Personal/Jesus/Cobra/General Synchronicity Report

This will be a compilation of personal, Jesus and general synchronicities so if this not something that aligns with someone then they are free to disregard this post per their free will.

The first was an interesting Cobra synchronicity that manifested while at the store one day:


As it turns out, the entire area where I live is saturated with Jesus, Pi, personal and gematria-related synchronicities. Whomever, or whatever created this part of Phoenix, especially this apartment complex area, is obviously very powerful and made use of a lot of resources on the other side and on the physical plane to make it happen:


916 appears frequently throughout these works. 9/16 was the issue date of my current driver’s license and 9/16 was also the date the last episode of ‘The 4400‘ aired (episode number 44 titled ‘The Great Leap Forward’). The main character, who is supposed to be Jesus, disappears on April 10th in a Blue Sphere:


The room that I work in has an identification number of 4400 on it and a 444 on the sign next to the room:


444 happens to be the value of ‘Jesus’ using the base-6 cipher:


While walking home the other day there were two Glendale police vehicles near the apartment complex (there is always some drama/crime going on around here). One had a license plate with 314 (Pi) on it:


The second vehicle had 915 in the license plate:


915 in the Pi position calculator is 1314. So here we see Pi again:


There is some kind of electrical? box near-by the sidewalk at the apartments which had a 1552 on both sides:


We know that 155 in the Pi position calculator is 314:


The value of the phrase ‘The Son of God Four Ten’ happens to be 227, which, if we divide 22 by 7 we get an approximate value of Pi:


If we add my birth year ‘Ninety’ into this phrase we get…Pi:


Next is an even more amazing synchronicity. There is a large electric box with the number 1116 on it which is a short walk down the road from the apartment complex:


1116 happens to be the gematria value of the spelling out of my birth date:


The same phrase has a value of 1725:


1725 in the Pi position calculator is 138 which is the numerical designation of the street I live on and where this electric box is located, Thunderbird Road:



If this wasn’t enough, we even see a 165 in another cipher:


165 is the position in Pi of the number 2701 which is the Hebrew gematria value of the first verse of Genesis. 2701 is directly next to 410:


‘April Tenth’ encodes Pi using the Kabbalah cipher which assigns every 11th letter to a number. 155 in the Pi position calculator is 314:


We also see the magic number 42 here. Gematria scholar Marty Leeds did an excellent presentation on the number 42 in his lectures which you can find here.

If we divide 410 by 33 we get 12.424242…which goes on forever:


This is everything I have for now. I wish that more details could be posted. I wish I could post my social security number (this encodes sacred geometry), my apartment number, my apartment address, my boss’s employee number, the hospital’s address, my phone number and so many more things. Everything, down to the smallest detail, has Pi, Jesus, sacred geometry or something of this nature encoded in it! It’s…I don’t know what to call it. What would you call it?

In any case, one day in the near future, all of this will be able to be shared safely and it will be the most epic proof that you DO plan what happens before you incarnate on the physical plane and that there is 100% certainty that the Universe and its countless ‘helpers’ are more powerful and intelligent than we could have ever imagined.

Much love everyone!


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