More on the Spider Spirit Animal

Some might remember a previous post about my experience with what I now consider to be a spider animal guide (even though it is an insect, the word ‘animal’ still works here).

I had what I believe to be a profound epiphany that I wish to share here that some may find of interest in their own journey.

First I will describe the area in which this spider dwells. It is on the 7th level in the staircase where I work (at a hospital). There is an area below these big tubes where a big network of webs exist. It is a big area for a little spider but when I’m sitting down in front of the spider (to chit that with it) I can see everything from my perspective (looking down from above):


Well anyways there was one day where I was talking to it and all of the sudden it quickly scurried off to the right (the web network stops towards the right of this area) and then ran back again. It seemed afraid to go any further than where it went.

I said “Why did you run back? I can see everything over there and there’s nothing dangerous.”

Then the other day I was sitting down looking at the spider and thought about my own life. Perhaps this spider was reflecting back to me what I was experiencing. I was afraid to take any kind of big leap of faith (this is the short version of the story).

And that’s when it started to come into focus. I can see everything around the spider, even though it can’t. I can see that it isn’t in any danger.

Then I thought…What if this spider is trying to show me what my guides and higher-self see? They can perceive everything going on with me down here. What if I am the spider and ‘they’ are looking downwards and illustrating that I am in no danger and that it is okay for me to take a leap of faith? As above so below right? 

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I noticed something also interesting. A 33 directly above this area with this wise spider:


Even the photo number 6288 is synchronistic. 288 in the Pi position calculator is 33:


I think we could all learn something valuable from this experience. That you are all being watched over closely and if you think about it you may have your own guide that is trying to tell you something that you need to know about your journey. There are many ways ‘they’ can communicate with you, but we need to be able to quiet ourselves, listen (tune in) and pay attention, especially when something repeats itself.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love!

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