Another Epic Synchronicity Report

This synchronicity report will contain synchronicities for the last two days. There was a bunch today and I took several photos with the numbers themselves just to give it a more realistic appeal.

Yesterday I was guided to go hiking. I went to the bus stop and waited and I learned later that I looked at the wrong bus time for yesterday, it was MLK day and the buses did a different schedule.

So I started to walk back to my apartment and then something guided me to go stand at another bus stop across the street. Then ‘something’ instructed me to just stand there and wait. I didn’t understand why. But then a small avalanche of synchronicities occurred shortly after that!

My boss, who has the same name as me, yelled at me from across the way: “Hippie!” while waving. Him and I have the same sense of humor but it was interesting that he was there while I was ‘ordered’ to stand there just a short while ago.

Now I have been seeing these cabs much more frequently recently with all the 8s in the phone number (I’ve discovered this may be Jesus-related):


This next photo has a lot of information in it. The photo number is 328, which in military time is 1528 and 528 is one of the more important sacred geometric numbers and is also known as the love frequency. We also see a 1704 which in military time is 504 which is a code that Cobra uses frequently on his blog. The name of the company is Patrick Riley with the 602 area code phone number.

My middle name is Patrick and 602 is the area code where I live. Then the car next to it, a Saturn had a license plate with an 888 in it. I know it’s hard to see the last digit but all I had was my iPod touch which doesn’t have the best camera. Saturn and 888 are both connected to Jesus, per my research:


Right after this a large truck drove by with the number 720 on it which is another sacred geometric number. It also happens to be the Trigonal Gematria value of my great-great grandmother’s name, who I have posited was a life that I had lived.



7:20 is also the length of the video that I made with some of her beautiful poetry:



After I had obtained all the photos from this synchronicity avalanche I was ‘cleared’ to go hiking. The sycnchronicities didn’t stop though as the bus I got on, number 6556, which if we add the 6s and 5s equals 1111, so I got on the 1111 bus at 1308 which is military time for 1:08 which is another sacred geometric number that I mentioned before. It’s interesting to note the 234 which was the number of photos I had in my iTouch at the time:


While walking up the road to the hiking trail decided to snap a photo of the street address which is Central Avenue which is 000 (don’t have a photo of this) and the street it turns into which is 13000. Some of you may remember the Mayan Calendar stopped on which was December 21st, 2012, the end of the Age of Pisces (the age Jesus was born and lived) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I also caught the photo at the time of 1331 which goes along nicely with the street address:


On the way back I was greeted at the bus stop with a piece of cardboard with a 6555 on it:


This concludes yesterday 1/15/2018.

So now on to today 1/16/2018.

I wanted to try this other vegan bakery that WASN’T by the creepy pedo art warehouse that I had written about before. And I went to lunch at the vegan place next door (they have comfort food…) Now I am going to say that the majority of these synchronicities may seem unbelievable but this is why I took photos with myself in them to help make them more real. They also happened in and around the vegan restaurant.

First I want to say that it took me an hour and half to get there and I didn’t plan on getting there at 11:11 but by the time I was finished ordering that was the time on my receipt:


The vegan restaurant’s address is 2022:


Some of you may remember me writing about how 9:18 appears on Neo’s alarm clock from the Matrix. This pillar with the same number appeared across the street:




This was following by a sign that displayed the number 1000 and an address with 33 in it which are both also Jesus-related numbers:


Just across the street there was a phone number comprised of 7s and this also happened to be 7th photo I took while my phone was locked (this is why is says 7 and doesn’t show the real amount, this is an Apple product thing). This business also depicts a wolf with blue eyes. Some may recall the epic wolf synchronicity that I dedicated an entire tab to on this blog. Also if we add the 2s in the address we get 410:


I found a wall of beautiful graffiti art near-by which had positive affirmations on it:


The bus stop I was waiting at had a couple of synchronicities that I will share here. The first is the phone number composed of mostly 2s. This advertisement appears on the buses and but stops here in Phoenix frequently. Interestingly, I found that the phrase ‘Victory of the Light’ has a value of 222 and 1422 (222 in military time) in English Ordinal and Reverse Sumerian Gematria:


We also see that the photo identification number is 369 (I am realizing this as I go along!) which is a sacred geometric number and I noticed that the time was just 4:10 which is my birthday:


This bus stop happened to be number 15696 which in military time would be 3696 so the 369 appears again:


So I decided to stop at the store and get some juice and while I was standing in line I was greeted with several 100s and ‘coincidentally’ April 10th is the 100th day of the year:


I also happened to notice that while I was standing in line, the Safeway card that the cashier would use for other people if they didn’t have one had 410 at the beginning of it:


I had lost my bus card sadly and had to go back to the store and get some cash back so I could make it back home. I found a stack of these cards at the customer service desk and it appears to be the standard beginning number for these store’s cards!

My receipt greeted me with a checkout time of 13:11 which is 1:11 in military time:


Interestingly the 618 number appears (part of the date 1/16/18) which has the 6 6 6 in it which is another sacred geometric number and has connections with Jesus as well.

While walking around the parking lot there was a Budweiser truck that was unloading some cases of beer and the truck had a 144 identification number on it:


This was followed by another truck which had a 210 on in, which in military time would be 1410 where my birthday appears again:


While leaving the store I noticed that the address of the Safeway store had a 1344 (144 in military time) in it:


While I was at the bus stop I thought okay there’s no way you can throw anymore synchronicities at me at this point. There has been so many! And literally when I finished thinking this thought this truck with a bunch of 8s pulled up:


And just to prove that my birthday is April 10th and my name really is Jonathan Patrick Carty here is my driver’s license (edited for my safety). The issue date 9/16 is significant and I will be writing about this later, it is also partially Jesus-related:


So that’s it so far for the last two days. One of my friends has been texting me some of her amazing experiences. Maybe I will ask her permission to write them here. I am sure many of you are having similar experiences!! Thank you for checking this out and much love to you all!! <3

PS I also happened to find out that the phone number to the LAX Hilton where Conscious Life Expo will be held has 410 in it. I also just happened to do a screen capture at 4:32, another sacred geometric number:


PPS I just finished proof reading this article at 4:44 PM:


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9 Responses to Another Epic Synchronicity Report

  1. jstlouise says:

    What’s funny is your dreams will probably update you before I do hahaha.
    <3 Life is amazing and people are gonna get a great helping of wonderful when we get all these timeline stories writ & right 😉

  2. truthearth says:

    It sounds epic whatever it happens to be! 🙂 Please keep me posted!

  3. jstlouise says:

    Nah. I’d rather share here instead. It happens everyday for me, and the fact is I’ve got more than just that to share.

    The blog I’m currently working on is to expose something even more amazing and includes dreams —
    its gonna be exciting, to say the least

  4. truthearth says:

    That one is truly epic…Sometimes you just gotta laugh! They know what you are doing and know how to weave it into these beautiful moments…Why not document some of them on your blog? I’m sure people would love to read them! Myself included!

  5. jstlouise says:

    here’s a funny one that just happened to me,and would have shared it on my blog,but i don’t write about these time synchronicities, yet still notice them:

    this morning as i was finishing my blog post, I was headed to cite a few sources and at the same time as i was opening a new tab, the toaster oven downstairs dinged, potato breakfast ready it was exactly 11:11 am.

    I thought it so hilarious, I had to share, the toaster oven sounds like a typewriter, so it was super apropos beyond belief there is a special clock within us all, and we are all a part of it — yaddadee happy things yet to become, I giggle with glee-

    k’ g2g
    your boss must be a fungi 😉

  6. truthearth says:

    Dani I love the 444 in your birthday! It’s a beautiful number..thank you for the kind words! 🙂 Wishing you love and many more synchronicities!

  7. daniross0413 says:

    Wow amazing Jonathan! I love seeing syncronicities throughout my day also and yours were OFF THE CHARTS! BTW we are both aries … I am April 13, 1966 (444).

  8. truthearth says:

    Wow I imagine that is very exciting, always being around so many number = information.

    Thank you for sharing your side of how you see the numbers. It’s amazing how something that doesn’t exist (Time) can be used to communicate with the physical world!

    Much love to you MM 😉

  9. Moon Mama says:

    Hi Jonathan!
    Wow, awesome numbers everywhere!!😎
    My personal interest in Numerology began in the early ‘70s when I was in high school (yes, I am old! Lol), and I have dabbled in it off and on over the years…though the synchronicities have gotten pretty intense for me these last few months – especially since the Winter Solstice.😉
    My thing with numbers is adding them up to see their single digit value, as each number has a special vibration and meaning of its own. As I’m sure you already know, the Master numbers of 11, 22, and 33 are not reduced to single digits – 11 is The Master Visionary.. 22 is The Master Builder.. 33 is the Master Teacher. Now, in my daily life I am a long-haul truck driver, so I see hundreds of truck and trailer numbers out there every day… The ones that grab my attention the most are the ones that practically “scream” at me to look! I’m not talking about the obvious ones containing multiples or a certain sequence, though. I add up the numbers, reduce to a single digit (unless it totals a Master number), and sure enough! – I giddily giggle when it’s a 5, an 8, a 9, or an 11, 22, or 33! I have been seeing LOTS AND LOTS of these!!! And I always think..EVENT✨
    8= Success (of LF/RM)!
    5= Freedom (for Earth/Humanity)!
    9= End (of old paradigms)
    11= New (global consciousness)!
    22= Building (our Nova Earth)!
    33= Spiritual Mastery (Ascension)!
    Some of these numbers also resonate with me for other it so happens that my full birth name numbers are 22(first)+9(middle)+7(last) total 38= 11…
    And my Life Path number is 5.
    My favorite number has always been 9, and I often happen to look at the clock when all the digits total 9; also when it’s reading 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.

    Thank you for your Light work and the awesome videos, Jonathan!❤️.. I also follow cobra’s blog.

    In Love and Light,
    Moon Mama

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