A lot is happening right now (positive things)

Sorry I haven’t done an update in a while. I just haven’t really seen much going on to post about but I have come across some very interesting and informative information that is extremely important and needs to be known by as many people as possible. As some people may or may not know this is the most important time to be alive in the history of the universe. Now why do I say this? All different ancient cultures have been leaving information for us to find about this very time in our species’ history. They talk about a great change, a golden age and an age of prosperity among other things.

We are in a time of evolution and revolution. The Cabal (bad guys) know their time is up and will not be able to rule over the slaves (us) any longer. They have delayed and delayed as long as they can and the positive ETs and positive military along with many many others assisting us right now have had enough of it.

Now i’d like to post some intel from Benjamin Fulford from yesterday. If this is true then we are truly set to experience freedom very soon on this planet. He claims that his sources say that the United States Corporation (there are two constitutions, one for the republic of the states and the one that was sneakily put in place by the bad guys to make this country a corporation) has missed a payment on March 31st and failed to come up with anything to repay its debt after a grace period which ended on April 17th. This means that the US Corporation/Washington D.C. is now bankrupt.

Here is the link to his latest intel update.

Now i’d like to guide your attention to the whole Jade Helm 15 and Walmart and other stores closing stuff that’s been happening. According to my ‘Event’ handbook, wherein all the details of this liberation plan are laid out, the positive military will do a massive sweep and engage in arresting the Cabal. We can see this happening here and in Canada (it’s called Maple Resolve there). And as for the Walmarts and Targets and other stores closing for ‘plumbing issues’ i’ve read that these stores will be used to distribute supplies and food when the banks close down. This may or may not be true but it aligns with everything that is going on. So we will have to wait and see. There is a lot of fear porn going around on these topics and i’ve been ignoring it. Fear is a tool of control for the Cabal and they won’t be getting any from me. However it’s a good idea to keep yourself informed on what’s going on around you. Just don’t let it envelope you with anxiety and fear. If you’re reading this you’ve probably reading something or seen something about this so I won’t bother posting any links for this topic.

Now there is a blog that is putting our intel regularly as behalf of the Resistance Movement and this individual has called him/herself Cobra which is short for Compression Breakthrough. This person’s blog has been up for a few years now and it’s one that I follow closely. The link to that blog is on the right hand side of this blog. This person did an interview with someone they are in contact with regularly named Rob Potter and they were questioned about JH15 and the Walmarts closing. They had said the following: “I will give you an analogy, this famous financial restructuring by the Eastern and BRICS alliance, those new Infrastructure Banks. They can be interpreted as a new globalized centralized, new order system or it can be interpreted as advance of the light forces.” Here is the link to that interview for more intel and info.

And we know that the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Alliance Bank and AIIB (Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank) was established to rival the World Bank and crumble the USA’s hegemony over the rest of the world. So I think the analogy that Cobra provided serves perfectly for explaining what’s happening. We know that the Cabal has been losing power everyday and the light forces gaining much traction in their plan to bring peace and prosperity to this planet.

Mind you there is a whooooole plan in place being put into play. From what i’ve been reading there are millions of ships in and around our planet and sol system waiting for the right moment to intervene if necessary. There are at least 50 difference races and species involved in this process. Some of these ships are the size of our moon and are as big as Jupiter/Saturn. From what i’ve been reading the negative ETs are currently negotiating their surrender with the Light Forces. They are being given 3 choices. 1. Surrender and work with the light forces, 2. Kill themselves, or 3. to be moved to a planet with limited technology where they won’t ever be able to accomplish space flight again. Most have chosen the deserted planet/island and some have chosen to off themselves.

If you’d like to read about the information in regards to the ET meetings there is a gentleman named Corey who has come out and disclosed what he knows about the secret space programs and has actually attended these meetings. Here is a link to his website. He talks about all the different humans from different planets there. Apparently there are people from every country here that attended these meetings. We live in a very Star Trek-y world and when this information becomes public it will certainly shock many to say the least.

I’d also like to post a link to a movie that came out recently titled ‘Jupiter Ascending’. We know the Cabal likes to show you what they were going to do in movies and T.V. before they do it but the light forces have their influence also. This movie was made by the same folks who created/wrote The Matrix. It’s basically a good run down of what’s going on and what will happen here on Earth. I’m very happy to discover that it was just today added to a site where I watch other shows and movies for free. Don’t worry it’s not shady and you won’t get a virus lol. Here is a link to the movie directly.

Well i’ll conclude this extremely long post by saying that we need to remember to remain positive throughout this whole process. Fear needn’t be any part of any of this. There are many individuals involved in this plan to free us from our oppressors both on and off this planet. They know what they’re doing. We need to trust them. We are about to be freed and we are about to meet our star families. I hear they are more than eager to meet us and want a positive relationship with us. Try and spread this information to as many people who will listen as possible. And educate yourself on what is happening around you and on the global stage. As the phrase goes, “As Above, So Below”. What is happening exopolitcally, so it is here affecting everyone on Earth. For more info on the plan and what’s going to happen and how you can help go to this link.

Thanks for reading and much love to you all! =]

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  1. Tutaj says:

    Great site, really good writing:-)! I really enjoy your blog. I’m waiting for more. Best regards!

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  4. Roxanne Palmer says:

    Hey BP thanks for your blog. I wanted to share a good laugh with you and hope you will share the website on your blog. We all need a smile right now. I think that to take down the bad guys you have to play a little jujitsu and I am trying like you to hold the light and not give the dark our energy. Know that the good side will win this…..just never fast enough for us…… because we all wanted it years ago. Here’s the website I hope it makes you smile. I don’t know who created it but it is great! If you post it then Cobra will see it too. Heck he may know who made it. πŸ™‚
    Take care

  5. truthearth says:

    I read your post. That’s all amazing. I’ve been experiencing changes similar to yours. Cracking and popping in my head among other things happening to my body. Glad to hear you answered the call. I saw Jim Carey do a bit where he explained his awakening and how he sees everything and everyone as One. What an amazing time to be alive. πŸ™‚

  6. 2 years ago I would not have given anything like this a second though. In fact I never read online posts or even participated in social media. But feel now is the time for all of us to wake up. It is like believing in a reality strong enough, your dreams are coming true. I have a very good imagination πŸ™‚

    I am on a the ride of me life ATM. There is a lot going on and can feel the changes coming. I posted my journey at this link….


  7. truthearth says:

    Im glad to hear people are tuning into their intuition and inner self! And yes we are riding the biggest wave of change right now. Kowabunga!

  8. I have felt all of this coming for a year now, but in a very different way. I can feel and hear it coming inside, in a very big way.

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