New Video: Galactic Journey 432Hz (My G/G/Grandmother’s Poetry)

In this poem of her’s titled ‘Sky Trails’ she explores the concept of space travel and other planes of existence. This beautiful poem was published in one of her book’s ‘Overtones’ from 1958 where she has included many beautiful literary works regarding space and other dimensions. I hope you will all enjoy it! Much love!

P.S. I experienced many synchronicities while creating this particular video. For instance, I randomly typed in the length of sound I would need for a particular clip and when it finished converting it said that it was 11 minutes and 11 seconds in length! I am also looking at my little blue clock next to me and it’s reading 1:11.

Also, I tried to create and upload this video earlier today, and I experienced much frustration as I wasn’t ‘feeling’ the type of ‘good/approval/let’s do it’ emotion that I get when I make these videos. I exited out of everything as I was upset. Later while watching a movie the idea of using my grandmother’s poetry ‘popped’ into my head randomly and then I felt ‘okay, that’s what I was missing!’ I will be using much more of her works in future videos…

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