QAnon Bible Verse Synchronicity

I am finding it more and more humorous (in a good way) that I am being guided to study and examine the contents of the bible, something I always avoided at all costs in the past due to experiencing a gay incarnation this time around and being ‘gifted’ with extremely religious grandparents (thanks, Archons). But since we are indeed living in prophesied times and the ‘higher ups’ are doing a lot of work with us here on the surface in the physical, it appears that it is most appropriate to do this.

David Wilcock’s research is also taking him in this direction:

(Divine Cosmos)


…Sacred texts such as the Bible start to seem far more credible than most people have imagined once you truly understand what is actually going on.

Jesus caused quite a headache for the Roman Empire.

This same elite relocated to the islands of Great Britain to protect themselves from land invasion and become the elusive global menace that Jesus and St John the Divine’s prophecies had spoken of.

Most of Europe was under the control of the Deep State until recently. The same was true for other British protectorates (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) as well as the US.

Indeed, much of the “civilized Western world” was being held in a strangle-hold by this globalist elite cult.

This is the true realization of St. John the Divine’s prophecy of “the Great Beast of Revelations having dominion over the Earth.”

I don’t try to shove any religion down anyone’s throat. I do find it interesting to note the similarities between Bible prophecy and the true, hidden reality of today’s world….”

I was ‘suddenly’ guided to go back and examine the bible verses shared by QAnon over the last several months, especially in the beginning and what I found was something very interesting and of a personal connection.

In addition to being signed with numbers beginning with 410 (my birthday) & (the number 410 continues to appear in important historical events and is an important number in numerology, metaphysics and gematria) we see a possible bible verse which is Th 5:21 towards the bottom:


I posited that this was Thessalonians 5:21 in a previous article and now it appears that there is something hidden within this verse related to gematria that deserves attention:

5;21.pngSurprisingly, the gematria value of this verse is both 432 (a sacred geometric number)  using the simplest cipher and 162 using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher:


Image result for septenary gematria cipher

And we know that 410 takes position 162 in Pi:


410 comes directly before the number 2701 in the string of numbers. 2701 is the gematria value of the first verse of the bible in Hebrew (I have personally verified all of this information and it all checks out, although I encourage everyone to check it themselves if they feel so guided):


I would add a couple of interesting and simple mathematical instances here:

521 minus 410 equals 111.

521 plus 1111 equals 1632, which is 432 in military time and a very sacred geometric number and the gematria value of the first verse mentioned above.

Q also posted the Lord’s Prayer at one point:

Interestingly, at the beginning of this 4Chan drop, Q asks who financed 9-11? The gematria value of this prayer happens to be 911 using the same biblically-derived cipher as above. 9/11 is also allegedly the Gnostic birthday of Jesus (hence one of the Cabal’s reasons for doing it on that day; everything inverted):


911 takes position 1533 in Pi, and 1533 happens to be military time for 333:


And based on the Angel’s Numbers website (a great source of communication for ‘them’ to us in the physical) the number 3 indicates a connection both to the Ascended Masters and Jesus:


This is all very interesting to me since I was not expecting anything to come out of the examination of these verses. I wonder what will happen next?

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

PS After randomly typing in the word count for the article stopping at the above line into Pi I discovered it occurs at position number 7:



We know the number 7 to be significant in the Universe; seven colors in the rainbow, 7 densities in the Universe, 7 keys on a piano per octave, 7 Hebrew words in the first verse of the bible, using a base-7 cipher for the above gematria values and so on. All I can say is, what a trip!

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    Jesus HAS RISEN!
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