Exposing Luciferian Symbolism and Routine Medical Errors Inside Hospitals

So this is something I have been wanting to write about for a while, but I was very hesitant as the information is incredibly damning and I thought there were just some things that people shouldn’t know about what goes on in hospitals. But I don’t know very many people that work in healthcare that have a blog and a desire to seek and publish the truth like myself. I don’t know if I will lose my job after this but the people deserve to know what’s going on in hospitals.

I’ve worked in two hospitals, currently still working at one, and the same terrible things have gone on in both of them and I feel comfortable sharing what I know and have learned and have seen. I am not anonymous, I do not try to hide who I am as I have YouTube videos that show what I look like and use my real name for Facebook. I can prove I work in healthcare but will not share the hospital names at this time. All I can say about that is that if you take care of yourself, you, for the most part, won’t ever have to see me or a doctor.

According to researchers at John Hopkins the third leading cause of death in the United States is medical errors. I am actually surprised it is not higher up on the list. My Co-workers and I routinely correct medical errors, sometimes on an hourly basis. For instance, we will have patients who are ordered as part of their treatment to be monitored on continuous EKG while they are here and it will be someone’s job to call the RN for any changes in their heart rhythm. The nurses are supposed to call and notify certain individuals if the patient transfers to another floor or another room on the same floor, or if they go off the floor for a test; CT, MRI etc, which happens regularly. This, more often than not, doesn’t happen. The patient will be transferred to another floor and no notification will be given.

I have been present for events where the patient will sustain a lethal rhythm, V-Tach or others and we will initiate procedures to get staff in there as quickly as possible, only to find out the patient changed rooms and the doctors and nurses go to the wrong room. Luckily for this patient their lethal rhythm stopped on its own and returned to their normal rhythm. There are little to no consequences to these events. And they happen all the time. What I hear frequently is, I wouldn’t come here if I was sick.

Now I don’t believe the problem is the staff, although some people are just not cut out for healthcare work. These problems are systemic. These events and more are not isolated to the places I have worked. They are everywhere. If you think your hospital room is squeaky clean I would tell you the exact opposite it true. Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning all the rooms in between patients being admitted or discharged. On nights we had one housekeeper for over 60 rooms, and nights is when we get the most admissions. These rooms are barely cleaned as these housekeepers are told to get as many done as possible in a very short amount of time.

The more I type these words the more nervous I am getting. I hope this article will encourage others to take steps to take better care of themselves so they don’t have to come to a hospital and subject themselves to all kinds of diseases and toxic drugs. Anyways let’s continue.

Many patients have very contagious diseases that requires their rooms to be designated as isolation or contact precaution rooms, meaning any staff who enters must gown-up; gloves, gown, mask if necessary and booties if they have time. I have had many instances where I would be assigned to sit with a patient in their room (if a patient has suicidal ideations a person is required by law to sit in the room with them to prevent the patient from hurting themselves, probably to avoid a lawsuit) and I would interact with the patient, help them to the bathroom or feed them and so on, and I would come in the next day to find out they are on isolation precaution for the flu or MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), C. Diff (clostridium difficile colitis), all contagious and dangerous, but treatable diseases.

This happened so often and to so many people that it just goes unreported. Luckily, we are trained to wash our hands after everything we do so many of us don’t catch anything. Although this doesn’t always stop us from getting sick.

The staff are supposed to round on the patients and check on them and make sure they have everything they need. This is almost impossible with the current staffing protocols. Hospitals and nursing homes are notorious for being severely understaffed. Wages get in the the way of profit and healthcare is no exception to this ideology. If a hospital can get away with a skeleton crew, it will do so. Patients come second. The funny thing is that one of the hospitals I worked at was claimed to be a non-profit organization, yet during my orientation there they stated they did need to make a profit to continue business.

The normal ratio for a CNA (nursing assistant) in one of the hospitals I worked/work at is 13:1. Meaning the CNA has 13 patients to care for. This is far too many. Sometimes we would get 40 patients. That is no typo, 40 humans assigned for 1 CNA. For 12 hours. Many of these people are very sick and have many health problems. Most are diabetic so blood sugars need to be checked regularly. Vitals are taken three times a 12 hour shift. In addition, people are calling to go the bathroom or are unable to ambulate (able to walk) and must be changed in their bed. Sometimes quite frequently. Burn out is inevitable.

Even the kindest caregiver will begin to think not-so-nice thoughts about the patients. The nurses are given 4, 5 and 6 patients on certain floors with various levels of intensity of care. Assigning 6 sick patients for one nurse is extremely irresponsible. What if something goes wrong with 3 of those patients? Oh well? Hope it doesn’t happen? This is the mindset of these situations. Here is a dangerous assignment for both the patient and staff, hopefully nothing bad happens. Although bad things do happen. And there are few very consequences. Like I said, the staff are really not the problem and are generally good people who want to pursue a service-to-others career, but are given work that endangers themselves and their patients.

Now the system is designed to get as many patients in and out of the hospital and charge them as much as possible while they’re there, just like a drive-thru restaurant. And if you develop an infection from staying in a room where someone who just had a bad case of MRSA and the housekeeper barely had anytime to clean it before being told to move on to the next room, then that’s just more money for the hospital. The unfortunate thing about hospitals is that they are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Ours depends on Medicare primarily. And we get reimbursed based on, you’re gonna love this, patient satisfaction scores. Meaning, depending on your experience and review of the hotel, I mean hospital, that is how much hospitals will get paid back for providing care. We have meetings where the administrative staff tells the already burnout nursing staff to run faster and jump higher to get that 74% patient score up to 76%, only then will we have accomplished something.

Administration knows that the hospitals are understaffed. They are aware that the floors are designed so that the CNAs have a certain amount of patients and the nurses have so many patients. At some points we were very well staffed but that never lasts long. Even when we are staffed correctly, there are significant medical errors, so imagine the things that go unnoticed and unreported when we are understaffed. I can tell you it’s a lot.

So hospitals now depend on people giving them a 5 star review so they can get paid. How does this translate to the care aspect of healthcare? Well what kind of patient satisfaction is it when your husband or family member goes in for open-heart surgery and dies on the table due to complications or unforeseen circumstances or even a medical error? What kind of patient satisfaction is it when someone has diabetes and has a blood sugar of 400 (normal range is 90-130 depending on your baseline) and they are demanding cheesecake and other sweets? Do we give it to them and get a 5 star review or do we responsibly deny it to better care for the person and get a crappy review and not get paid? Some would argue they have a right to eat what they want. But when it comes to hospitals, patient satisfaction scores and actual patient care doesn’t mix. Plus the hospitals won’t get paid. So usually we just give them the cheesecake.

I am just as guilty as anyone for not reporting any of this to the higher ups, but when I realized that this stuff is going on constantly, I found that nothing else would possibly work but to shut down the entire hospital and prevent people from going inside. People would be saved a lot of problems and money by doing this.

Now I would like to talk about the hospital food. This is the cheapest possible food that the kitchen can get. Remember, the name of the game is to make as much money as possible. No organic food here. Actually, they do sell a few organic things in the cafeteria, but you have to go down and get it yourself. And it’s only like a small probiotic drink or almond milk. The food is as bad as it can be, loaded with GMOs, sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-Up  and tons antibiotics in the meat and dairy products, just the worst possible quality food they can get. No wonder why people get these crazy antibiotic resistant diseases.

So not only are most people being heavily medicated and given tap water which, depending on where you live, is filled with heavy metals, traces of medications, treated with poisonous sodium fluoride and who knows what else, they are also being fed very unhealthy and toxic food. This adds to the attack on the body to further sicken the patient and ensure a readmission at some point. The Cabal has designed healthcare to be this way. They see us as cattle and a source of energy and nothing more.

I made a video about the toxicity of the food and water supply that goes into more detail than I did in the previous paragraph. Feel free to check it out if you are guided to.

I’d like to go into what I think is the Luciferian influence and aspect to certain events in the hospital. I believe I have a unique perspective on this because of my research into esoteric information and subsequently knowledge about the Illuminati and the fact that I work in healthcare. If someone is working in the hospital and needs to call a code blue (someone actively dying) the number is 1-6666. This didn’t hit me until a few months ago when I looked more into how influential these secret societies are in our reality. For instances, many hospitals don’t have a room 13. Both of the places I worked did, but I know others didn’t and I believe some hotels follow this same idea.

Now during a code blue things happen very quickly and in a certain order and fashion as to best revive the patient. Looking back now a code is very much like being in and seeing a ritual. There is someone flat on their back in a bed and someone, I have done this, is suppose to initiate compression immediately. Compressions are done in the lower-middle area of the chest and you are suppose to push hard and fast. What you learn is if you break ribs, you did good, this is because you are pumping the heart externally and you must do this to keep blood and oxygen circulating throughout the body. Normally there are several staff members and a doctor present that will give orders or meds and ask questions or intubate the patient there in the room.

Just a side note here, I have been working during times when there were codes and the code carts were not properly stocked with the correct medications or supplies. This led to a delay in care and probably caused some significant health problems for the patient. This happened at both places I worked. I would like reiterate that the mindset of “let’s hope nothing bad happens” prevails here.

Now continuing from the previous paragraph, it could just be that this is the best way to appropriately code the patient while they’re in their bed and it looking like a ritual could be a coincidence but I have also heard from whistle-blowers like Max Spiers that movie theaters are geometrically designed to harness energy from people watching movies and this energy is given to those beings who need it to survive. Hospitals are places of great and untold suffering and misery and I would not be surprised if it was built to do what the movie theaters are designed to do. Is it possible that hospitals are built on ley lines in order to strengthen the Cabal’s control over us and empower themselves? I could definitely see that. Although I am not entirely sure.

Just a side note I would like to add here. I recall taking a walk around the hospital just to get out and move around. I remember walking by the gift shop and seeing a t-shirt with an owl on it on display behind the glass in the shop. I thought this was interesting and decided to look around. What I found was very creepy. I found several ‘owl’ products that were deliberately put out in front of everything else to be seen; coloring books, plush toys, candles, stickers, clothing and so on. And as many of you know the owl is a symbol that the Illuminati use regularly. After seeing many of these products I got creeped out and left right away. Someone either voluntarily or involuntarily placed all those products out in front to indicate their allegiance to this ‘not-so-secret’ society.

Well this is everything I wanted to get out. I hope this information will find its way to the right people who will make good use of it. I would like to leave this job but unfortunately because we are in a great depression and every other job is a slave job I will continue to do it and try to keep people alive until The Event.

Of course, my hands are not clean as I have harmed people by giving them toxic food and water and assisted with medical procedures that I knew would cause further harm to them. This applies to almost everyone that works in healthcare. I can only hope that my current efforts to help these patients and help awaken those I work with will make up for the things I’ve done. I am not a bad person but like many others on slave-planet Earth I have done bad things that I hope to one day soon put in the past forever.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love as always.

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  2. OMG, don’t take this the wrong way but you have written this so naively.

    I was nearly killed many times in hospital. By people who seemed to have quite an awareness of what they were doing and in some cases spoke viciously and angrily towards me. There are though, many positive beings and these people do sort out a lot of problems in this health field. Even the positive ones who saved my life a couple of times even when they had to do so outside of duty terrified me to some extent deliberately I believe.

    I’m sure when truth comes out this medical field will be one ripe with all sorts of weirdness.

  3. J.L.W says:

    OMG, don’t take this the wrong way but you have written this so naively.

    I was nearly killed many times in hospital. By people who seemed to have quite an awareness of what they were doing and in some cases spoke viciously and angrily towards me. There are though, many positive beings and these people do sort out a lot of problems in this health field. Even the positive ones who saved my life a couple of times even when they had to do so outside of duty terrified me to some extent deliberately I believe.

    I’m sure when truth comes out this medical field will be one ripe with all sorts of weirdness.

  4. beverlydawn says:

    women rule

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  6. mbiorn says:

    Thanks for your honesty and with you 100%. Since my father’s diagnosis of glioblastoma brain cancer, I have come to feel that all western Oncologists prescribing the usual barbaric cut, poison, and burn treatment, must resign immediately for violating their Hippocratic Oath of do no harm. Given 10 months to live by his neurosurgeon, he is now approaching 2 years since diagnosis and the tumor growth has at least halted. He is on 40+ supplements and is now starting CBD oil and hopefully once his state gets its head out of its proverbial *ss and jumps on the medical cannabis bandwagon, he will not be thrown in jail for healing himself with a 100% natural God-given plant. Just another example of the profit-motive medical tyranny system we live under. But thanks again for sharing.

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