Some More of My G-G-Grandma’s Poetry (Poetry About Starseeds?)

I felt guided to go through her book of poetry as there is a lot of inspirational work in there. She was published in many many newspapers at the time and had her own dedicated biography in the ‘Who’s Who of Music‘ in the 1950s. She was up there with Horowitz, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis and many other talented people of their time.


Her words are beyond compelling and really touch your soul. This one could be about being a Starseed, a concept that I don’t think existed during her time:

‘Inspiration’ (1958)

Great souls are born of aching solitude;

Apart, although they dwell with worldly men.

Ignored, misunderstood, yet undismayed,

Their thoughts arise above earth’s selfish greed,

Beyond its petty, trivial babblings.

To hold sweet converse with the distant stars.

Then, listening thought the mists of loneliness

For whispered tone of one consoling note,

Hear an immortal echoed melody;

And as they grope among the clouds of doubt

To touch realities, remote, unseen,

Clasp hands with the Omnipotent, and drink

From endless springs of everlasting power.”

Here is another I enjoyed reading:

‘Simplicity’ (1958)

“O, Master Poet, give me words, to sing to weary souls, goals,

Who struggle upward towards the heights, intent on higher

Give me the words that heal and bless,

Bring quietness and heal distress,

Dispel despair and dissipate

The clouds of selfishness and hate.

O, Master Poet, give me the words, a store of “Poet’s Gold”

I would not clothe the songs I sing, in vagueness, truth is old.

As changeless as the stars above,

As sure as time, as deep as love,

As simple as a child’s pure trust,

Words lustrous still, when I am dust.”

I am so grateful I found this book of hers. There is another one, but I couldn’t find it. However I am so happy I am in possession of this one. This woman was smart and funny as hell and had ideas way ahead of her time. There is no one else like her in my family that I know of. If inspiration hits again I will publish some more of her works. I may even copy all of it into a tab on this blog. We will see.

Wishing you all light and love.

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  2. greg says:

    Wow. “Inspiration” is perfect.

  3. truthearth says:

    Thanks Joy…I bet you bring much positivity to people’s lives just with your name…light and love <3

  4. Joy Williams says:

    Very insightful, seeing into the life of one who is different and good with it. Also very hopeful, really inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lesha says:

    Timeless and beyond the scope of the mundane. Very much enjoyed and appreciated this….Please do post more.

  6. starseed says:

    Thank you

  7. Absolutely love these excerpts! <3

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