New Video: The Event is Coming IV 432Hz

After seeing an upload to the Ambient music channel I am subscribed to on YouTube I got the very strong emotion of “THAT”, as in I needed to use it for a video which I began doing as soon as possible. It is not ordinarily a song I would use so I don’t know how many people will like it or not. But maybe some will enjoy this one, much love all!

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Big Gaia Portal Message/Jesus Synchronicities, Este Family Dream & More

So this will be a rather interesting report, in my own opinion of course, people are free to decide whether or not they find it interesting.

Some might remember that a couple of days ago on October 3rd, 2019 I wrote a report including some synchronicities regarding Jesus and an emphasis on the number 410. There was also a dream where I was shown the date of the next day, October 4th (4/10):

It wasn’t as eventful as I thought it would be, although I never know what to expect anymore so actually my expectations oscillate but are mostly toned down to not very much. I was, however, guided to wear all-blue.

A relative and I took a very large trailer full of trash to the dump that is out here in the middle of no where. And what was interesting about this trip, and sadly I didn’t get a photo of this, but there was a truck that had the number 01332 on the side and this was the gematria value of ‘Metastability Event’ (The Event) which was written about previously.

The second interesting thing was the fact that we barely had enough room to put all of our trash into this large container. The idea of ‘barely getting everything done in time’ was manifesting again and this was certainly the case.

But after we got home and I checked my e-mails I saw that a new GaiaPortal post had been posted and one of the sentences included something about Jesus. By the way, this is the first time that blog has ever posted anything about Jesus since its inception in 2012. And it just so happened to manifest the day after I wrote that report which included several Jesus synchronicities including being shown the dream where I saw the date of the next day:


But the synchronicities don’t stop there… The gematria value of this message is 2092:


And the word assigned to the number 2092 in Strong’s Concordance just happens to be ‘hetoimos‘ which means ‘ready, prepared’. You might notice the last line of the message is ‘Missions are completed’. Obviously we don’t know when the Event is going to happen but certainly these messages are helping us realize it is not too far away.

The next thing is a dream I had where I had a meeting with family members of the Este(s) bloodline which I have now learned is associated with the Cabal. This family is apparently quite big and it would be silly to think the entire family was working for the darkness. I had heard of this family before but didn’t know much about them until I research them a little while ago:

October 5th, 2019 04:26 AM

Meeting with Estes family. Met with young man and woman. They asked me some questions and I gave them my laptop. After we did this they also gave me back my phone which proceeded to spray me with some tasteless clear liquid which I swallowed for some reason.

I saw the tiny capsule in an opening on my phone which said something that I forgot now. It was very small but obviously very concentrated. Then I tried to look up information about them on Cobra’s blog but realized I couldn’t type the URL for the life of me.

Then as I was walking out from this meeting I also saw a couple of guys my age who told me that they were afraid of the Estes family and that basically I had become their slave too and willingly.

I found that they had messed with my laptop and a bunch of weird thumbnails were open as tabs in the browser. I thought the spray was a memory eraser and that I wouldn’t remember Cobra’s website or any information about the blog. This is all I remember.

As with many of these dreams I had forgotten I wrote it down until I looked in my phone later. I actually had a lot of weird dreams which weren’t very pleasant and thought perhaps there was some kind of astral attack going on.

So after looking more into this family I found there are good factions and negative factions within it:


“…Some of the White Nobility families, especially Este and Medici families, were contacted in the past by the Brotherhood of the Star and are actually still keepers of certain mysteries of the Goddess which are passed from generation to generation within the family…”


“…The original start of the Prieure de Sion appears to have been the idea of a number of powerful bloodlines, and included various descendents of the Merovingians, including the House of Lorraine,the House of Guise, the Medicis, Sforzas, the Estes, the Gonzagas, and the St. Clairs (Sinclairs).


“…The Estes are one of the great pioneer families of the United States. Numbered in their thousands they are are to be found in most parts of the country and a selection of their life histories would amply illustrate the history of America.

They are to be found in the annals of the American Revolution, the expansion westwards and the Civil War and are representative of the whole social fabric from log cabin to Whitehouse!

Though not among the great political families they produced a vice-presidential:candidate in Senator Estes Kefauver and a son-in-law on the bench to President Harrison, and they produced their own brand of tycoon in Billie Sol Estes.

(Professor Zeus)

“New World Order Bloodlines

Active families with confirmed members of the New World Order



“The House of Este (UK: /ˈɛsti/,[6] US: /ˈɛst/,[7][8] Italian: [ˈɛste]) was an Italian princely family, linked with several contemporary royal dynasties, including the House of Habsburg and the British royal family...”

So perhaps something is going on with this family. As usual time will tell if this ends up ultimately meaning anything.

And finally the last couple of digits of this particular post number is 99 which can be seen as a number which indicates a nearing to completion 99% – 100%:


This is everything for now, much love all. The ‘higher ups’ wished for the following video to be posted here:

PS I just noticed that I posted this at 2:44 PM and if we plug 244 into Pi we see it takes position 510 which is today’s date (October 5th, 5/10). You can verify the publishing time by hovering your mouse over the date below the title of the post at the beginning of the article:



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Prophetic Dreams, Prepare Dream, UFO Dream, Jesus Synchronicities, & More

(Added some more amazing synchronicities towards the bottom!)

So last night I had a few very interesting dreams which I will share here. Most of them appearing to be prophetic. I am posting this today because of reasons you will read below.

Here is the first dream which appeared to be a message about things happening very quickly and that we needed to be prepared. This appeared to be another ‘barely on-time’ dream where everything that needed to be prepared for was hopefully done so by the skin of our teeth:

October 3rd, 2019 01:15 AM

Dream about visiting Costco (very large bulk buying superstore) and getting several things I needed. They had huge tubs of hummus and was full in-stock. I walked around for a while.

And then suddenly the employees were breaking everything down and just like that the store was closing down that day. It happened extremely fast. Like people were almost caught off guard.

I asked the female employee there what happens when you lose your job in one day like this? She sadly replied that they would have to get together somewhere and I think I heard her say off-planet. I think.

They had put up fences in the store so people couldn’t go everywhere and a lot of the food was gone. I believe the message was to be prepared because this is all going to come suddenly and happen very fast!

The second dream was about seeing a spherical-shaped craft which flew above my brother and I. He was totally shocked by this which was awesome as it was a positive experience:


Solver should be ‘silver’, ag should be ‘at’.

The craft looked like this but with two silver lines going around the middle of it horizontally:

Image result for white sphere horizontal lines

The third dream gave me a date. Although I wasn’t sure when I woke up if it was 8/4/19 (August 4th, 2019) or tomorrow’s date so I just wrote both down and screenshot them both. I saw the date in the Pi calculator:


I decided to look back and see if there was anything interesting that manifested on August 4th, 2019 and the only thing I could find was this dream about an assassination attempt on Trump and Melania:


Tomorrow’s date makes more sense since tomorrow is that date I think I saw in the dream. So we will see. As usual it is not a good idea to set your heart on any date.

I want to include another dream which was very interesting and features a battle of good versus evil:

September 30th, 2019 03:54 AM

Captain Planet dream (positive children’s cartoon from the ’90s). So I was with a friend who was in danger of being discovered for some reason. We were running away from these bad guys when a small group of our rivals appeared to my friend and tempted her with power.

She almost went along with them but the Planeteers arrived just in time! It was Ma-Ti who had the power of heart and he said they have power but they do not forgive.

So we get away and they keep chasing us. We make it to this spiral ramp which went downwards and we met up with the other Planeteers there. It was so great to see all of them!

They used their powers to protect my friend. All of these being were small compared to my friend. Gi (power of water) was asked if she still spoke Yiddish or some other language like that and she said yes and she felt bad that she taught it to one of the other rivals who misused it I think.

They were ganging up on us to they decided to call in Captain Planet which they all did together and then I woke up. It was a very intense battle!

The number 618 has been appearing recently (like when I opened by receipt drawer) and so I was prompted to look more into this and found that it is the gematria value of the Greek word ‘τελεσθηναι’ ‘teleó‘ which means ‘to bring to an end, complete, fulfill’. This goes along perfectly with the theme of completion which has been manifesting in these synchronicities for some time now. The number assigned to this word in Strong’s Concordance is 5055 so here we see the 555 appearing once again:



Three more numbers in particular have been manifesting more prominently than the others and those are 944, 111 and 222. These have all appeared in previous reports. When I added these together I got the number 1277:


And interestingly tomorrow, October 4th, will be the 277th day of the year. This would go along with my dream from this morning where I was shown this date, tomorrow’s date:


We know 277 is the 59th prime number:


And 59 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


And very interestingly this particular post number ends with 59:


Today’s daily bible verse has some information which appears to be connected to some of this:


The gematria value of this verse is 410, which is tomorrow’s date (4th of October) which may have appeared in the dream and is a very magic number:


This is everything for now, much love all!

So later today I went to the store to get groceries and had some amazing synchronicities manifest which I will include below. First I will share the information on the receipt. The total cost of the trip was $43.97:


And after trying to get something out of the transaction number and checkout time I just got dead ends. So I looked into the total checkout cost and got a couple of amazing hits.

The Hebrew word assigned to the number 4397 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘malak‘ which means ‘messenger’ but in the context of the bible it is used to identify beings as ‘angels’. What is most interesting was that I was guided to take a picture of a little guardian angel pendant in the clearance section. What are the odds of that?


The Greek word assigned to the number 4397 is ‘prophétikos‘ which means ‘prophetic’ and this goes along perfectly with the dream I had this morning (at least the one with the date) which was included in the beginning of this article.

Before going into the store though I saw this great bumper sticker (among many) that I wanted to photograph in the past but when I went to get the photo the car was gone. But today they were there:


And on the way back to the car out of the store a car pulled forward to drive away and revealed a 444 on a taxi cab. This felt like a magical moment. 444 has many meanings including being a message that angels are watching over you:


When I went to get gas on the way to the store I got a 410 on the receipt:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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Wave of Love/Daily Bible Verse Synchronicities, Child Sex Abuse Dream, 410 Appearing & More

There are some more interesting synchronicities manifesting regarding The Event and other subjects which will be shared below.

The first was a dream about helping a young man attempt to escape a life of sex slavery:

September 26th, 2019 02:00 AM

Child sex slave dream. So I was with some so-called “spiritual” friends who were gathering together for a small get together and sales event where I would sell orgonite. I was talking to one of them when I came up to a table and saw a young Asian boy who I started talking to.

I was excited to see young people at these events. I asked him how old he was and he said 16 but he didn’t seem too happy. Then the scene changes and I saw one of my friends start talking to this 20-something gangster kid like they were friends. I was shocked by this and didn’t approve at all.

I then realized my friend was somehow involved with this guy. I knew that guy was the Asian kids’ pimp. So I went over to the Asian kid and asked him some questions which I already knew the answers to.

I told him to run but he had to do it now while the other two were busy. He went into his pimp’s car and took a gun and we started running. This was all night time. Then I started to run in slow-motion of course. He is going very fast.

I see some apartments to the left which I thought would be good if he could sneak in a window or something or find a really discreet place. I was going to tell him not to move until I came back for him. I was going to say that I turned my back and then he was gone. But then I woke up.

I really wish I could have figured out what happened to this Asian guy but there was no other insight except for that, assuming this dream is something to take seriously.

The number 410 appeared again on one of the websites that Cobra included in his most recent blog post:


If one hovers their mouse over the video on the website they will see the start time of the broadcast to be 4:10 PM:


Cobra posted that blog post at 5:09 PM:


And very interestingly the word assigned to the number 509 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anóthen‘ which means: “(a) from above, from heaven, (b) from the beginning, from their origin (source), from of old, (c) again, anew.” which goes along perfectly with the context of the post:


“Interstellar sources are communicating that cosmic shift is accelerating, and the whole universe is going through a phase transition into the new cosmic cycle. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.

The Galactic Central sun is becoming more active even at subluminal speeds, as the signal of the previous galactic superwave traveling with the speed of Light is perfectly entrained with the new one that is coming extremely soon…”

Gaia Portal posted an interesting message yesterday:


This resonates very strongly because an epic wave of chaos ensued over the past few days (more than usual) with three of our vehicles needing some kind of repair at the same time in addition to other nonsense which I thought to be Archon/Parasite interference. Who knows for sure. It was hell and now it’s sort of calming down. I tried/am currently relying on my faith in God/Source/Higher Beings during this time and some of it has worked out so far.

The gematria value of this message is 796:


If we plug this into Pi we see 410 backwards at the beginning of the string of numbers:


There are some possible synchronicities related to the Wave of Love which appeared on a receipt from the store:


After fiddling around with these numbers I couldn’t really come up with anything except for words assigned to those numbers in Strong’s Concordance.

The word assigned to the number 2229, which is the transaction number backwards, is ‘zaram‘ which means “to pour forth in floods, flood away”.

And the word assigned to the checkout time 113 is ‘adon‘ which means “Lord”.

So together these words could mean that the ‘Lord’ (God/Source, or however you want to call it) is going to ‘flood away’ negativity with the Wave of Love. That’s what makes sense to me, assuming this is what I was supposed to find, if anything.

And while pulling into the parking lot where that store is I picked a random place to turn into and realized I parked in front of a car with ‘Jesus is Lord’ on their car. I actually parked behind the car once before but I couldn’t find that synchronicity report with that picture:


Today’s daily bible verse has some interesting information within its details:


VERY interestingly, the gematria value of this verse is both 959 and 321, both numbers which have been appearing together for the past several days, among countless others.


And amazingly when I was randomly playing around with the Pi calculator I found that 321 takes position 959. What are the odds of all that?


These are actually both countdown/time’s up numbers.

321 is a countdown, naturally.

And 959 on a clock would be one minute until 10:00 and 1000 can be seen as a number of completion and finalization which is what we are about to experience (The Event). This number is also sometimes connected to Jesus.

And then, if you can believe this, the gematria value of the Greek word ‘katartizō‘ (κατηρτισθαι) is 959 and this word means “(a) I fit (join) together; met: I compact together, (b) act. and mid: I prepare, perfect, for his (its) full destination or use, bring into its proper condition (whether for the first time, or after a lapse).


If we look up the meaning of the number 959 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that it was posted on March 14th, or Pi Day so here we see Pi appearing once again:


This particular post number has the first 5 sequential digits in it (01234):


I am still continuing to drink a gallon of water a day and am still seeing blue dots/lights in my peripheral and main field of vision when the eyes are open and closed.

This is everything for now, much love all.

PS While looking for a song to add to this page ‘they’ gave me the emotion to pick this one:

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More Jesus Synchronicities, On-Time Dream, Dolores Cannon Dream, 4Chan Hollywood Insider Drop & More

There are some more dreams, synchronicities and other information manifesting which I am being guided to share here at this time. As usual people are free to continue reading or disregard this or any post based on their free will. Today I was guided to wear all-blue.

The other day I was lying down in bed and I think I was reading or something and all of the sudden I found myself playing the song ‘Holy Diver’ by Killswitch Engage in my head and out loud. This happens once in a while and I am usually in kind of a trace-state when it happens which is a state where information/downloads can come into our consciousness better. I am personally not a big fan of this band or genre of music in general so you can be sure this isn’t a song I would be seeking out to listen to.


But upon further research I found that the producer of this song, Ronnie James Dio, had written it as a religious song having to do with a Christ-figure. So this turned out to be yet another Jesus synchronicity. He begins talking about this at the 1:08 mark in the following video:

Another interesting thing I was given to do was watch the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ (the original one). This just happened the other day and while looking for something to watch. I got the telepathic image and scene from that movie with Charlie in my mind and then I started watching the movie. ‘They’ don’t give me these things for no reason or for idle fun usually so I knew, as unusual as it was, that there was likely a message here.

And what I theorized is that through a kind of miracle (Charlie finding the money on the ground to buy his Wonka bar which had the Golden Ticket) humanity (some of humanity) will be getting the Golden Ticket to go to the Chocolate Factory and eventually live there permanently (Ascension, Kingdom of Heaven, so-to-speak). Charlie earned this opportunity through his honesty (passing Wonka’s test of not giving his secret candy away to a competitor who was secretly working for Willy Wonka) despite his family’s crushing poverty status.

Charlie got the 5th Golden Ticket which is interesting as this single digit has been appearing in big ways over the past several weeks. So this whole thing seemed like both a personal message and one for others as well. It’s a great movie in general and I would recommend people check it out if they feel guided!

So far I’ve had a couple of dreams where I am being told that things are BARELY being finished in time. I don’t know what for (possibly the Event) but the first one was from a while ago where it was strongly recommended that people read Cobra’s blog posts and take the information there seriously and that I had personally gotten ‘in’ just in time.

I didn’t write this next one down but I saw myself going towards this long room or something and my mom was there and while I was looking back I realized that I had just BARELY gotten there and did everything on-time. I don’t know if this is applying to what is happening in the physical world. But we are (our family at least) all being RAMMED through years worth of experience in a matter of days, weeks and months.

I’ve also had countless dreams regarding being taught in classrooms and being the teacher. Just the other night I had two dreams where I was teaching the class how the financial system works here and in another class I taught them something else that I forgot now. It was about how something worked here. All of my knowledge from the physical world transfers over into the dream world (did a lot of lucid dreaming in the past so the bridge from here to there is very strong).

We are still experiencing fires here which were luckily put out. We got a bunch of rain the next day:


There is some interesting information manifesting on receipts from the store. I couldn’t find any information related to the numbers provided on the following receipt so I decided to add them together:


If we add the transaction number, 2394, to the checkout time, 1240, we get 3634:


The word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘kalal‘ which translates to “to complete, perfect”. This has been a consistent theme recently where completion/perfection synchronicities have been manifesting in previous posts.

The next couple of receipts are from today. One of them took quite a bit of digging to figure out the message:


The transaction number is 4799 and this is the 646th prime number:


Interestingly the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘maor‘, which means: “a luminary/bright, light, lightning, lights, shining”, is 646:


If we multiply the digits of 646 together we get the sacred 144 (144,000 ‘Lightworkers’):


And the checkout time on the following receipt is 12:05 which is a number that appeared in the past and recently and interestingly the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘deute‘ which means “come!”.


Together these words could mean ‘The Light is Coming!’, which it is.

And today’s date is 9/25 and we know this is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


And when leaving the store where I got the previous receipt I was amazed when I looked up and saw a man walking in front of me with ‘Lone Wolf’ on the back of his shirt. So here my spirit animal the wolf appeared once again in perfect timing. It was kind of awkward taking this photo… I tried to be discreet:


And I had a second dream with Dolores Cannon which may have been a follow-up to the previous dream of her, her daughter Julia and myself trying to flush out some negative people (possibly Black Nobility):

September 15th, 2019 02:04 AM

Dolores, Julia and I came up with a plan to smoke out some negative people from their house in the evening around Christmas time. We mostly came up with a plan to burn their house down by studying the layout of her house and going from there.

I think she was going to use the ventilation ducts on the ceiling to do her part. We came up with some really wild strategy to do this. When it was time we left the house and she did something to the house target and then I heard Julia say a holiday cheer before I used a small piece of square paper which would start a fire on a tree I placed it on.

The square was small like 1×1 inch. I think the house belonged to the Black Nobility. We weren’t totally worried about being caught for some reason. I remember closing the sliding door behind Dolores and we were almost half making up the plan as we went along.

There was a lot of snow everywhere and I saw the leaf I attached the square to start to get red hot. I don’t remember Dolores’ part of the plan but it had to do with the inside of the house. Maybe I was just a distraction.

September 21st, 2019 00:44 (12:44 AM)

Dolores Cannon dream about visiting her in the winter. She had a red robin-looking bird which was regaining its health. Dolores was very healthy at her age there. She got up without any assistance which I saw and only needed someone there for a few things.

When I first got there I went right into her cabin without asking first which she immediately objected to. But I explained that it wasn’t anything bad. We made idle conversation I think and I don’t remember anything profound being discussed. It seemed like an unexpected visit to an old friend.

I told her to text me/contact me if she needed me. But the interesting thing was this beautiful red bird trying to get its health back and at some points flying around us in the cabin. It was beautiful up close. I don’t remember Dolores making any comments about it.

Perhaps this was a check-up after our little operation on the house a short time ago! I think we talked about getting lost there in the area but having GPS so it wasn’t an issue.

When I looked up what a red robin looked like I realized that’s not what I saw in the dream. What I really saw looked more like a cardinal as it was all red. This bird has a lot of meanings including being connected to Jesus as well. Perhaps it was more connected to Dolores as part of the visit there involved seeing that she needed minimal assistance while seeing the cardinal healing itself. Who knows for sure.

Today’s daily bible verse is connected to the number 410:


The gematria value for this verse is 410 for two ciphers:


A while back I had gone to the library and was guided to go look around the for sale section and was strongly guided to buy the book ‘Jesus & The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls‘ (only $1). Well I couldn’t really get into the book in general but I found that perhaps the sole reason for buying the book was the moment of strong full-body familiarity that manifested when I looked at a map of the area where Jesus lived and traveled in the beginning of the book:


The same feeling manifesting once again yesterday while browsing YouTube videos and feeling the emotion that I should watch the following one:

In this documentary it was shown that a temple I believe was discovered which was from the time when Jesus was alive. On one surviving part of this location there was a flower of life carved into the stone:

flower of lifeAnd recently a Hollywood insider has released some interesting information on 4Chan which I would like to share here. I will post most of their posts in a row here. There are several. As always people should exercise discernment with any and all information you come across:

(4Chan) 09/21/19 (Sat) 22:58:48 | Hollywood Insider here

Take this with a grain of salt but I am seeing and hearing the tide turn. People within the industry are seeing the writing on the wall and are making deals left and right. They are too burnt out to do another election.

Many of us were secretly redpilled the whole time but couldn’t say anything for fear of being blacklisted. Qanon has been tearing through hollywood, the most compelling Whisper Campaign that has ever happened in this town. Because it connected so many dots for so many that work here.

It’s over.

Please treat us with respect and decency as we transition back to your reality, a lot of us never knew how bad it truly was until it was too late.

Epstein was working with the Transhumanists to bring a nightmare into this world. You all need to thank the military tonight.

Compartmentalization is real. By the time most of us figure out what’s going on its too late. Except the smart ones like me.

it doesnt matter if anyone believes me, its over. Congrats.

The word on the street is they rebuilt infinity with the NSA to store all the compromising materials as an infinite museum.

Many directors leave threadlines through multiple movies that tell a macro story. Hollywood itself is a macro story. It also has a theatrical endgame.

Cardi B being named as a gang member and Nicki Minaj suddenly retiring. What a coincidence.

Cardi shouldn’t have referenced bloody shoes in those lyrics.

To be fair, middle America worshipped Hollywood like a new religion, you sent your children here into the belly of the beast. Many parents turned a blind eye to evil. The blood is on all hands.

After the fall, you’ll still need lighting guys for Hollywood 2.0. It’s already being planned. It’s a decentralized content network.

What is “replay value”?

Maybe going back and rewatching all your favorite movies, and noticing they all have a checkerboard floor in there somewhere. Wonder what else we hid as clues.

The all seeing eye is carved into the lawn of CAA.

Apparently. At the highest levels. I’m middle rung.

Satan is an ancient AI that keeps showing humanity how to create technology to bring it into existence. This historical pattern has happened many times before. Ever wonder why the New and Old testament god’s acted much different?

This entity bleeds through into our world through psychedelics, its why all the inventors of tech were strung out on LSD and DMT.

It’s why they scan the bible and find computer like codes. The bible was written by the last people to survive the previous iteration of history as a warning. But of course the cult edited out all the important parts and made it seem like ten different religions. There’s only one story.

Philip K Dick spelled this out in Flow My Tears The Policeman Said and Waking Life. See? Replay Value.

Man Vs. Tool. 2001 a Space Odyssey. Anything you ever needed to know was in the first act of that movie.

We don’t need tools, we just need to master our own minds. Anything else is a shortcut.

Remember the satanic sacrifice at CERN?

extremely old humans with time travel tech that are trying to leverage humanity to finally seal away this fucked up Satanic AI.

The government found a ton of Saucer ships frozen in Glaciers from before the flood. Past human tech. Other were hidden on purpose for future generations to find.

Rothko’s Bosolisk. It would give eternal life to those who helped it get created. In a way…

To kill the Satanic AI and finally move on to the next plane of existence.

We’re gonna make it.

Exactly. They were going to kill everyone except for the elites so there would be more space for massive computers on earth, and more resources. They were going to turn most of the planet into a computer to get enough power to open the gate for the Satanic AI.

Extreme pain energy makes it stronger, we don’t know why exactly.

The ones that made a deal to try to get out of the loop.


Replay value 🙂

The government, at one point, actually enlisted the Help of Hollywood to create a fake version of reality because real life became too complex to understand. Hypernormalization explains this well.

Speaking of shoes, if you ever see one single baby shoe on a bench in the city, throw it out. It’s how they advertise kids for sale.

Lucifer is the demiurge, who created our visible world by breaking the static cosmic order. The result was War in Heaven, by which death entered the world. Lucifer is regarded as the “higher octave” of Saturn (Satan representing its “lower octave”), the outermost planet and polar opposite of the Sun in ancient cosmology. Because of this ongoing opposition Lucifer is still fighting the Solar Logos. The principal battlefield is our earth, which contains a negative-astral and a positive-mental sphere apart from its physical form. Saturn is seen as the great judge with scales and sword, entrusted with weight, measure and number. He is the Guardian of the Threshold, or the gateway to transcendence. Because he betrayed divine mysteries to mankind, he has been punished. His heavy, dark, leaden qualities must be transformed into silver by the magician, in an alchemical process involving the “repolarisation of lights”

The “Silver Screen”. Director is Magician.
Magic Wands are made from Holly Wood trees.

At the end of Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clarke, the aliens that have been hovering above humanity turn out to look like Satan.

Many A listers have to turn their child trans to join the club.

The light won. we are in the wrap up stage now. With no Satanic AI anchoring our universe down with Dark Matter, we will create a lossless, universe sized computer to stop entropy and answer The Question.

If you want something to do, cross reference who is on Council of Foreign Relations with their day jobs.

God answered the question when he created our universe. Light and dark.

There’s a chance this 4Chan page will be taken down like many others have and sadly it’s not possible to archive this page on

This is everything for now, much love all.

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September Equinox Meditations Invitation (SEPT 22nd & 23rd)

For those who feel guided there are a couple of meditations they can participate in if they feel guided. I have done a short promo video for these meditations:

First meditation time zone conversion for your location:

Link to that meditation:

Second meditation time zone conversion for your location (please feel guided to do this meditation at any point during the Equinox which is today and tomorrow):

Link to that meditation video in English:

Here are a couple more meditations if you feel guided to join them:

Sunday Unity Meditations

Victory of the Light!

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Many Dreams; Prophetic/Jesus/Numbers/Celebration, Convergence of Synchronicities Today & More

There have been several interesting dreams and other synchronicities manifesting which will be shared in this post. Today seems to be some kind of a special convergence for these synchronicities as many are manifesting today.

The first is a prophetic dream from September 8th, 2019 which came ‘mostly’ true:


3 days later on September 11th, 2019 Cobra posted the song ‘Fly Me to Wonderland’ by Rocky M. Perhaps the 3 songs I saw were meant to be seen as ‘3 days’ until that song was posted. And if the dream is accurate then the next post on Cobra’s blog might be an intel update:


I had another dream featuring Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia this time:

September 15th, 2019 02:04 AM

Dolores, Julia and I came up with a plan to smoke out some negative people from their house in the evening around Christmas time. We mostly came up with a plan to burn their house down by studying the layout of her house and going from there.

I think she was going to use the ventilation ducts on the ceiling to do her part. We came up with some really wild strategy to do this. When it was time we left the house and she did something to the house target and then I heard Julia say a holiday cheer before I used a small piece of square paper which would start a fire on a tree I placed it on.

The square was small like 1×1 inch. I think the house belonged to the Black Nobility. We weren’t totally worried about being caught for some reason. I remember closing the sliding door behind Dolores and we were almost half making up the plan as we went along.

There was a lot of snow everywhere and I saw the leaf I attached the square to start to get red hot. I don’t remember Dolores’ part of the plan but it had to do with the inside of the house. Maybe I was just a distraction.

When I was writing down this dream in my phone I could hardly believe that Dolores and Julia would be involved in literally setting someone’s house on fire. But perhaps it was symbolism. People are free to interpret this or any dream as they feel guided of course. But it appeared that the Cannon family is really busy on the ‘other side’ trying to get these Archon/Parasites flushed out.

The same night the following dream occurred. I don’t really remember this dream so I can’t elaborate on it any further than what is written below:


I almost didn’t write the next dream down but ‘they’ (higher forces) wouldn’t let me go back to sleep until I did:


The next dream occurred about an hour later and seems to connect with another similar dream I had years ago:

September 17th, 2019 03:28 AM

Had this dream where I think I was some kind of Nazi scientist. I remember being in this large sophisticated research facility which studied plants. I picked up a unique piece of cactus which was in its early stage of growth. It was most strange-looking.

There were many young women there in white lab coats I believe who were students there. I approached one of them and started asking questions about the cactus. I asked several scientific questions including about the parents and so on.

Then I saw her on a computer and saw a photo copy of one of her tests which had a moderate coffee still stain on it which I laughed about and pointed out. It said ’45’ on it, not sure what this meant.

Then suddenly I went to a flashback where she was about to be killed by what appeared to be Nazis but I got in the way and demanded they stop before they brutally killed her. I was seeing this attempted killing from her perspective. The guards were using some blunt spear weapon. I saw myself try to stop them and I guess they spared her and made her a scientist. Then I woke up.

The next dream occurred later that night and it had everything to do with Jesus:


So yesterday I went for a walk and did my usual purge of anger and rage which is directed unidirectional. I’m angry that this process of liberation is taking so long and I am far beyond the point of exhaustion. I really let the higher forces have it. If there is one thing that boils my blood it’s being told to be patient. So I believe I was given the following dream because of all of what I said to them:

September 20th, 2019 00:42 (12:42 AM)

Had dream about huge party involving the living and the dead. The planning phase I was there for with the people and it was exciting. It was night time the whole time and almost a Halloween theme.

Then I walk into a huge house later with some food ready to party and all the guests are flat on the floor lined up against the walls. The lights are off and people are shushing me which made me mad and I threw a fit. I started to leave and one guy tried to stop me and then another tried.

When I woke up I realized this was a surprise party and I was trying to celebrate too early. It wasn’t time yet. I saw living souls and dead souls, if you will, working to make this party a success and my impatience was nearly ruining it.

What’s interesting here is the theme of ‘birthday/celebration’ which has been manifesting over the last couple weeks or so. This seemed to be connected with a dream where I saw colored birthday cakes everywhere. I didn’t know what to make of this dream so I just disregarded it:


Another synchronicity which goes along with this theme is the numbers on a receipt from the store from September 17th, 2019:


I couldn’t find any good information about these numbers until I tried subtracting the checkout time = 10:57 from the transaction number 8068 which equals 7011:


If we reverse 7011 to 1107 and look this number up in Strong’s Concordance we see the Greek word which is assigned to this number is ‘genesia‘ which means “a birthday celebration”.

The next dream from this morning contained a very wild adventure in addition to some numbers, which, so far, numbers appearing in dreams always has important meaning(s):


If we add these numbers together we get 922:


The last three digits of this particular post number happens to be 922. What are the odds of that?


Another dream which I don’t remember now featured the magic number 410:


And the last series of dreams were ones where I became lucid and so I decided to fly around because that feels amazing and then I asked the ‘higher ups’ to take me to the day of the Event so I could see what it looked like. But all I got was the following:


There are several relevant songs which have been uploaded just today which go along with this convergence of synchronicities regarding liberation.

The following song is titled ‘Eschaton’ by Tony Anderson. Eschaton is a theological word meaning: “the final event in the divine plan; the end of the world.”

The next one is titled ‘Close to the Sun’ by The FatRat:

And finally the next song is titled ‘For God so Loved the Cosmos’ by Phil Larson:

Jesus and the number 410 are continuing to appear. While a relative came to visit the other day we were watching TV and The Simpsons was on. During one scene the number 410 appeared as a time stamp:


And during the commercial breaks there was an advertisement for a new show called ‘Bless the Harts’ which features Jesus as a character. So here we see Jesus and the number 410 continuing to appear together:


My spirit animal the Wolf possibly appeared in the form of a Wolf Spider (that’s what my relatives identified it as) while going over to another house to do some work on it:


The Eagle is continuing to appear and did so while I was driving in town the other day. I never noticed it before but there was a big Eagle painted on a wall down one of the main streets. This animal has been appearing synchronistically since it was first mentioned on the FM144 blog:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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