her into a chair and put the oxygen on and tried to increase it but it sounded like it was blowing her head out so I just left it on 2 liters.

I think ____ was there, the old nurse [a nurse I used to work closely with]. I said we are going to have to put her back in bed with mittens [this was a benign intervention we would use to prevent patients from pulling their lines and causing harm to themselves] so she doesn’t remove the oxygen.

Then I remember a guy that reminded me of _______ that showed me a picture on his phone and asked me what it looked like.

I saw what seemed to be like a big ascending roadway or pathway with buildings and such with two large bridge structures and I don’t know if I said this but I remember thinking it looked like a stairway to heaven. I think there was something else and then I woke up. Woke up at 5:28 [528 Hz is known as the Love Frequency].

Fantasy landscape, Underground cities, Environment concept art
Imagine this but the foundation is winding upwards almost like a snake in an eight position and the surface is covered with buildings and two bridges with what seemed like an opening to the surface above it. I think the structure was floating above ground. It was absolutely huge in this underground area.

The small text at the bottom of the screenshot seemed to be a dream I had that precluded the above dream as both of them took place underground. Here is the text:

Same date, con’t…

I think leading up to this was a flood dream. I think there was an argument between a guy and gal and maybe myself but I think I tried to stay out of it.

We seemed to be underground and the flooding happened rather quickly I think. It almost seemed like another planet. I don’t know who the others were or where we really were.

This may or may not mean anything but the day before these dreams happened, October 20th, I was at a restaurant waiting for my food when a little boy with a denim jacket on stood in front of me in front of the soda dispensers. He had a beautiful blue dragon patch on his jacket at the top left of his back and he stood there for a while so I couldn’t ignore it.

Blue Dragon Embroidered Patch / Badge IRON ON Size: 9 x 7.6 image 1
I believe this is the exact patch I saw on the little boy’s jacket.

My mind automatically tried to reconcile this as a possible Agarthan [they live underground, same as the two dreams] Blue Dragon synchronicity/communication. Although this may be incorrect and it could have just been a coincidence. Cobra wrote about them in his most recent update:


“…They have also communicated that people on the surface that feel a connection with the Agarthan Blue Dragons can try to make a contact in meditations or dreams…”

So there seems to be a lot going on here which may or may not having meaning. I know that sometimes dreams are synchronistic for other people and might have messages for others in addition to the person having them.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

Strangely this song has been popping into my head and I’ve been randomly humming it in my relaxed/autopilot/trance state:

Oh, and don’t forget to laugh:

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