A Short Word on the Crazy Changes Happening Everywhere (Video)

I felt guided to share some information and intel by Cobra about the wild changes going on around us right now. ‘End Times’ seems to fit the description…Lol. But it’s important to stay out of fear and stay on track to manifest this new world that will inevitably come about. The Hero’s Journey is a script that doesn’t seem to skip steps but luckily for us it appears that we are at the end, right before the Dark Night of the Soul before the amazing ending.

Light and love everyone!

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Requesting Daily Weather Event Meditations Change to Every 4 Hours as Hurricane Maria Upgrade to Cat 5

Hurricane Maria is approaching Puerto Rico and is being reported as a Category 5 hurricane. Now it’s possible that the media is hyping this up to generate fear as they did with Irma but the potential damage of an even smaller hurricane is likely real.

The call for further help is being put out.

So it is being requested that those who feel guided participate in the Hurricane meditations every four hours until it dissolves. I know everyone is tired of dealing with these storms but it is important to remember that this is war and we still aren’t free yet so we must try to be strong and resilient as we near the end of the Hero’s Journey.

The meditation starts at 4:30 P.M. GMT so it would begin at that time and then 8:30 P.M., 12:30 A.M., 4:30 A.M. and so on.

Here is the video for the audio guided meditation:

More information can be found at the link below:


Light and love!


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Episode 1 & 2 Premier of The Orville Live Stream on Twitch

I am going to attempt to use Twitch again for another live stream. The last time I did this I couldn’t access the entire site minutes before the stream was scheduled to begin and for several hours after I finished the stream on YouTube. Please do not be upset if this occurs again. I won’t be streaming it on YouTube because I don’t want any unnecessary strikes against my account in case I need to do an important live stream at a later date.

It will begin at 8 P.M. in Arizona time which is in a little more than an hour and I will be streaming the first and second episode. The first one already aired but I will play it for those who haven’t seen it yet. This show uses crude humor in a Star Trek-type of setting, just an FYI. =]

For the time in your area please visit the link below:



Here is the link to the Twitch account.

I thought it would be nice for us to watch something sci-fi together and that’s why I am doing this =] Light and love.


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Meditation Synchronicity/Prophetic Dream Uptick/ET Contact in Dreams/Ascension Symptom Update/Sun Spot Will Face Earth at Equinox

I have a few things I’d like to share with everyone. I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been occupied with other projects that needed more attention. But I wanted to do a short update that some may find of interest.

I was at the grocery store the other day and sometimes I see interesting magazine covers; going to Mars and other synchronistic/disclosure type of information. And this time I saw a cover by Time magazine which had dedicated an entire publication to mindfulness and being in the moment. It was so encouraging to see!


I have also been noticing an uptick in prophetic dreams too. Many of them being messages for other people around me.

  • I had one where I saw a friend who had been shot some years back being able to run around and walk again.
  • I had another where I was told the personality of my unborn nephew. He had also communicated his gender to me in a dream before the ultrasound was able to determine this. He had information for his parents (my brother and his wife) about who he was going to be which I communicated to them.
  • I had another where I knew who my relative’s new boyfriend would be and when I woke up and texted them they notified me that they had just broken up with their old one. I had no idea that had happened until they told me that morning after I texted them my dream.

I have also been getting way more ET contact lately. Although I have been asking for it before I go to bed but one night I had contact with three different beings which I described in my dream journal.

I had another dream where I communicated with Dolores Cannon. We shared a meal together and she went on to tell me the following message:

“Had a wonderful meal and talk with Dolores Cannon. We ate in a library. We discussed how people were giving her credit for ascended abilities they already had. Her and I both had ascended abilities there. We had a traditional meal with meat and mashed potatoes and it didn’t bother me. After a while we got tired of eating and I recommended she go outside as it was beautiful out there.”

She used the word ‘ascended’ to describe these abilities that she and I had in the place we were visiting. When I woke up I felt so energized like I hadn’t felt before. This is normally me when I wake up:

Image result for waking up meme

I have also been feeling the following symptoms recently:

  • Ringing in the ears (low, medium and high tones in both ears)
  • Euphoria
  • Digestive issues
  • Heavy food is becoming more intolerable
  • I am at my best when I juice
  • Seeing more ‘flashes/specks’ of light
  • Seeing blue and purple light shapes
  • Sensitivity to sound (this was awful at work one day, tones and beeping from the EKG screens and telephones ringing, I could hear every tiny little sound, everything was amplified)
  • Colors are more vivid
  • Still clearing old trauma; crying, releasing, forgiving, repeat..
  • Psychic abilities increasing
  • Less tolerance for fake people, negative situations and ‘The Matrix’ conversations
  • Pineal gland pressure (felt this yesterday)
  • Numerical Synchronicities everywhere!
  • More Synchronistic information and knowledge about my own life appearing, they have always been there, waiting to be uncovered
  • Heart palpitations
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Time speeding up

These are all I can think of right now. I also want to bring attention to this grand sense of completion that I have been experiencing this last couple of weeks. I don’t feel the urge to make that many more compilation articles regarding disclosure or pedo arrests.

I have stopped putting the ear plugs in my ears. This is a big deal for me as I went through a lot of pain and money to get them to where they are now.

I would ‘forget’ to put them in over night and it would be painful to put them back in the next morning. There was this telepathic/emotional feeling of ‘you don’t need those anymore‘ when I tried to put effort into using them. This feeling is powerful. I have since put them all on eBay for sale.

I’d like to share an interesting short story from a patient I had a long time ago that I just remembered…he told me one day I would get older (I was like 20 at the time) and the gauges would come out and this would change and that would happen. And of course I thought it was rubbish at the time…No one was going to tell me what to do…Lol. But look at what is happening now…

I see the gauges as a portal to the past. And it’s time to let go of the past.

I would also like to share an interesting testimony about time speeding up. Normally I get new contact lenses every April when my insurance company allows. And I usually take a 6 month supply and stretch it out over a year (I know not good for the eyes, but I am cheap!) Well it is now five months after what should have been my last appointment (which I didn’t schedule) and I still have 2 pairs of contacts left. I haven’t needed them yet as these one I have in now have been fine.

So this to me says ‘yes!’ time is definitely speeding up and it feels like now a month goes by in about 2-3 weeks. Pretty wild!

I would also like to point out now that after watching the latest video update by Suspicious Observers, that spot where the sun gave off all of those solar ‘sneezes’ a week or two ago will be facing Earth again at the time of the Equinox. They go on to report that it has been ‘sneezing’ as it turns into camera view. Something tells me that our meditation may manifest some more of those flares and CMEs that will wipe away the Primary Anomaly forever 🙂

This is everything I wanted to share with you all. I wish each of you infinite abundance and love and that your guides continue to care for you during this transition. Light and love everyone!




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Requesting Daily Meditations for 3 Current Largest Storms; Typhoon Talmin, Hurricanes Maria and Jose

This meditation will replace the other daily meditation that I posted before. A guided audio meditation has been created to accommodate the dramatic increase in storm activity. These three storms that are currently in need of transmutation and dissolving are Typhoon Talmin and Hurricanes Maria and Jose.


A Facebook event has been created for this meditation:


We will be doing this meditation daily at 4:30 PM GMT. This equals 09:30 AM PDT in Los Angeles, 10:30 AM MDT in Denver, 11:30 AM in CDT in Chicago, 5:30 PM BST in London, 6:30 PM CEST in Paris, 12:30 AM and 01:30 AM on the following day in Taipei and Tokyo respectively.

You can convert GMT to your local time zone here:


Countdown time can be found below. This will repeat daily until the meditations are not needed anymore:


For those who feel guided I will share the audio guided meditation video below:

Victory of the light!

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Inspirational/Liberation Song Lyrics Compilation

Many of you already know how much music can influence our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes this is used against us and sometimes it is used to lift us up. Over the last couple of years I’ve found a small collection of songs that have very inspirational lyrics, especially when it comes to the liberation of this planet.

I wanted to quote an article from Veteran’s Today about how disclosure would be occurring in the music industry but I looked and looked but couldn’t locate it. It was someone in a position of power who wanted to use the media to disclose important operations to us publicly cleverly disguised as entertainment. I’d like to share a compilation of these lyrics with all of you now in hopes that they will cement the fact that there are positive forces on this planet whose goals are aligned with ours. I won’t be including the lyrics for the entire song, just the ones that are the most compelling.

These are just a few of many! If you know of a song, please post the lyrics in the comments!

Break Free‘ (Ariana Grande):

What you are about to witness is scientifically authentic.

It is just one step ahead of present day reality and two steps ahead of present day sexiness.

Prepare yourself to conceive an inconceivable outer-space adventure.

Brace yourself for something so fantastically fantastical you’ll soil yourself from intergalactic excitement.

This is the part when I say I don’t want ya
I’m stronger than I’ve been before
This is the part when I break free
Cause I can’t resist it no more

Chained to the Rhythm‘ (Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley):

Are we crazy?
Living our lives through a lens
Trapped in our white-picket fence
Like ornaments
So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble
Aren’t you lonely
Up there in utopia
Where nothing will ever be enough?
Happily numb
So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble
So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble

[Skip Marley]

It is my desire
Break down the walls to connect, inspire
Ay, up in your high place, liars
Time is ticking for the empire
The truth they feed is feeble
As so many times before
They greed over the people
They stumbling and fumbling and we’re about to riot
They woke up, they woke up the lions (woo!)

Uprising‘ (Muse):

They’ll try to push drugs
That keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around

Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

Interchanging mind control
Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
Flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
We should never be afraid to die

Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
Their time is coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

New World Comin‘ (Mama Cass):

There’s a new world comin’. and it’s just around the bend.
There’s a new world comin’, this one’s comin’ to an end.
There’s a new voice callin’, you can hear it if you try.
And its growin’ stronger with each day that passes by.
There’s a brand new mornin’, rising clear and sweet and free.
There’s a new day dawnin’, that belongs to you and me.
Yes, a new world’s comin’, the one we’ve had visions of

Euphoria‘ (Loreen):

Why, why can’t this moment last forevermore?
Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door

Forever, ’till the end of time
From now on, only you and I
We’re going up, up, up, up, up, up, up
Euphoria An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going up, up, up, up, up, up, up

We are free, where everything’s allowed and love comes first,
Forever and ever together, we sail into infinity,
We’re higher and higher and higher, we’re reaching for divinity.

Tonight in Babylon‘ (LoveRushUK ft. Brian Adams):

We’ll be celebrating, dancing until dawn,
Come on dry your tears now, put your dark glasses on,

Gonna be a revolution, a change is gonna come,
Gonna be a new beginning, gonna shine on everyone
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon

Maybe we should go out dancing, put the red light on,
Everybody knows it’s over, we knew it all along,

Zero Gravity‘ (Kerli):

Feels like coming home
After traveling a million miles
I am not alone
Searching for the starlight in the darkest skies

Traces of sadness
No more chain me to the ground
I am limitless

Army of Love‘ (Kerli):

I put my name on the line for love
‘Cause this is what I’ve been waiting for
I saw it all like a sign above

There’s nothing higher, higher than me
If love and freedom’s all that we need
Then follow me, follow me

I put my name on the line for love
Together we’ll break down the walls
This is a different kind of war
So follow me, follow me

Age of Aquarius‘ (The 5th Dimension):

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in

Unbroken‘ (María Ólafs):

One step at a time
Out of the darkness
One foot in front of the other

One step at a time
Into the distance
A new path I need to uncover

One step at a time
Get out of the darkness
And into the light forever
One step at a time
I pick up the pieces
Try putting them back together
Till I‘m unbroken

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft‘ (The Carpenters):

Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft

You’ve been observing our earth
And we’d like to make a contact with you
We are your friends

Please interstellar policeman
Oh won’t you give us a sign
Give us a sign that we’ve reached you

With your mind you have ability to form
And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm
You close your eyes, you concentrate
Together that’s the way
To send the message
We declare world contact day

Some of you may already know about this song but I will share it anyways. It is a song about The Event which was a Mc SuperKenn/Smaly7/Cobra production from some years back. It is excellent!

Victory of the light everyone 🙂

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Equinox Unity Meditation – Friday – September 22nd at 8:02 PM GMT

Boy there have been a big flurry of meditations happening lately…the Universe is prescribing it here and there, it is prescribing it everywhere! This upcoming one is very important though, it is the September Equinox Unity Meditation which will be Friday September 22nd at 8:02 P.M. GMT.

For the automatic time zone conversion for your location please visit this link.

With permission and coordination from the Prepare for Change team I have created a short promotional video for this meditation which contains all of the information one would need to participate:

For more information about this meditation in general please visit the link below:


The guided audio video playlist can be found below:

Thank you for your time and much love!!

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