My Great-Great-Grandmother’s Poetry About Space and The Universe

I randomly decided to read my great-great-grandmother’s book of poetry as there are some very inspirational pieces of information in there that I believe pertain to the time we are living in now. For those who may not have read my article ‘The Case of Me Being My Great-Great-Grandmother‘ I highly recommend doing so as there are many similarities to her and myself. She writes about the Universe and space several times with many references to planets and galaxies among other relevant things.

I’d like to publish one of her poems that I read today which was the first page I ended up on when I opened the book. It’s called ‘Space’:

“Stretching away to Infinity’s home,

Where whirling and burning its denizens roam,

Vastness unthinkable, endlessly high

Measureless, marvelous dome called the sky.

Filled with the thunders of cosmic unrest,

Wandering cloud ships on aerial quest;

Crimsoned with sunsets as day passes by,

Flaming with Stardust as meteors fly.

Burning with fire of the comet’s long trail

Strange whirling nebulae – stars that turn pale

And fade from the great panoramic review

Of the dazzling hosts that people the blue.

Curtained and glowing with strange Northern Lights

Unexplained mystery, intriguing sight!

Vastness unthinkable, endlessly high,

Measureless, marvelous home called the sky.”

Here is one that I found which seems to pertain to the times we are living in now. It seems like she might have been channeling while she was writing these. In her biography she said that she hadn’t intended for her personal poetry to be published but was encouraged to do so anyway. I acquired her book from 1955 which synchronistically ended up at the Chino Valley library in Arizona where I live! She was based in Washington! Anyways here is the poem I was getting to which is called ‘Destiny’:

“Life is an echo from far away,

Life is laughter, life is play,

Life is a drop from an ocean above,

Life is ambition, life is love,

Longing and tears, and bitter grief,

Silent rest in dreamless sleep.

Life is awakening…a glorious psalm,

Endless progression…just going on,

No more parting, no more tears,

Farewell to pain and haunting fears.

Grand resurrection, Glorious light.

Endless Life!”

I am being guided to share one of the poems I wrote recently. I wasn’t planning on sharing any of them but this one came to me while I was doing something one day and I felt like writing it down. It is called ‘Tick Tock’. And interestingly, My GGGMA has a poem with similar wording titled ‘Marking Time’. I will include it first:

“Tick, tock little clock,

Are you friend or foe

Marking off my days and hours

Are you fast or slow?

Telling me that time is going

Have I any way of knowing

Just how soon I reap my sowing

Little clock.

Tick, tock little clock

Round and round you go

Marking off the flight of time,

Like the river’s flow

Ever onward to the ending

Toward the mighty ocean tending

Where all hopes and fears are blending

Little clock.”

And here is mine which I titled ‘Tick Tock’. Obviously she has a bigger vocabulary than me. Education was much better during her childhood…

“There are clocks everywhere

Clocks so big they dwarf our star

Clocks so small they exist beyond our sight

And yet time exists not.

Some clocks have ten hands

Some clocks have thousands

The cogs and gears so intricate

Their complexity is beyond calculation.

And yet they work continuously

On and on forever

The clocks never stop

They bring order, stability and chaos.

Tick tock tick tock

The clocks never stop

They govern the Universe

And yet time exists not.”

These are a few of the amazing poems she published during her time. She accomplished many things in their life and I believe she/I left clues for herself/myself to find in this lifetime that would be relevant to the events and awakening we are experiencing now.

Thank you all for checking this out and much love.

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