The World is Turning Positive

I would like to include a couple of uplifting short stories here in regards to some beautiful acts of kindness that I witnessed over the last few months. There can be no doubt that the real world, that is, the one that ISN’T being reported in the media, is actually much better than most people realize. Now the world is still in a state of epic humanitarian crisis, this is obvious, but there are so many good people out there and I have been gifted to have been able to see them doing wonderful things for people first hand.

Of course people are doing nice things for each other everyday, I see this in the hospital frequently among the nurses, patients, patient’s family members, doctors and other people there which mostly goes unnoticed and unacknowledged.

Story 1) After visiting a restaurant one day I was waiting at the bus stop (a place where homeless folks spend a lot of time sadly) and there was a man who looked.. ‘rough’, so to speak. After a short time a young man with very long black hair in a ponytail around my age (20s or so) parked his car near-by and literally just gave this guy his shoes.

He ran back to his car barefoot and went on his way. A young person, a millennial, giving away his shoes to a stranger! This was true human to human love…and very inspiring for people in this age group as the reputation for millennials isn’t that great at the moment…*cough cough* tide pods…

Story 2) The second story took place in a package shipping store near-by. A woman had come in and needed to have something shipped and while I couldn’t hear her entire conversation, it seemed that she was in distress about a great burden falling on her, possibly about someone close to her who needed to be taken care of. She had teared up while explaining the situation to the woman working with her.

The young woman behind the counter said ‘aw, it’s okay can I give you a hug’? And she gave the woman across the counter a hug. Two strangers connecting to one another and one offering to console the other even though they didn’t have to. It was really beautiful, to say the least.

Thanks for checking these out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always.

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    Beautiful 🙂 Thank you!

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