Lots of Spirit Animal Synchronicities, Prophetic Dreams Come True, Extraterrestrial Dream & More

Yesterday, December 9th, was a day full of amazing wolf spirit animal synchronicities. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

In the afternoon I was guided to watch the last episode of the reboot of Doctor Who which is how I really discovered the wolf as my spirit animal.

On 09/27/2016, the date that this synchronicity took place, there was a full-moon in Aries which is my birth sign and I was born at the maximum point of a full-moon.

At the end of this episode, the sidekick to an extraterrestrial being called a Time Lord and also main character, Rose Tyler, notices two words which keep appearing everywhere throughout each episode, ‘Bad Wolf’.

She realizes it’s a way for her to help the Doctor, the extraterrestrial, as he sent her back to her own time in the TARDIS (time machine disguised as a phone booth) where he is in a seemingly hopeless situation.

She eventually opens a compartment which stores the heart of the TARDIS which is alive and is a time vortex and goes forward in time to save the doctor. She basically becomes an Ascended Being who has control over time and space.

In an amazing time loop, she admits that she creates herself and scatters the words ‘Bad Wolf’ throughout time and space as a message to her past self which leads to the moment when she becomes the Ascended Being basically.

So then, later in the evening, my homeless friend whose spirit animal is also the wolf, knocks on my door and asks to stay the night, which I agree to of course.

He eventually puts on a Joe Rogan stand up routine on Netflix on his phone and there is a point where he brings up the wolf. I don’t know which stand up routine features this bit so I can’t include a reference to it but it was on Netflix.

Here is the next amazing dream which is connected to the wolf.

One of the more strange dreams I had recently featured Melissa Joan Hart (played Sabrina on ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, among other roles) with another woman. The dream took place on December 7th, 2021 and it was so strange I almost didn’t write it down:

Well I decided to look her up on YouTube and see if there was anything to find and I discovered she uploaded a video the very next day, December 8th, talking about a new podcast she will be doing:

At about the 18-second mark, the other woman mentions the werewolf and I knew this was what I was supposed to find. Just amazing:

Leap of faith alert again. Saw the word ‘Cobra’ in a post on Reddit and a snake in an ad on another site so I think another post is coming soon:

This will sound extra out there but I think I had a dream this morning about seeing a new cobra post which might have been short but I’m not certain.

Cobra included a petition signature count list and for December 4th, the number 410 appeared which was the day of the booster meditation which was at the moment of the Solar Eclipse:

This number 410 and the wolf seem to keep appearing throughout time and space and is connected to significant historical events.

For instance the company that built the Titanic is called Harland & Wolff and we know the ship sailed on April 10th (although there is the idea out there that its identical sister ship, Olympic, which had problems was relabeled as the Titanic and was intended to sink to eliminate those who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve with JP Morgan backing out of getting on board the ship at the last minute):


Had a dream involving grey-looking extraterrestrials which I don’t remember much about:

A quick divine intervention story that I forgot about and am adding after the fact.

The other day I was at home and decided to cook some soup. I got the telepathic word ‘soda’ in my mind and I knew the Higher Ups wanted me to go get some soda. The night before though they had done something they do sometimes which is to keep me awake for ‘divine timing’ reasons which are unbeknownst to me until later.

So I decide to leave the soup on the burner and went to the store. I picked out a couple of things including soda and left the store.

I saw a thin older woman with a limp pushing another woman in a wheelchair up the sidewalk and I was thinking to myself, oh god she’s pushing her all the way up this hill.

So I was at the cross streets and about to decide to make my way back home when I saw the woman still pushing the other woman up the hill. I was like oh hell no, now I am know why the Higher Ups kept me up part of the night and told me to get soda at the store.

I went up to the woman and asked her if I could give her a hand and push the wheelchair for her. She pretty much instantly agreed and I asked the woman in the wheelchair if I could push her and she agreed.

So we went all the way up this hill and I learned they were staying at the local women’s shelter. They weren’t allowed to stay there during the day so they had to leave at 8AM sharp and could only come back at 5PM with the exception of the weekends. They could stay there all-day on the weekends.

I learned that they had significant health problems and that they were doing this everyday. I was crying inside. This is the kind of stuff that makes me so upset I can’t see straight. Another layer to this situation was that the older woman and my mom shared the same name. Super cool!

So fast forward we were just hanging out in front of a gas station just taking a rest because the woman pushing the wheelchair had an untreated broken leg from years ago and was 65 years old. The other woman was 55 and had a list of health issues including brain cancer and cerebral palsy. They were very pleasant people though. I learned they had really rough lives.

And this is where the miracle came in. The woman in the wheelchair was so kind enough to give me all her quarters from her purse which ended up being exactly enough for 2 washes and 2 drys in the laundry room here which I really needed.

I forgot about my soup being on the burner and told them I would have to go back. I didn’t think they believed me and I think they thought I was just making up an excuse to get out of there but when I eventually dropped them off at the shelter and went back home my place smelled of something burning badly and the soup was toast ha.

I helped the woman in the wheelchair to get her phone bill on auto-pay so she didn’t have to go to the store every month to get a new top-up card. I hope I run into them again.

Boy do I wish I had millions of dollars, I could do so much good with it. If anyone feels like sharing a million with me I’d put it to damn good use.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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