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This will be a continuation of the ongoing manifestation of the Jesus-related synchronicities that have been occurring over the last several months. If this is something that does not align with you then you are free to disregard this post per your free will.

For all other Jesus/Other synchronicities please visit ‘The Synchronicity Series’ tab on the blog or visit the link below:

I will jump right in this time with the following numerical connections and information.

I would start by adding that this body that I am borrowing has turned 28 years old on April 10th recently. 28 in the Pi position calculator is 33, which is allegedly how many years Jesus lived. 820 appears at the end of the sequence, which is the result of 410 + 410:


I would also reiterate the adding the numbers of April 10th 1990 (this incarnation’s birth date) equals 33:


We have already established that 410 is the value of ‘Christ’ using gematria:


410 is also the value of ‘The Son of God’:


410 also happens to be the number assigned to the word ‘El’ (God) in Strong’s Concordance, which is an index, translation and definition of every word in the King James Version of the bible:


Upon entering the phrase ‘The Second Coming Four Ten’ we get a value of 925:


925 is also the value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


The phrase ‘Jesus Christ April Tenth Thirty Three’ equals 161:


161 is position number 1610 in the Pi calculator. Interestingly, 1610 is military time for 410:


And as much as I do not care to share the next photo I am being guided to do it nonetheless. The following phrase has 33 letters in it:


If I haven’t lost you yet and we enter in ‘April 10th 1990’ spelled out we get a value of 1776 which was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed:


As I have written about in previous posts, all of this information and these synchronicities are intimately connected to Pi. All roads seem to lead back to Pi in some shape or form. Using the same cipher as above, we can get Pi by entering in ‘The Jesus Connection’:


A similar pattern of the same numbers ‘1413’ happens to be the additional four numbers after the zip code where I live:


I have discovered recently that the dumpster near my apartment is labeled with two 33s:


And the posters above my bed have a 33 with a religious cross in between them which have been up on the wall for years now:


Recently I was given a notice that my apartment would be randomly entered an inspected. The law the office used for this was 33-1343. So here we see the 33 and the digits of Pi in the second set:


The apartment complex that I reside in currently along with the neighboring other ones also encode Jesus Christ in their addresses. I won’t give away mine for obvious reasons (although if someone really wanted to they could figure it out) but will share part of the other ones:


515 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’:


And the electrical box next to the sign is the sacred 369. And 410 divided by 369 is 1.11111 which goes on forever. This also happens to be photo number 533 so here we see the 33 appearing again.

Directly across the street is a set of signs installed by the city that are identified with a number which happens to be 515 with a little ‘city of phoenix’ sign in the middle of it:


My apartment address contains a couple of interesting things. Firstly is contains the 410 in military time. It also easily contains Pi. But unfortunately, for the time being, I cannot say what it is. I hope everyone can understand. Most people would not put so many personal details like this online.

So the apartments together equal Jesus Christ and the infinite Pi. The city of Phoenix is where I live and we all know the Phoenix is a bird which rises from the ashes after dying. The city of Phoenix would be the perfect name and place for the Second Coming:


“In the historical record, the phoenix “could symbolize renewal in general as well as the sun, time, the Empiremetempsychosisconsecrationresurrection, life in the heavenly Paradise, ChristMaryvirginity, the exceptional man, and certain aspects of Christian life”.”

The apartments behind me also contain ‘Christ’ in the form of 205 which is half of 410. Let us remember that 410 in gematria is Christ:


There are many more of these signs that would take up too much space in this already long post so I think it would be best to conclude it here. Thank you for checking these out and I wish each of you much love!

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