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For those who are interested there are some pretty interesting dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here. I had been guided to start this article early in the morning on October 3rd (finishing it October 4, 4/10, just after midnight). Additionally, while lying down mostly on my stomach trying to fall asleep the Higher Ups telepathically gave me the word ‘wait’ and then I felt a strong force/pressure on a large part of my back. It was very heavy and while this was happening I got the word ‘responsibility’ in my mind’s eye and I interpreted this as meaning that documenting these dreams and synchronicities is a big responsibility.

The Cobra dreams from the last article seemed to have come true. They happened on September 17th and 18th which included pretty much the same thing about seeing a new post with a few words ‘planetary situation update’ as the title:

As usual the dreams seemed to come true a little bit differently in reality than what was in the dream but the content was on point as it was technically a planetary situation update that came after the Chimera Group Update. The following update and meditation request was published on September 22nd:

I am discovering this next item after the fact and want to include it here. I had a dream on September 15th where a woman I was sitting next to asked me to marry her:

The next day one of the YouTube channels I am subscribed to uploaded a song titled ‘Ascension‘. The artist, Rameses B, creates amazing music and I used one of his songs in a video in the past:

Based on my understanding of Rosicrucian teachings, Ascension is the marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within oneself along with the hidden hand of the ‘Divine’, so the above dream and song make perfect sense. The above events seem to point to the Royal Wedding (another name I believe is meant to be the Ascension) which is apparently going to happen:

The next dream that seemed to have come true was a dream on September 10th about seeing a comment from someone posting negative responses to my comments in the comments section of Cobra’s blog, Devon SeaMoor:

The last comment from Devon happened on September 3rd which said that I am mind programmed and that I should keep my dreams to myself. I have not declared myself anything, I’m just sharing the dreams and synchronicities that are coming in and it is up to each person to decide for themselves what they think of them which I’ve repeated many times:

Interestingly, Devon wrote a blog post on September 13th, a few days after the above dream and the tags are ‘mind programming’ and ‘religion’ (I skimmed it and it could or perhaps isn’t directed towards anyone in particular). The last article Devon had written was January 17th of this year. It could be a coincidence or perhaps not:

I would like to make it clear that I am no proponent of any religion, really, and consider it one of the worst forms of mind control. Thinking for yourself is crucial to getting to the truth. In order to write these Jesus synchronicities and dreams I have to put my religious biases aside and look at things without a knee-jerk reaction. A part of me thinks that sharing these things is a huge mistake but they are happening alongside other huge synchronicities and dreams so all of it is coming from the same benevolent source. I’ve already tried to ignore them and stop them from happening but that didn’t work. I haven’t heard any useful suggestions as to how to get them to stop so now I’m just going to let them happen and share them without attachment to them or any particular outcome.

I’m being guided to start with one of the most recent synchronicities involving solar activity. In the late evening of September 29th going into the 30th there was a couple of interesting things I was guided to write down which were important. The first one was about a possible X-Class flare or large event along with the magic number 410:

Not long after the above email I saw the words ‘The Second Coming of Jesus Christ’ in my mind’s eye and decided to write it down:

And then a couple of days later on October 2nd we had an Earth-directed X-Class flare at 8:25 PM UTC:

[Adding this next part October 7th in the early morning. The Higher Ups communicated that I misinterpreted the above information and the correct and intended information is below. I’ve removed the erroneous information and added a couple of things to what was already written below. My apologies.]:

For the past few months the Higher Ups have been communicating that an X-Class flare was coming and I was documenting these communications. Below is the one of many times I had written this down and I asked the Higher Ups which one I should choose and they used my eyes to point at the following one:

Very interestingly the amount of time between the above email and this latest X-Class flare is 117 days:

We know the meaning of the number 117 on the Angels Numbers website was published at 4:10 PM so here might be our 410 from the X-Class email from earlier:

I would like to add here that this particular post number is 40910:

These are the digits of my birthday and today happens to be 4/10 also (October 4th):


These synchronicities and dreams have been going through periods of themes and lately the theme/subject of focus is Ascension.

On September 23rd I was getting a specific piece of music from the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’. After doing a little digging I found that it was the part of the movie where Jupiter is going up in the energy field with Caine towards a cloaked spaceship, along with ‘M-Class’. I think the message here was once again reiterating the idea of Ascension as she was going up:

More than an hour later after the above email I got a notification from Dr. Michael Salla at 3:00 AM regarding a reminder about the upcoming webinar which would feature information about the Second Coming:

And then about ten hours after the Jupiter Ascending email we had an M-Class flare 11:10 AM Arizona Time:

This series of events was incredible as we just had our closest distance to Jupiter in 70 years (other websites said 59 years) on September 26th, a few days after the above events:


“…All stargazers can enjoy excellent views of Jupiter the entire night of Monday, September 26, 2022. At its closest point, Jupiter will be in opposition to the Earth. What this means is that Jupiter and the Sun will be on opposite sides of the Earth…

Astrology isn’t my forte but this seems like an amazing synchronicity. For what it’s worth, this video is what it sounds like when people go into detail about Astrology. The beginning makes sense and then the overload happens.

On September 27th a couple of interesting pieces of information came in which I decided to write down. The first was experiencing a beautiful and positive energy along with an image of Jesus from his shoulders up, with clouds in the background:

This is the photo I am being guided to include which is not exactly what I saw but it was close-ish. Its description is ‘Jesus Ascending Cloud Heaven‘:

A little while after the above email was documented the Higher Ups used my eyes to point at the ground and shook them back and forth which I interpreted as them telling me about a possible upcoming earthquake along with its possible magnitude level:

‘Group’ should be ‘ground’.

Amazingly the next day, September 28th, these two emails came true as Dr. Michael Salla published a video with some highlights from his webinar featuring information about the Second Coming. It was uploaded to YouTube at 3:00 AM Arizona Time:

Then the earthquake email came true as we had a powerful 6.5 quake at 8:03 PM Arizona Time which didn’t cause any harm to anyone. Both events happened the same day, September 28th:

On September 27th they gave me the information ‘M4.5 Indonesia’ in my mind’s eye which I thought might be referring to an earthquake:

Amazingly, 5 hours and 15 minutes after the above email we had a magnitude 4.5 quake in Indonesia:

The next item is a dream that I didn’t write down which was important. I believe the importance of this dream was emphasized in the following dream. In many dreams I’ve been a student in a classroom and when I didn’t want to do the assignment I just got up and left. I realized I already had the education I needed and didn’t need to be there. I didn’t care what would happen and just left the classroom or school. I’m thinking this might have to do with lessons happening in the waking world. Anyways, here is the dream:

September 28th, 2022 09:54 AM

Sad situation. I had a dream earlier that seemed very important but I chose not to write it down. I remember it being very positive and a really good time. 

The next dream was about being in a new school with new students and teachers which I quit not long after starting which has happened in a lot of dreams before.

I remember something in the second dream about the Hermetic Marriage [pertaining to the ‘Chemical Wedding’ AKA Ascension possibly] I think.

The school and students were different and strict. They just tested my patience and I had already gotten my GED so I didn’t really need to be there.

I told them this as I was leaving and I think they sort of tried to get me to stay but my mind was made up. I thought about returning my stuff and getting some money back as I was in the parking lot. 

I remember leaving earlier in the building and a woman dropped a plastic Easter egg with something inside of it.

It fell pretty close to her and I went to pick it up and she went fast for it and got it so I assume she didn’t want any help with it.

Then someone else dropped an egg after that and I didn’t bother to see if they needed help. It was like I misinterpreted the first dropped egg as a sign to assist and ignored the second one where I could have helped. 

I think both times the eggs opened when they hit the floor. This school was very different than the others. 

The next thing was ‘accidentally’ clicking on a scene from ‘Jupiter Ascending’ on September 28th when she is on a ship that is taking her to claim her title as the new owner of the Earth and the reincarnation of the mother of one of the most powerful families in the Universe. This included the word ‘earthquake’ along with a magnitude level of 5.9. I also then got the music in my head from the part of the movie where they get to Orous and Jupiter is greeted by Intergalactic Advocate Bob who will assist her through the Ascension process:

A couple of days after the above email on September 30th we had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia:

And very interestingly the meaning of the number 1228, which is the time the above quake happened in Arizona Time, was published on the Angels Numbers website was on September 30th which is also the same date as the quake:

On September 28th I was given the words ‘audition’ and something else I think related to American Idol and I think they wanted me to write about what it was like to try out:

I was 18 in 2008 which is the year the show came to Arizona at the Arena in Glendale for season 8. I don’t remember everything exactly but we had to show up and get some information which we needed to use to prepare for the preliminary stage. The paper said we had to learn a couple of songs, ‘Dead or Alive‘ by Bon Jovi (runtime of 4:10) and ‘Get Ready‘ by The Temptations. I think I had been trying and trying to memorize these songs in the limited time we had.

It wasn’t my dream to be a singer but I just wanted to experience it and it was free to do so I thought, why not?

I remember having to wake up early, maybe like 4-5 AM and get there early where the line was out the door to the arena. I don’t remember anyone filming us where we were but I could be wrong about that. We were finally allowed in the arena and I think we were all seated in one part of the arena but I’m not quite sure.

I went by myself and was so nervous. I was going to sing ‘Hero‘ by Mariah Carey which is something I learned in choir some years ago in school.

[Adding this next bit October 10th after midnight]:

I believe I now realize the reason for needing to write about this audition. I sang ‘Hero’ and very interestingly a performance by Mariah Carey was uploaded to her YouTube channel an hour before publishing this article (12:00 AM AZ Time) with a run time of 4:10:

I only wrote about this audition because I was guided to (see email documentation about the audition above which was done September 28th) and it turned out to be beautifully synchronistic.

[End of additional information.]

I saw the gal in the bikini (yes, she showed up in a bikini, why didn’t I have that brilliant idea?) who ended up on the show except her hair was a different color and her voice was pretty good:

I also saw a guy wearing a silver type of suit and I think he painted himself silver, too, but I don’t remember. I don’t think he made it to the next stage.

The next part is where the songs we had to learn came into play. They had a big camera on a crane and they were filming us singing these songs on their cue and direction. I think they used some of the footage but I don’t remember them showing us singing. Maybe it was to get us to warm up before auditioning. I think they had us do other things for the camera but I don’t remember now.

We didn’t get to see Simon, Randy or Paula at this stage as there were too many people at this point for everyone to audition one-by-one in front of the judges. The producers were choosing who would go to the next stage and this step was rather stressful.

I remember there were booths lined up in the middle of the arena and there were a couple or so producers in each booth:

The arena floor didn’t have anything going on like in the above photo that I can remember.

So we were to form three lines in front of each booth and one person would sing to the producers at a time. Keep in mind there are several booths, maybe 7 or more and each of those has people singing while you are singing, along with the talking of the people in the arena. So I tried to sing over the other people so the producers could hear me which was a bit difficult.

I sang my song and messed up the high note. The producers said something like it was good and if it weren’t for missing the high note I would have gotten through but looking back I’m glad I didn’t because knowing myself now, I don’t think I could have psychologically handled being on the show at that point.

After this they took our papers and I think we had bracelets on which they took back so we didn’t have any proof that we went and to be honest I don’t remember if I am allowed to write about this or not haha. Oh well.

And that was it.

These past few weeks have been very intense as it feels like I am dying. It went on for hours on October 3rd and a couple of days before I couldn’t go help a neighbor with something because I couldn’t get out of bed:

I’m not sure if this is some kind of prophetic synchronicity happening similar to the Queen Elizabeth one and/or if this is part of the Ascension process but I’m just going with it.

One thing that came to mind, which may not be connected to the feeling of dying, was the episode of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ titled ‘Tao of Rodney’ where the team discovers an Ascension machine which one of the main characters inadvertently activates while he is in it. The technology wasn’t perfected so if he couldn’t figure out how to Ascend, he would die. He gained many abilities including increased intelligence and the power to bring someone back from the dead. Towards the end of the episode he is at the point of dying and decides to just go for the Ascension since he had nothing else to lose. You can watch the episode for free here if you want and below is the scene I am referencing:

This is everything for now thanks for checking this out everyone. I wish everyone much love and light!

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