Katy Perry MK Ultra Breakdown?

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and found an article by Neon Nettle where they show footage of one of Katy Perry’s recent performances where she has an extremely distressful breakdown and had to be carried off stage. This was eerily similar to the breakdowns I have been experiencing lately…

(UPDATE) This performance was from March 2011, but the impact this footage has shouldn’t be understated.

Some of you may have seen the appearance of Roseanne on Russia Today where she goes on to say that MK Ultra rules in Hollywood. I will share that video below. There are actually two videos of Katy experiencing what could be a breakdown of her programming:

I have seen plenty of interviews with MK Ultra victims and have read many articles on how this programming works and how it is reinforced and how sometimes it can breakdown. Controlling a human with the brain that is as complex and widely not that understood as ours is can have drastic and unknown effects. The Nazis figured out that you can make a person do anything by splitting their mind through trauma-based mind-control.

One alter, as the other new personality is called, can be created and triggered with a code word, picture or symbol. A person can be made into a sociopathic killer and not even realize it.

Pop star Nikki Minaj will often rap about her alter ego Roman. While I am not a fan of rap I did listen to a lot of her music when I was a wild child not long ago. Lady Gaga also talks about how she lives in a fantasy world and this reality, going back and forth in order to create her music.

David Wilcock has spoken about how these stars are tortured and beaten into doing what they are told to do:

(Divine Cosmos) “…I do not feel we should hate or blame Taylor Swift or anyone else for advertising these symbols. I want to help these people get free, not hurt them.

Based on credible insider testimony, as we are about to review, these people have been tortured and threatened in ways most of us could never imagine.

…With that being said, Illuminati defectors have repeatedly emphasized that the members of this group are horribly tortured and traumatized.

Illuminati members know there is some big, dark problem in their lives, but they may not even realize what it is.

They themselves suffer the effects of trauma-based hypnosis. They know there is some big, dark problem in their lives, but may not even realize what it is.

Drug addiction is a very common way of masking the constant pain and anxiety that this creates, and many celebrities have suffered from it.”

Let us send light and love to these people who have been swept up in the world of trauma and abuse and wish them healing and compassion. I hope we won’t judge them as it is not the fault of their own that they are experiencing this horrific existence.

Thank you for reading and much love…

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  1. truthearth says:

    Thank you for including what you did in your comment Marian. I appreciate all the thought and detail you put into it. I personally have met with someone who was a victim of SRA and lived to tell the tale. Some of her stories are heartbreaking. And of course there are countless interviews online of people who come forward and share what happened to them. It is brutal having to recount and relive those experiences.

    The truth always supersedes denial. You can only ran away from something for so long. Ultimately we will all have to face ourselves and what has been allowed to go on for thousands of years. Thank you for being of service to humanity!

  2. Thank you so much, Jonathan, for this compassionate post related to the horrors of MK Ultra.
    It’s about 7 years ago that I began to learn about this dark secret world of mindcontrol and learn to connect the dots and to come to an understanding of it without distress, though never indifferent.

    One of my former landladies, a counceler, has had clients who began to talk about MK Ultra and Monarch, mindprograms. She was fortunate to have me in her home, for when she mentioned it, I could share a little bit more info about this and especially put her mind to rest a bit, confirming these stories of her clients as real life experiences.

    She told me that these clients were desperate, finding help, holding on to last straws like contacting my landlady. They told my landlady that they were sent away by psychotherapists, who stuck a label on them as “attention-seekers” and who were unwilling to engage in this, maybe even ordered to react with denial. Exposure of certain authorities and people in high places of power is always at risk, during treatment of these mindcontrol slaves who’ve begun to remember who they really are amidst of much pain and anxiety.

    It’s a tremendous taboo to most people and a shameful presence in the lives of those victims who managed to step out of this dark world, often traumatized till the end of their lives. I’ve experienced that it’s one thing to study and learn online about this subject and that actually meeting someone with this background in real life, is a whole different experience with much more emotional impact.

    I’ve met 3 people in my life, in physical form, who have experienced abuse, torture and other horrors. One is an Englishman who needs 95% of his life-energy to stay alive and who can’t feel compassion for himself and one is a Dutch woman who has done heroic work to free herself from the grasp of her father who’s head of a Satanic cult in Holland. She has killed two people during ceremonies and had to learn how to cope with that, in the years after her escape.

    She’s got 2 children and fights for them, to keep them out of school and homeschool them herself. She told me that headmasters of schools in Holland, which are often in difficult condition and competition in order to survive, accept receiving large sums of money, in exchange for organizing “schooltrips” for a number of kids, that are absent from class during a few hours and are taken to locations for sexual abuse and forced to be silent about it, by means of mindcontrol, threats and hypnosis.

    This woman and I had a strong heart-connection and all was good, but I’ve experienced one moment, that my body wanted to run away from hearing all this, in an instinctual reaction fully outside my own “mindcontrol”. I told her of this experience and she fully acknowledged it in acceptance, she was a wise old soul and very strong.

    The third person I’ve met, also in Holland, is the founder and spokesman of the Bank of Joy, who’s now coming out with a series of interviews. One of PFC’s articles presents an interview with him. You may have taken notice of it already.

    I’m not sure why I write all this here in my comment, but I feel that living with this knowledge and knowing that most people around me are fully ignorant and possibly horrified when told, or in denial, is causing a peculiar mix of loneliness and sadness in me. I believe that this is why I share my experiences here to such an extent, in detail.

    The other day, a youtube commenter replied to me, saying “People can’t handle this truth, they only suffer more when told” and I answered “There’s no going back at this point in time, people are waking up, this can’t be denied, it’s out in the open more and more. Sharing with others about these subjects offers us a chance to understand, come to terms with it including emotional support and as we say in Holland “A sadness shared is half a sadness”.

    To know that this evil is going to come to an end, amidst all the present turmoil, is a comfort to me.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences here, blessed be <3

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