Giving Away All My Possessions (Benevolently) (Updated)

After my very Dark Night of the Soul some weeks back I have been making a lot of divinely-guided progress. This event helped me release a lot of blockages that I realize now were getting in the way of what needed to be done. This resulted in re-homing the two box turtles and ball python I had been caring for for a long time.

On May 31st I was strongly guided to start taking things down in the apartment and begin getting rid of… basically everything. The next day June 1st was the beginning of this epic purge. My walls are bare and closets empty.

My newly realized spider animal guide was also present on a moving truck before this big purge occurred (May 30th), indicating a sign that this is indeed the way things are supposed to go:


An avian being also appeared on a moving truck June 1st which was the day of the big purge:


There is a strong almost full-body (but mostly in the gut) feeling/sensation/emotion which is driving this effort. As I am moving things out I feel excitement and elation. I have no idea where I am going to end up, but I know it’s going to be exactly where I need to be. ‘They’ have always looked out for me…always.

Here is a before of my room from the Wave of Love video:


And here is the after from just a few minutes ago (it’s still early morning here so it’s not that bright):


And when I say everything I mean everything. All the brochures of the places I visited, all my books (including the Ra books), camera equipment, posters, things I painted and even sentimental items. It hasn’t been hard at all since I have a strong benevolent energy guiding me. ‘They’ feel very close like in this picture:

Image result for angels guiding

There is much more to give away. The couch, the piano, living room furniture and a lot of recyclables. There is no feeling of fear at all.  Not only that but I never knew how great it could feel to have fewer things…I also didn’t realize how emotionally attached I had become to certain things that I wasn’t even using or looking at.

I have also been guided to step down from my Meetup group which will be happening later today.

Now an amazing synchronicity occurred using gematria the other day. To me this was verification that this is exactly what is supposed to be happening right now. I typed in the bible verse regarding Jesus telling others to sell all of their possessions and an interesting connection manifested.

The gematria value of the verse is 1413:


1413 appears as part of my address which was previously mentioned:



Pi appears in this photo number 6314 and so does the sacred 369 which you can see via the pointed arrows.

This number is also the first four digits of Pi backwards. Pi has been a consistently occurring theme among these synchronicities, especially the Jesus Synchronicities. Whoever is organizing these wants people to know that Pi is important. And rightly so since it goes on forever. Not only that but number is how the Universe expresses itself. It uses number, geometry and vibration to experience itself.

This is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always!


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