Prophetic Cobra Blog Post Dreams Come True, Blue Avian Dream

As always discernment is advised when reading anything on this blog. For those who are interested I’m happy to share that the leap of faith in the form of publishing a possible prophetic dream by Cobra has come true, in addition to another prophetic dream which occurred this morning before he posted the most recent coded message. It’s interesting because the posts on Cobra’s blog can be anything at anytime and these dreams always seem to indicate whether they will be a coded message or a longer post of some kind. Either way I think the Higher Message here is to continue to follow the blog and stay informed about what’s going on and to not lose faith, despite so much around us trying to keep everyone down.

This most recent coded message was supported and prophesied by three separate dreams:

Two of them posted here:

And just a few hours before he posted this most recent coded message I had a third dream where I saw the word ‘Cobra’ on a door with someone next to it:

And perhaps this is a numerical synchronicity but the amount of time between the first dream of seeing the message on Cobra’s blog (October 15th, 2021 at 11:06 AM) and the time it was actually published was 20 hours and 22 minutes, or 1222 minutes:

And repeating 2s generally means not to put energy into negativity and that everything will turn out for the best long-term.

Not only are the synchronicities happening in the dream world but they are happening in the waking world and these provide information to me regarding events that are going to happen. Just recently, which indicates that another Cobra post might be coming soon, I refreshed my screen on my little iPad and the first video title had ‘Cobra’ in it:

One strange but significant thing I can mention is that this was taken to a new level at the beginning of this year sometime, March, April or May perhaps, and as strange as it sounds, the prediction of events occurs as physical sensations in my body, and it’s pretty much constant. I tried to tell the Higher Ups to stop this because it is not as great as people think it is to know when so many things are about to happen.

But what I am realizing in this current state is that the information coming in as physical sensations indicates that I am connected to everything and this is not just an abstract idea anymore. For instance I will start to feel a gentle physical sensation on my arm when something is about to happen. This is difficult to explain. The sensations also warn me about things I don’t want to happen or to avoid and my whole body will be affected when something of this nature is close to happening.

These nearly constant sensations warn me and signal to me what is coming in my experience whether it be something good or bad and everyone/everything is putting out information which is sometimes coming in as physical sensations, telepathic information, emotional impressions or otherwise. Somehow my body is now some kind of highly sensitive receiver of multidimensional information coming in from everywhere and everyone. My apologies if I’m not explaining this correctly. It would be my hope that someone else is experiencing this as well as it has not been an easy adjustment.

So anyways, this morning, for the first time I believe, I had a dream about the Blue Avians, although they didn’t appear physically, they were mentioned by name by someone in the dream, who may have been Corey Goode’s wife. I’ve had prophetic dreams come true about Corey and David some years ago. And strangely enough a large brown bible appeared as well. This is definitely unusual since I do not hold religion in any kind of high regard but this bible appeared nonetheless so I’m guessing it has some kind of significance. I think it’s important to note that I wasn’t thinking about Corey Goode or the Blue Avians at all before this dream happened.

October 16th, 2021 03:37 AM

Blue Avian dream. So I was in a department store at what I think was either a strip mall or an actual mall and I was looking at the clothing there for a while and noticed they had some ‘No Fear’ brand stuff like hats and things.

What Happened To No Fear? The Rise and Fall of a SoCal Empire - Racer X

Then I forgot who mentioned it first but a woman came in and mentioned the Blue Avians and I think I tried to talk to her about them.

I remember it was a great way to start a conversation because you didn’t have to ease into anything. I also remember this woman, who I think might be Stacy [Corey Goode’s wife], either had or maybe it just appeared there, a large brown bible that said ‘Holy Bible’ on it on the ground under the clothing rack. [It was very obviously at my feet and not hidden under the rack directly.]

KJV Holy Bible, Super Giant Print, Dark Brown Faux Leather w/Ribbon Marker,  Red Letter, King James Version: Christian Art Publishers: 9781432117405: Books

There may have been other documents on the ground there under the clothing rack.

I remember being really excited to talk about the BAs but I think she wanted to do her thing. I think I remember being at this store for a while before this meeting happened.

And I remember walking into like the back entrance to the store and I think the other stores were empty and/or closed. Not many other people seemed interested in talking about the BAs when I was talking about them.

So as usual I will let everyone decide what to think about all of this. I didn’t see anything posted by Corey on Twitter since a couple of days ago as of the time of this writing so perhaps this is some kind of prophetic dream.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

PS I’m being given guidance that some kind of attack is coming which is connected to this article. Either energetic and/or written and/or otherwise. Hopefully this is wrong.

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