New Video Dedicated to YOU The Readers and Viewers in 432hz!

I haven’t been on the ‘awakened scene’ for very long and I do have a small amount of individuals following this blog and YouTube channel but I wanted to take some time to share my appreciation for all of you.

I have been really moved by your your comments and some have caused me to become so emotional, in a happy way. You are all so smart and some of you very witty and funny and I just have to express my thanks to each one of you who read this blog and watch my videos.

I care deeply about all of you and wish only the best and positive outcomes in every moment of your lives. Those who are not so kind I just ignore and send off with love, yes even the trolls need love. They will find their way at the right time.

Here is the video I made today that I hope you will enjoy. Thank you much and I send infinite love and abundance to every one of you!!

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