Lots of Spirit Animals Appearing

Over the last few years I have found that I have been lucky enough to be gifted animal spirit guides to help me on my journey. They appear everywhere, and when they do I know I am on the right path. The first and most frequently appearing animal is the wolf. It first appeared in dreams and then carried over into my waking life. Wherever there is a wolf, in any form, that is a sign post. The wolf just appeared as a photo in a video I ‘randomly’ clicked on yesterday:


The next animal (although it is an insect, the term animal guide still applies) is the spider. This being also appeared in dreams and in my waking life just recently (at the hospital where I worked), like in the last 6 months or so. It has taught me a lot about how the higher realms work. It appeared on a uhaul truck in my apartment complex just before I moved.


There is a spider which made its home in a top corner of my mom’s camper while I was staying in there. After we got the RV the same spider made itself a home in a corner on the side of it. When I tried to gently shoo it away with a stick it just sat there and didn’t fight back. I then felt that this spider was supposed to be there and it is likely a guide. I have also ‘felt’ that it is a female:

The next one, which has just made itself more known, is the grasshopper. We live in a very rural area and so there is a lot of wildlife roaming around. This includes the whole area around here being saturated with grasshoppers of all kinds. For example I when I would walk around the property it would literally look like the ground was moving because countless dozens of grasshoppers would be jumping out of my way. I even saw a beautiful large rainbow-colored one (I found a photo what it looked like, although the one I saw was much more beautiful in person):

Image result for Poecilocloeus uncinatus

I have learned that grasshoppers represent the leap of faith, something which I have been experiencing over the past several months with overall success. They also represent going forward, since they can’t jump backwards (as far as I know). This is another sign of the times for my journey.

A quick story, while pouring some orgonite the other day I looked over to my right and saw a grasshopper had somehow landed on my shoulder facing forward without me feeling it. Of course I jumped right away and shooed it away without hurting it. I thought was a [insert poisonous insect here]. I wish I hadn’t freaked out and just left it there.

The next one which has just begun appearing is the blue bird. And it is a specific type of blue bird. Since there are likely many different species I am not sure which kind it would be but the other day I was in my mom’s camper (before I moved into the RV she was nice enough to get for me) I turned and looked outside and saw a beautiful blue bird sitting on the fence about 4 feet away. It looked just like the bird I found in a religious pamphlet when we went to go get the RV a week or two later (lots of synchronicities that day, especially in that pamphlet):


This morning I had a dream where I saw this same bird. At first I didn’t believe it was a dream (some of them can be very realistic and seem like memories) but figured out that it was a dream. And as I was walking up to the house this morning this same blue bird was flying near-by. Sometimes there is two of them but so far it has just been one mostly.

Now I am not saying there is a connection to the Blue Avians here. I am just reporting what I am experiencing right now. If there is a connection then that is wonderful but for now I am just enjoying the experience of their appearance.

It feels like I am living in some kind of Native American/Bible story with all of these wonderful spiritual animals and experiences. It is exciting to see what will happen next, especially with the blue birds. They are really something else. They move a little too fast for me to get a picture but the photo from the pamphlet is very close if not the same bird.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3


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