Big Synchronistic Day, Jesus Synchronicities, Got New RV Home, Other Synchronicities

Today was the day that my mom was kind enough to buy a small motorhome for me to stay in on her property. It was a stressful but happy day overall. ‘They’ had me wear all white today.

First we went to the dealership (lots of choices over the last week but this ended up being the one ‘they’ would choose, which you will find out why below) and drove this motorhome off the lot. It is beautiful inside (from the ’70s but re-done here and there). I knew immediately that his was the right motorhome because there was a Jesus-looking medallion under the thermostat:



They are guiding me to share this picture I just took

I drove it to a gas station near-by where the dealership was nice enough to pay for some gas. The cost of the motor home was $3500 and I ended up putting $35.00 worth of gas in which ended up being 11.711 gallons:


It began to overheat after that. So it ended up being parked on the side of the highway for several hours before we could come back and deal with it.

I would like to share an interesting synchronicity based on these 1s and 7s that appeared in the amount of gas that was put into it.

Today’s bible verse is as follows:


The gematria value of this verse is 4986 which can also be seen as 1314 (Pi) when one adds 4 + 9 = 13 and 8 + 6 = 14. I would note that this verse contains 71 letters, so the numbers 1 and 7 appear again:


If we put this number into Pi we get 7111:


So while I am waiting for my mom to get done with work so she can follow me home after doing a couple of repairs on the RV I encountered a couple significant Jesus synchronicities. I was guided to take a little booklet from this container next to this bench I was sitting on waiting for my phone to charge. Inside this booklet were some pretty interesting things. First, the organization that makes them is based in Loveland Colorado, which is where the Dimensions of Disclosure gathering was held:


Then the words ‘Focus on the Prophecy’ are printed in the middle. While I was looking at this ‘they’ guided me to pay attention. The general name of the little booklet is ‘Signs of the Times’.

Mind you this is in Wickenburg Arizona, not a very awakened town and most definitely far from where I live now and from Loveland. What are the odds this booklet would be right next to where I was at this time? I was surprised to see the very last page of this little booklet ends with John 3:14 (Pi appearing again):


Then when I turned it around to the back it had a blue bird (reference to Blue Avians?) on it (it’s kind of hard to tell the color but it was blue):


After I was taking in all of these synchronicities I was surprised when a car with a wolf on the front license plate pulled up directly in front of where I was sitting. For those who are not familiar, the wolf is my spirit animal and whenever it appears, that is how I know I am in the right place at the right time:


So after all of these sychronicities happened we were able to go back up to the RV and try to get it back home. With a few exceptions I have done all the work on my previous few cars and some work on others. I’ve done pretty much most of the repairs that you could think of, including car surgery (not fun!) and so it turned out there was almost no coolant in this RV, the radiator cap was bad (possibly the original from the ’70s, yikes) and the gas cap was loose.

So after attending to all of these things the RV amazingly made it all the way back to the middle of no where. Except, it ran out of gas right in front the house…Ugh. So my maw’s husband (awesome guy) helped with some gas and I was able to get it down to where the RV hooks up are.

It is a great little place and I am beyond grateful for it. I thought it was going to need way more work but all it needed was some coolant and a radiator cap really. Really amazing for a used vehicle (from the ’70s even) to just need a couple of things to get going. That almost never happens…

But the one thing I found significant was the Jesus medallion. That really took me back when I saw it. Lately they have been showing me more of these types of Jesus Synchronicities which is interesting. And ‘they’ keep saying everything is going according to Divine Plan so I trust this.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3


PS I have realized that this post contains exactly 820 words (without this sentence) which is the result of 410 + 410 (my birthday):


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