Dream About Working Underground with Galactic Confederation

I’ve just woken up a little bit ago and wish to get this dream down before I forget more of the details.

From what I can recall I was working closely with a small community of dedicated and benevolent beings to help others. We were working underground and through various tunnel systems. I don’t know if this was the past, present or even future but I watched the other beings do a lot of work for the world.

One of the beings I was working with the most was surprisingly a benevolent female spider being. I actually worked with her and communicate with her in this incarnation to this day (in her human form). She is an excellent communicator and was perfect for the job she was doing underground and also the job she is performing today.

I recall at one point her asking me to investigate the disappearance of a man. She asked kindly and of course I agreed. I eventually found the man was murdered (if I remember correctly) with his head on display along with some information about him. There was something about the proximity to where he wanted to die (or was murdered, forgetting details as I go) which was spiritually important. There was a spiritual concept for this I think. There were two short names for the place he was in relation to the place he was found dead. It made more sense in the dream…

I remember there were humans working down there (including myself I believe) and they were all very benevolent. I wish I could remember more and experience more. It was a wonderful time where everyone was cooperating so perfectly. No fighting or sparring with other beings. Just everyone doing their work and getting along. This is everything I can think of at the moment. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3



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  1. truthearth says:

    Based on what I remember, I didn’t get a sense of exactly the kind of work we did but it was benevolent.

  2. True George says:

    what kind of work was it…

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