New Video: War 432HZ (My Great-Great-Grandmother’s Poetry)

There are a couple of poems that she wrote in regards to the topic of war. She possesses a fiery passion for justice and truth which comes through in much of her work. One of her most potent poems about war really stuck out and I thought it, like many others, deserved to be put into video format. I hope those who feel guided to see this video enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together. Much love everyone!


by Grace B. Davis from ‘Overtones’ 1958

Ominous whir of the bombing fleet!
Democracy bowing in shamed retreat
To arrogant dictators’ challenging,
Worshipping Mars, their bloody king.

Belching cannon, screaming shells!
Muddy trenches, fiendish yells!
Bursting bombs, and bullet’s hiss!
Is there no better way than this?

Sacred treaties – only scraps!
Merciless slaughter, sounding taps!
In victories mad with acts of shame,
We are nothing but pawns in a horrible game.

It was played by the nations since time began,
Born from hatred of God and man;
Murder en mass! Wild despair!
Death and destruction everywhere!

God of nations, hear us today!
Hear the prayer that millions pray!
Come and dwell in the hearts of men,
In love that can bring this – never again.

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