The Case of Me Being My Great-Great-Grandmother

So given the title this will obviously be more of a personal post but I am feeling guided to write about this topic anyways and everyone is free to read it or pass it by per their free will.

Some people have memories of their past lives or they do a past life regression session with a hypo-therapist and find out that way. If what I am writing about is true I apparently didn’t have to do any type of hypo-anything to learn who I might have been in the past.

I will be making the case with much evidence that I could have been my great-great- grandmother. My grandmother first told me about her when I was little. Her name was Grace B. Davis and she was a pianist, organist and voice teacher for many years. We are a family of pianists and musicians. My grandmother performed at Carnegie Hall and she would tell me stories about watching her grandmother (Grace) while she played and admired how her fingers would fly when she would play various pieces.

My grandmother showed me a book she was featured in titled ‘Who’s Who in Music’ published in 1951. This was the only copy I could find and I bought it right away:


This is her column in the book, as you can see she accomplished a lot and if I may add is a very stern looking woman…


I was very surprised to find some very well-know people in this book. Some of them include Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Vladimir Horowitz, Louis Armstrong, Roy Rogers, Artur Rubenstein, Dmitri Shostakovich, Frank Sinatra and a few others. I suppose she must have been popular enough to make it into this book with these other amazing people.

She was also a renown poet whose work was published in many newspapers of the time along with a similar book like the one above titled ‘Who’s Who in Poetry’ and she even published her own book of poems in 1958 titled ‘Overtones’:



Grace in all her stern glory.

Now I’d like to get into the similarities between her and I as there are many and much of these things can’t be dismissed as coincidence.

Grace B. Davis

  1. Composer
  2. Poet
  3. Writer
  4. Pianist
  5. Organist
  6. Singer/Voice Teacher
  7. Painter/Artist
  8. Loved Writing About the Universe
  9. Mentioned the Word ‘Gay’ in her Poems Several Times
  10. Blue being the color of her book
  11. Known for her Sense of Humor


  1. I am a Classical Composer
  2. I’ve Written a Few Poems
  3. I am the Author of This Blog so I am a Writer
  4. I am a Pianist
  5. I played the Organ for my Dad’s and his Wife’s Wedding
  6. I Tried out for American Idol Season 6 so I do Sing
  7. Here are some of my Drawings
  8. I own Several Universe-Themed Items
  9. I was Born Gay
  10. Blue is my Favorite Color
  11. Here is an Idea of my Sense of Humor
  12. Poem About the Month of April, I was Born in April

So as you can see there are many similarities that can’t just be explained away by chance or coincidence. Perhaps she/I was leaving me clues to find information about her for some reason. Perhaps to speed along my awakening? Either way it was such an amazing discovery to find out more about her and what she did.

I’d like to share some of her more significant and relevant poems within the context of this post. An additional note, when I went to search for her book of poems online I found only 1 copy and that copy somehow ended up here in Arizona at the Chino Valley Library where it was up for sale on Amazon. She lived and worked in Spokane, Washington but the book made its way here for me to find at some point. Way cool! And now for some poetry:

‘Sky Trails’

Sometimes I go a-voyaging

To lands that lie afar,

On the endless deep, where planets sweep;

I follow the lure of a star.

The light is softly shimmering,

Strange winds distend the sails

Of my trusty boat as we skyward float,

To journey in freshening gales.

Orion gleams – The Pleiades

And Jupiter glow bright.

In her mystic rings, fair Saturn swings,

And myriad star beans invite,

As up the path of “Milky Way”

Where “Sky Maid” spilled her pail.

Through the band of light, she left in flight,

On aerial questing, I sail

Until from lofty wanderings,

I seek a place of rest

In a drifting cloud, like a snow white shroud,

Repose in ethereal nest.

There soothed by heavenly melodies

I sink at last to sleep

As the whirling spheres sing to my ears

Celestial harmonies deep.

At last, reluctantly I turn

To Earth, my former station,

Leaving starry trails, I furl the sails

Of my ship – “Imagination.”

‘Concert Pianist’

His soul stoops down, and from the ivory keys

Drop singing pearls enchained in melody,

Through flawless sill and artistry, he brings

Transcendent tone – in gay abandon sings.

His soul stoops down, and blaring trumpets play

With brilliant crashing chords, in martial mood,

Sonorous as the march of heavenly spheres;

In gorgeous sound, rich pageantry appears.

His soul stoops down to bring with light caress

Shy maidens trooping don a vistaed lane;

We greet them there, as long forgotten Mays

Return in strains from fading yesterdays.

His soul stoops down – the passion and the tears,

Frustration, joy and hope of things to be

Return – restored – then in triumphant bars

His soul stoops down and lifts us to the stars.

‘Dream Ships’

One day I shall start on a journey

To lands that are far remote,

Leaving Earthly ties, some promised time,

See the shores where my dream ships float.

I thought them moored fast, safely anchored,

Secure in my heart they lay.

But I wept, as slowly, one by one,

Disappearing they stole away.

I grieved for the cargo they carried,

The worth of the freight they bored,

For the priceless gifts – friends, hope, and joy,

But I know I shall see them no more,

Util in some waning twilight,

I follow an urgent lure,

Where they merged with the distant sky and sea,

Find my wandering ships once more.

Their sails gleaming white in the harbor.

In their haven, at anchor free

I shall know as I thought their snowy sails

That my dreams are reality.

‘Star Lure’

The stars are ships upon an azure sea.

They sail the deeps of God’s blue mystery;

Afloat within the endless realms above,

Unmoved by Earthly hate – untouched by love.

The stars are flowers embroidering robes of night,

With silvery pattern on a loom of light.

In quiet peace, they shine at close of day,

To cool the fevers of man’s restless way.

The stars are beacons flashing from afar

Across bright sands of heaven’s golden bar;

God’s lighted windows, calling me to come

To endless joy, to love, rest, peace and home.


He lived with stars, and drifting clouds,

Drank deep of nature’s wine,

He laughed at storms, and rode the winds,

He sensed the touch-divine.

In magnitudes undreamed above

He traveled far afield,

And when despair would chain swift wings,

His will refused to yield,

Untrammeled by his useless limbs,

His soul ran, wild and free;

Exploring the Universe,

He touched infinity.

Thank you all for reading and I wish you all much love as always <333

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