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For those who are interested there are some really amazing things happening which will be shared here. As always discernment is advised along with the possibility of bracing yourself for potentially overwhelming synchronicities and dreams which are all positive. I’m actually very excited to share these things.

I’m going to follow the example of the Universe and cut right to the case here. One of the many ways the Higher Ups communicate is through sensations in my physical body. On September 5th and a couple of days before I felt like I was dying. It was very intense and it reminded me of the strange death experience I had last year:

And then it was announced a few days later on September 8th that Queen Elizabeth II had died:

The same day as the above email, September 5th, the sun released a full-halo coronal mass ejection:

This was an interesting couple of events, the email and the full-halo coronal mass ejection, as I felt like I was dying and the word ‘corona’ means ‘crown’ in English. This is a few days before Queen Elizabeth II (queens wear crowns) passed away.

One scientist had the following to say about this solar explosion:


“…This is no run of the mill event,” says George Ho of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. “Many science papers will be studying this for years to come…”

Some might recall a strange series of words being given on the morning of September 6th:

Some of these strange words have, so far, led to real-world synchronicities and so I have been going with the flow here. There was information about a big earthquake along with the geographical location of ‘Indonesia’ and, amazingly, a few days later on September 9th, we had a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Papua which is part of Indonesia. The magnitude wasn’t exactly right but 6.2 is still quite powerful.

On September 9th I had a dream about an earthquake that would be big:

The next day, September 10th, there was a large 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea which is the same land mass except it is not part of Indonesia:

In the cluster of words I got ‘mountain’ along with earthquake and this may or may not be related but a couple of days after writing down that message we had a rare earthquake in the mountainous Flagstaff, Arizona:

The evening of September 9th I walked to the store and went over to the clearance section and noticed a beautiful paper bill which was very convincing at first glance:

Receipt from the visit where I got pictures of the million-dollar bill.

As many might be able to guess, it was a religious-based message with information about Christianity and the like. Someone put real elbow grease into this thing because it was very well-done. I noticed that the links shared on the bill all lead to one website which is I’ve found there are a few references to ‘living water’ in the bible and one of them happens to be John 4:10 so this magic number might be appearing here. This is about a day after the rare earthquake which was about 2 hours or so away.

Very interestingly on September 7th on the way back home from the library I saw a black toy spider on the ground and it was upside down which made me consider it was possibly important for something:

And then on September 15th Cobra published a post with the title ‘Chimera Situation Update’:

Speaking of Cobra dreams, I have now had 2 dreams which seem to be communicating the same thing which is another update which I saw, very clearly, a title with three words and in one dream I saw what I think was ‘planetary situation update’. The first dream took place September 17th and the other dream September 18th:

On September 8th I had a dream which referenced being scorned by Jesus and an old best friend of mine:

The same day a YouTube channel that uploads great ambient music published a video with the title ‘Best Friend‘ by David DeRose at 11:05 AM Arizona Time, a couple of hours after the above dream was written down:

On September 8th I also got the feeling that I was dying but I was given the word ‘Ascension’ telepathically:

‘Ascension’ was one of words given in the previously mentioned cluster of words and I had expressed at one point out loud that I was worried about my own Ascension and if it would happen. I think the objective of those words was to communicate that the other things would come true, since the earthquake information came true. That is just my interpretation of course and could be incorrect.

On September 11th I telepathically saw ‘Poppy’ in my mind’s eye which is a reference to the villain in the movie ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ in addition to the magic number 410:

So I watched the movie and already knew of the couple of appearances of this magic number but I learned that the song ‘Take Me Home, Country Road’ by John Denver was used in 3 places throughout the movie, specifically the beginning and ending:


“…Tracks 1, 20, and 23 incorporate “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (B. Danoff/T. Nivert/J. Denver). Track 20 features vocals by Mark Strong…”

This song went platinum on April 10th, 2017, the same year as the release of ‘The Golden Circle’ so here was the magic number 410 that was found with the help of the Higher Ups:


“…The song was a success on its initial release and was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 18, 1971, and Platinum on April 10, 2017…”

The morning of September 12th I got the words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye after waking up:

4 hours after the above email was written we had a M-Class flare at 4:44 PM Arizona Time:

The amount of time between the email and the flare was 271 minutes:

2.71 is known as Euler’s Number and is found on scientific calculators as the letter ‘e’. The magic number 410 connects to this number very well:

This next one might be overwhelming to some or perhaps not but it was when I experienced it. I had gone to the store on September 12th and was guided here and there before I finally decided to check out. The receipt shows the time you started to checkout and it also shows the time you finished. I started the checkout at 4:42 PM. To see the whole receipt click here.

I eventually ended up checking out two minutes later at 4:44 PM which was the exact same time as the above M1 solar flare. Same time, same day:

The same day September 12th my feet were vibrating like crazy which usually indicates something good is about to happen:

The next day, September 13th, Dr. Michael Salla sent out a notification which included a trailer/short film regarding an upcoming webinar which will include information about The Second Coming. So the previous day, September 12th, I had these words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye and then the next day Dr. Salla sends out the following update about the Second Coming:

The same day, September 13th, I had accidentally clicked on a link which brought up data about solar flares and the Higher Ups used my eyes to point at M-Class flare data:

I don’t remember why I wrote this next email down but I think maybe my feet were vibrating again or something. This was also September 13th:

Amazingly, the next day, September 14th, we had an M-Class flare at 3:19 AM Arizona Time:

The amount of time between the first M-Class email and the flare was 656 minutes:

Interestingly the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Messiah’ (Μεσσίας) is 656:

I would add here that although sharing these Jesus synchronicities and dreams are a bit uncomfortable, I am just letting them happen and trying not to get in the way now. I feel detached from any particular outcome and I feel relaxed in general at this point. The Source clearly has a plan and that plan is playing out right now and if you thought the Universe would fire off a few firecrackers at The Event, I would say this is a grand underestimation. Of course I don’t know exactly how everything will play out until the breakthrough but there is a lot of excitement going on with these synchronicities and dreams.

On September 14th I had a dream which seemed pretty important but I’m not entirely sure what it could be referring to. My wild guess would be the progress of my current personal situation or perhaps Ascension:

September 14th, 2022 05:32 AM

Details fading but I think I was in a school and RuPaul was there.

I was trying to go the highest level on this lift thing and I didn’t have much to hold on to.

I ascended way up to the 8th level and I think I saw the levels as I went up and it went way too fast. It was like going up really quickly on a ladder.

So the top level was Batman and something else I think and then I don’t remember the other levels names.

Dream seemed important my legs were vibrating a lot and I think that means this is important.

I think RuPaul was laughing and I think I made it to the right level although it was scary going that high and then coming back down. 

I couldn’t control the speed. I think RuPaul was laughing at something but I don’t know now. Other things happened before and after this but I don’t remember now. 

Later that day I think I got the tune in my head which is a specific part of the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ where Jupiter floats down to meet one of the other characters who has basically kidnapped her. This was right after her claiming her title as owner of the Earth and the reincarnation of the mother of one of the most power families in the Universe:

I would like to share a list of synchronistic references that have been happening recently. I’ve learned that the common thread they all share is that they point to a wedding involving royalty in some form. This is referenced in the alchemical story shared in ‘The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkeutz’ which is a Rosicrucian work which I think might be talking about the Ascension. It’s a very interesting read and very sadly the last couple of pages are missing and what is available online is all the same:

“…Whereupon I tenderly opened the letter, and within it, in an azure field, in golden letters, found the following verses written.

This day, today
Is the Royal Wedding day.
For this thou wast born
And chosen of God for joy
Thou mayest go to the mountain
Whereon three temples stand,
And see there this affair.
Keep watch
Inspect thyself
And shouldst thou not bathe thoroughly
The Wedding may work thy bane.
Bane comes to him who faileth here
Let him beware who is too light.

Below was written: Sponsus [Husband] and Sponsa [Wife]…”

According to Plan‘ – This song is from the movie ‘Corpse Bride’ and is about a newly wealthy couples’ son getting married in a glorious wedding and that everything needed to go right. He would be marrying into an aristocratic family.

Little Mermaid Wedding Scene‘ – This is a scene from The Little Mermaid and features Ariel (daughter of King Triton, so she is royalty) getting her voice back from the sea witch and then later on marrying Prince Eric. The wedding in the scene is very bright and beautiful.

The Beginning‘ – This is a song by RuPaul which I have been getting and this song is one of a few that is played when the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is crowned.

Jupiter Ascending‘ – This movie features Jupiter almost getting married to one of the royal heirs.

Shrek 2‘ – There is a scene where Prince Charming is dancing with Princess Fiona in front of the King and Queen. There was a banner above Fiona which read ‘Newlyweds’.

In March this year 2022 I signed up for a Reddit account using Google and the username I picked, which seemed random and unimportant, was ‘Last-Wedding-7443‘:

I would add that the numbers seem to be significant as well as 7+4=11 and 4+3=7 so here we see this number 117 which has appeared before. The beginning of the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz seems to reference James 1:17 by using some words from that verse, ‘Father of Lights’. The meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was publishes at 4:10 so here is this magic number appearing here.

These things segue perfectly into the next dream which was about myself being asked to get married:

The next synchronicities and dreams might be intense to read but it will be in a good way I hope. I had a strange dream about being in a classroom with Christian Aguilera directly to my right, and a woman to my left who was describing how much she had been dilated before giving birth. Christina was just looking past me and I think she was looking at the woman. She didn’t look at me in the dream:

September 15th, 2022 11:29 AM

Classroom dream which went on for a while and I forgot many details but towards the end I was talking about being a monitor tech again with some old co-workers who were there.

One of them was showing me with her fingers how dilated she was when giving birth and it was a lot like the circumference of a small plum. She couldn’t believe that she was that dilated.

I think she wondered how she was going to give birth with just that much space for the baby to come out.

I think Christina Aguilera was sitting to my right and the other woman talking was to my left and she looked similar I think.

Christina had blond hair and don’t remember much else. I think she was staring at the woman talking about giving birth. 

So the other day I just started looking up things about Christina Aguilera on YouTube and I discovered that she had an album titled ‘Liberation’:

Her album cover and title ‘Liberation’ are towards the middle of the screenshot.

I listened to the first song, which is also titled ‘Liberation‘, and I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a baby making noises and laughing in the background. It was a short song with only a few lines of words:

“Where are you?
Are you there?


The woman to my left in the dream had just given birth to a baby and was describing it while Christina Aguilera was directly to my right and she is the one that created the song and album (perhaps she had help, too). For the record I don’t really follow her music that much so I didn’t know she had this album out beforehand.

The next bit might also be intense as I had a dream on September 15th where I saw a scene of destruction:

This might be a double-prophetic dream because the next day, September 16th, a skyscraper in China had caught fire and thankfully it didn’t collapse into its own footprint at free fall speed like Tower 7 on September 11th.

The time I wrote the above email was 2:18 and the Chinese building that caught fire is 218-meters high:


“…The 218-metre (715ft) building, completed in 2000, is located near a major ring road, according to CCTV…”

And here are the next events that I believe this dream was predicting. On September 17th and 18th Taiwan was rocked with a couple of large 6.5 and 6.9 magnitude earthquakes along with many after shakes:

The scenes of destruction there were just like I saw in the dream. May everyone involved be safe and accounted for:

On September 16th I got the Katy Perry song ‘Birthday’ in my head and this usually precludes something really beautiful:

The next day we had an M-Class solar flare which was registered as an M2.61:

The flare was a magnitude 2.61 and this would be 162 backwards, of course. We also know that the magic number 410 takes position 162 in Pi and 4/10 is my birthday just like the Katy Perry song title:

The album cover for that song ‘Birthday’ is of Katy Perry standing in a field of sunflowers with a bright sun behind her so this solar flare synchronicity went along with that very well:

On September 16th I got the song ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna in my head suddenly:

The lyrics are generally positive and talk about getting ready (‘get ready for it’) and that they are here to win, prosper, rise and fly which I might dare to interpret as meaning Ascension and/or liberation but I’m not sure of course. There’s a line in the lyrics about becoming Neo along with mentions of angels. I also heard Nicki reference ‘two becoming one’ and this is an alchemical process which I believe is symbolically disguised as Ascension. I don’t think she meant that but the Higher Ups will generally pick a song that has particular lyrics that they wish to communicate and don’t necessary intend to use any other part of the song.

[Adding this next part in the evening on September 23rd.]:

After watching the entire music video for ‘Fly‘ I think I needed to add a couple of scenes from it here. The video begins in a very dreary and chaotic scene of destruction. There doesn’t appear to be any plant life anywhere and the sun the blocked by the clouds:

Towards the end of the video we see roses and flowers starting to grow in addition to very beautiful green vines. They grow to cover much of the chaotic scene and there’s a scene at the end where the clouds move away in the sky and the sun begins to shine:

My interpretation of this is that this was a message given synchronistically t communicate that this wholly chaotic and destructive situation will see a beautiful and happy ending. I could be incorrect but that’s what I thought about when watching this.

[End of additional information.]

On September 17th I had a possible Jesus dream. I say possibly because I couldn’t quite remember it that well. There was a mention of the Handmaid’s Tale which is a popular show that I haven’t seen:

The Jesus/Handmaid Tale dream seem to go along with the next synchronicity which happened September 7th, even though it might appear to be unlikely:

I got that Britney Spears song in my head suddenly and I’ve learned to just go with it no matter how silly it is. Apologies about the swearing here but either way this is very cool.

These things happened to appear as part of the newest episode of the animated adult cartoon ‘Rick and Morty’ which aired September 18th, the day after the Jesus/Handmaid’s Tale dream. I watched the previews for this episode and none of these references were in there.

The first reference was two of the main characters asking each other to say their favorite song by Britney Spears at the same time and they both replied with ‘Work Bitch’:

The next reference was when three main characters were talking and one of them mentioned the Handmaid’s Tale:

So perhaps because the Handmaid’s Tale part of the dream came true then the Jesus part is indicating the same.

The next dream is one regarding the Vatican:

September 18th, 2022 1:17 PM

Strange and long dream about ultimately going on a last minute visit to the Vatican.

A relative asked if I wanted to go and I almost didn’t agree but decided to go anyway.

Someone else was there, a woman that I think I knew but don’t remember now. I remember we walked out of a building together and walked a little ways to another building.

But before that I stopped and drank from this water fountain that looked like it had some white crystal type of build up on it. 

Right after starting to drink the water some kids started to approach me and then I stopped and walked into the building. 

This was apparently the Vatican and there was some kind of show going on in the front of this big room filled with seated people. It felt like a very casual event and not formal. Just anyone could walk in and look around. 

The first thing I saw them do was a spell which they announced to us. Someone in the audience said that this was witchcraft and I think someone disagreed with them.

I saw an older woman moving and following what appeared to be a girl but I [don’t] know if I remember that correctly. There was a sign out about this I think.

I remember that this sign was also talking about the dark and evil things they do and it was just put on display for everyone to see. 

I don’t remember what it said but I think I remember saying out loud that this is like the Vatican on opposite day. I think a lot happened before this but it was too disturbing to write.

This next bit is just amazing. I was trying to sleep the morning of September 20th and got a very vivid image of a silver movie reel in my mind’s eye which was rather small and I decided to document it:

I don’t know if this message had to do with the following event but it happened beforehand so it’s definitely possible. Not long after the above email was written I got the song ‘Faith in Me‘ by David Archuleta in my head and the lyrics include being asked if you’re ready:

My mind was blown when I got an email later on in the morning from the director of the sci-fi short film I was in about how the film is going to be played at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. So now even more people will be seeing what a real amateur and awkward actor looks like. The movie reel image in my mind had been prophetic:

While at the library picking up this laptop and hotspot, where today was the last day to do so, I walked around and found this beautiful paper with positive words on them with pieces you can rip off:

I picked up the laptop and hotspot after walking around for a little while and the digits of the magic 410 appeared on the receipt in the form of the time which was 1:40 PM:

Today’s date is 9/20 and this number is given synchronistically to indicate that everything is going according to Divine Plan:

While walking back from the library I saw a beautiful monarch butterfly flying around and it did a lap or two around me and landed on a tree which was right there and I tried to get a picture of it. The butterfly seemed to rest for a minute which I took advantage of but the picture doesn’t do it justice:

The butterfly is in the middle of the photo and this was the best I could do while it was stationary.

And finally, the number of this particular blog post is 40615:

I did some digging on this number and found out one of its divisors is 8123:

If we plug 8123 into the Pi calculator we see the magic 410 backwards in front of it in the string of numbers:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

The below video is a great song by David who shared that he was invited out with a family when he was feeling lost and unsure about his life and it helped him a lot. It’s a great video with a great song:

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