Another Countdown in Dream? More Completion/Finishing Synchronicities & More

Some very interesting dreams have been manifesting lately including another possible countdown.

In the possible countdown dream I saw the digits 410409 together like that floating in the air in front of me so I could see them clearly and then it changed to 410410. So it went up from 410409 one point to 410410. This is how I was able to determine that it might be a countdown.

410 is a critically important number which has been appearing throughout space and time on this planet. I’m not sure how this is possible but some kind of force seems to be editing reality, time and space in order for this number to appear in the measurements of international monuments, measurements of the layers of the Earth itself, movies and TV shows (usually related to Jesus) and as dates, times or other connections and to major historical events including the fall of the Roman Empire which is happening again right now (history repeating in cycles/spirals).

The last countdown I documented contained these digits 410. The dream occurred on October 14th, (14/10) and the countdown number was 4:01:10 (this report was documented previously and the countdown ended at a point when the Schumann Resonance went wild.) There were no reports or intel, that I am aware of, on what occurred at that moment unfortunately.

Here is the dream with the possible countdown from the other night:


So when I figured out that this might be another countdown (took a little while) I started calculating dates to see which seemed to make the most sense. Again, this is all done on faith so please exercise discernment.

The date that makes the most sense would be seeing these digits as:



This would be from the date and time the dream was documented. This is what worked for the last countdown. This ended up being December 28th, 2019 at 11:00 AM (Arizona time of course).


What I found most interesting what that December 28th is the 362nd day of the year and this number just appeared in the previous synchronicity report as a result of numbers given in a dream. The word assigned to the number 362 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anamenó‘ and this means ‘I await (one whose coming is expected)’.

The total amount of time between these dates converted into hours is 988 and the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Thesauros’ (θησαυρος) which means ‘Treasure’ is 988:


Will there be a treasure waiting at the end of this countdown, assuming it is an actual countdown? Time will tell. I encourage people to not put faith into any dates and continue to do their missions until we are finally liberated.

Another important dream manifested regarding the process of completion/liberation on this planet which appeared to be connected to the countdown dream I had the morning of the same day:


The next dream from this morning as of the time of this writing seemed to be communicating a word and concept which I don’t think exists in the English language:


English is a very poor language for communicating metaphysical concepts and ideas so I hope this was explained as well as it could have been. I don’t remember the other 3 syllables of the word but I think I recalled at least the first one properly. Perhaps it is another language on this planet.

The next synchronicity manifested on a receipt from today when I went to the store:


I kept getting dead ends until I multiplied the digits of the transaction number together. This resulted in 945:


After looking around for what this number might mean I found that the Hebrew word ‘athud‘ (ועתידתיהם) has a gematria value of 945 and this means ‘ready, prepared’:


This goes along with the other ‘prepare/completion/ready’ synchronicites which have been manifesting over the past several months, including on Cobra’s most recent post:

The last 3 digits of this particular post number are 636:


And the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘qatsah‘ (מקצות) is 636 and this translates to ‘an end’:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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Numbers in Dreams, More Jesus Synchronicities

So some of the things that are going to be written here will probably be provocative (like many other things on this blog lately). I would encourage everyone to use discernment as always.

Most of these synchronicities are related to Jesus and while I am always hesitant/resistant to write about these things it is my guidance to continue to do so. There are many other things I would rather be writing about but if I don’t ‘they’ (higher ups, higher-self, etc.) will simply keep sending me telepathic energy which doesn’t stop until I do what needs to be done (writing an article, making orgonite, scheduling this or that, going here or there, etc.) That’s actually the only way I could ever write things like this is if someone forced me and I told ‘them’ that too. If you want me to write these crazy things you have to make me do it. It looks just like this:

So here is a dream which I was guided to write down, the meaning of which I am unsure of:


The next dream occurred yesterday and it was quite strange and I tried to edit parts out of it but ‘they’ wouldn’t let me go back to sleep until I changed it back. Like several other instances I wrote this entire dream down while I was in the dream and when I woke up I realized I had to write it all down again…

November 15, 2019 03:08 AM

Wrote this whole dream down in dream, must recall again. So I had a dream where I was with some friends and we were in this house and we were admiring the big tree near-by (seemingly inside) which we identified as a pine tree. I think these people were somehow involved with pedophilia.

Then suddenly a large military-looking spaceship zig-zags down towards us and lands to make contact. It was an older human male inside I believe. He talked to us directly with him being outside of the ship without leaving it

He told us it was time to make contact because our interest had dropped, meaning it was becoming so normal to us we wouldn’t freak out when they landed. It also had something to do with the zodiac sign, possibly Gemini.

We were really happy to have seen him and we didn’t freak out. I couldn’t tell if it was an Earth vessel or not, but the man appeared to be Human. He could have easily been Pleiadian.

I think one of the messages was that the pedophilia was forgiven and contact was then possible. Then the details started to fade. It was a positive and laid back but exciting experience.

I tried to edit out the parts about the pedophilia because they didn’t seem to jive with the rest of the dream but I was guided to keep it all intact as I saw it.

The next thing was the numbers 1322 and 322 appearing in my mind while half-awake/half-asleep. They didn’t go away until I acknowledged them and wrote them down. They seemed to be connected to the above dream:


After playing around with these numbers some interesting things came up. If we subtract all of them (including the dream time) we get 362:


The word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘anamenó‘ which means ‘I await (one whose coming is expected)’.

The bible verse that this word is derived from is 1 Thessalonians 10 which talks about the Second Coming:

(Bible Gateway)

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

The gematria value of this verse is 398:


If we follow this number and plug into Pi we see it takes position 2020, which is next year:


Also as interesting, the word assigned to the number 2020 in Strong’s is ‘epiphóskó‘ which amazingly means ‘to let shine, to dawn, I dawn, am near commencing, about to begin.’

Does this mean something is going to happen next year? Maybe, maybe not. As always putting faith in dates is a futile exercise.

Today I went to get some things at the general store we have here and I was guided to pick out several items which ended up with a total of $12.55:


Sometimes ‘they’ will give me the telepathic energy (usually in the gut or whole body) to pick out certain items to get the total to be a synchronistic number. This appeared to be the case with this receipt.

The gematria value of the word ‘pisteuo‘ is 1255 and this means ‘believe’ (I believe, have faith in, trust in; pass: I am entrusted with). This word also happens to be assigned to the number 4100 so here we see the magic 410 appear:


Amazingly, if we plug 1255 into Pi we see it takes position 4414 and this is another expression of the approximate value of Pi (it is usually done by 22 ÷ 7 and 44 is the double of 22 and 14 is the double of 7):



Alright here is the part I really didn’t wish to include here. Recently a relative and I went to pick up a vehicle that they had sold to one of their friends who moved away and left it in their yard. We had to use a manual winch to get it up on the trailer and we couldn’t put it into neutral because it had no battery.

Image result for manual winchBy the end of this small nightmare my hands were pretty beat up. But later on I saw what the small injuries looked like:

Perhaps there is nothing to any of this, which would be fine, so I share this part with the discernment disclaimer.

The make of the vehicle is an Aztek:


And after seeing if there was a connection between Jesus and the Aztecs I discovered the following article:

(Aleteia) America’s oldest work of Christian art was made by Aztecs in Mexico


“America’s oldest Christian work of art, dating back to 1539, was created by Aztecs for Franciscan monks in Mexico City.

The mosaic depicts the miracle of the Mass of St. Gregory the Great (540-604), in which Christ appeared above the altar while the pope was celebrating Mass…”

A small personal miracle occurred yesterday as of the time of this writing. I was suddenly given the telepathic impulse to go back on food stamps again. I was certain it wouldn’t work this time but long story short I ended up qualifying. Without those benefits I wouldn’t have been able to get the food at the general store which manifested on that receipt mentioned earlier in this article.

Several hours after talking to the food stamps people my mom came home gave me a letter which had my little piece of silver which I bought on 11/11 for the Silver Trigger meditation. I decided to get one with my spirit animal the wolf on it. It’s amazing that ‘they’ gave me the guidance to call them and then I get the piece of silver later on that day. ‘Their’ guidance is always correct…


This particular post number is 31605:


If we plug 31605 into Pi we see the magic number 410 in the string of numbers:


410 appeared in the statistics of the solitaire game I play once in a while:


And I discovered that the magic number 410 appears right behind 1002 in Pi (the sixth instance). The number 1002 has manifested in the most amazing ways recently:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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Countdown Time Stamp from Dream Comes True? More Completion/Purification/Jesus Synchronicities & More

There are several things to include in this article including dreams and other synchronicities which have been manifesting over the past several days. Discernment always advised.

I believe the dream where I saw a possible countdown (4:01:10) was actually a countdown as I will share below. Here was the dream:


I calculated that this timestamp could possibly indicate a countdown of 4 weeks, 1 day and 10 hours from the time and date the dream was documented. Assuming that all of the above was correct, the date and time this countdown would end would fall on November 12th, 2019 at 4:42 PM (yesterday as of the time of this writing and the day after our Silver Trigger Meditation):


Well, this countdown just happened to end at a point during which the Schumann Resonance went wild. The white arrow is about where the 4:42 PM UTC mark would be:


There are a few things which could have caused this:


“…Schuman resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paperclipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.

The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly…”

Was this spike in the resonance activity of the Light Forces? I suppose we will have to see what Cobra shares on his blog when the time is right.

Unfortunately there was an overlapping schedule conflict with a family member that day and I had to do the meditation in the car on the way to help them with a job (they were driving), but I was happy to have been able to get it done. I felt a great rush of positive energy when I was meditating and it seemed like some positive things were able to happen because of it (hopefully).

The daily bible verse on that day also happened to be about Jesus. I was only able to get a screenshot on my phone because we were out and about all day:


I would also add that the Schumann Resonance spiked just a little bit before we began our meditation and several times afterwards in addition to the spikes from yesterday and today:


The theme of completion is continuing to manifest in the form of numbers appearing in dreams. The first dream (day before the meditation) was a bit strange:


So after playing around with these numbers I finally got a hit. If we add the time the dream was written down, 336, to the 199 we get 535:


Amazingly, the word assigned to this number 535 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘apartismos‘ which means ‘completion, perfection.’

The next dream occurred the day of the meditation. I was certain I screwed this one up because I didn’t write the other numbers down, but it worked out anyways. This numbers 166 and 661 have been appearing a lot lately as well (including in the previous report):


If we add the dream time, 154, to the number 166 we get 320:


The word assigned to this number is ‘acharith‘ and this means ‘the end.’ It’s interesting because in the dream I saw those numbers as part of an intro (beginning), and then they end up leading to meaning ‘the end’.

Information on recent receipts also reflect this theme of completion/restoration/finishing/purification. I went to the store twice in one day and seemed to get some information on both receipts:


I kept getting dead ends until I subtracted the checkout time from the transaction number:


The word assigned to this number 1252 is ‘bor‘ and this means ‘cleanness, pureness’. This goes along with all of this nicely as the Earth will be purified when the Wave of Love hits us.

The checkout total (amount I put on my card) on the next receipt had a possible interesting meaning. I am not 100% sure about this one though, as usual everyone is encouraged to make up their own minds as I am doing all of this on faith:


The word assigned to the number 3132 is ‘manteuomai‘ which means ‘to practice soothsaying’ which is another way of describing the ability to get future information or foretell events. “Soothsaying – the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means. fortune telling, foretelling, divination. prophecy, vaticination, prognostication – knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source).”

This is an interesting synchronicity as this is exactly what is happening with these synchronicities and dreams. They are telling me the future and they have reliably come true so far.

The number 610 has been appearing a lot lately and after looking more into this number I found that it goes along with these synchronicities perfectly.

If we plug 610 into Pi we see it takes position 268:


And the gematria value of the Greek word ‘katharizó‘ (καθαριζον) is 268 and this just so happens to mean ‘to cleanse’:


Adding this next part the next day. QAnon posted a bible verse yesterday several hours after this article was published and it just happened to be Ephesians 6:10 – 17:


And in the last couple of weeks I have suddenly come across a few small snakes. We live in the middle of no where so there is a lot of creatures out here which make their way through our yard and everywhere else. But these experiences made me pay attention.

While walking to drop off a package to be mailed out I noticed a small snake directly in my path facing the right. It didn’t move or seem to be scared. It felt like something was being communicated here.

The second time was while taking a walk around the area and another small snake was directly in my path, facing the left this time. I just happened to look down at the exact right time so as to not step on them and injure them (I had a ball python for several years so I love snakes).

It was just strange as this hasn’t happened before and now these snakes have appeared. It could be nothing but I sense it is a message. Possibly to do with going forward and not fearing obstacles.

What was additionally as interesting about those experiences was that at some point during the above walk I found myself humming a song which I hadn’t heard in a while and I didn’t really know the lyrics to and this was a song called ‘Spirit Animal’ by Kerli. Of the various spirit animals mentioned in the song, the snake was the first:

“I whisper, you echo
Coiled up like snakes, won’t let go”

While taking a walk in the park in town the other day I saw a sign which seemed to be a synchronistic message of hope:


The next dream I had might seem negative and I debated on whether or not to post it but after asking the higher ups I got the green light to do so. This dream happened on November 12th, the day after our meditation (not sure if that has anything to do with it, sometimes these things are connected and sometimes they’re not, time usually tells):

Just a warning, this dream gets graphic:

November 12th, 2019 01:26 AM

Had dream where I saw a young woman, probably in her 20s, decide she was going to expose the Cabal and she downloaded some damning files about them onto a hard drive.

The police and authorities somehow found out and made it to this library in record time and while we were making our way outside with the hard drive her car was about to be searched. But we got in and took off.

We were immediately followed. I was observing this from above now. It was night time and every car coming toward her in her direction tried to have a head-on collision with her.

This happened about 4 times before the final vehicle rammed her and killed her pretty much instantly. Her death was reported on social media and she was turned into a joke. She died with her arm up and her eyes still open with her tongue out.

Her death was turned into a spectacle, the Cabal made an example out of her. It was exactly like The Hunger Games. The information she had on that hard drive was so bad for the Cabal they wanted her taken out at any cost. I remember thinking that she should have just uploaded the files somewhere before downloading them only onto the drive. Then I woke up.

This particular post number is 31556:


If we reverse this to 65513 and plug it into Pi we see it takes position 41641:


If we subtract 41641 from 65513 we get 23872:


If we follow these numbers and plug 23872 into Pi we see two very important numbers before and after it, 369 and 410 backwards:


These numbers lead to the Infinite One. 410 divided by 369 equals 1.111111, which goes on literally forever:


And finally today’s daily bible verse is about Jesus:


This is everything for now, much love all.

PS I decided to change the song for this article as a synchronistic song was uploaded to the ambient music channel I am subscribed to. This is a song with lyrics related to Jesus and it has a length of 4:10 after clicking on it:


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Ascension Dream/Synchronicities, Messages in Dreams, Bible Verse/Jesus Synchronicities & More

Adding this part a little later, writing this article was the first thing I did this morning, then when I went to grab some clothes I was strongly guided to wear all-blue. Sometimes ‘they’ have me wear all-white, but lately it’s only been blue, and there are always big synchronicites happening on days when I am guided to wear one of these colors.

There have been some very interesting dreams manifesting recently which I will share below in addition to some other synchronicities of course. As usual I encourage people to make up their own minds about what they read here.

The first dream was once again reiterating back to me my lack of patience with the process of planetary liberation:

November 5th, 2019 02:23 AM

Cobra and another instructor administered tests to a small group of people, around 4-5 of us, including my brother, to see if we had what it took to be initiated into a secret group.

We had no idea what the point of the tests were, just like in Men in Black. The final test was about our reaction to not getting a backpack or something. They just watched our reactions mostly. I acted out trying to figure out the reason why I didn’t get a backpack or something. I was pacing back and forth.

And in the car ride back the driver announced that my brother won a place in this secret group. He just waited patiently during his final test and this is what the instructor was looking for apparently.

He gave his hat to my brother to indicate that he had won. He was so excited, and I was very disappointed. So perhaps this is an example of how I need to learn to be more patient. I have a big problem with this. I think the other tests were very hard and impossible to figure out the reason why they were being given.

The next dream provided some incredible Ascension synchronicities. Just the day before I had asked the higher ups to help me more align with the Ascension path, in case I wasn’t doing it well enough already. For the past year or so I have had a great urge and desire to Ascend (re-Ascend actually). What was interesting about this dream, and indeed other dreams with numbers in them, is that I barely remember the number I see and usually take a leap of faith and almost guess at what it was and write it down on my phone, and amazingly it always turns out to be the right number.

I considered that this could be a form of training, to see if I can seek out sometimes very subtle and nearly imperceptible pieces of divine information. I also took a few hours going in and out of sleep to consider even writing this number down as I wasn’t sure if it was important or not. In any case, here is the short dream:


The number ended up being 305 as I found out later on when I looked into it. Amazingly, the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anabainó‘ which means ‘to go up, ascend’. Additionally as amazing, the time I documented the above dream was 5:12 AM and the gematria value of the Greek word ‘epairó‘ which means ‘to lift up’, is 512:


888 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ in Greek (Ιησούς) and if we multiply 8x8x8 we get 512:



The Hebrew gematria value of ‘Mashiach (Messiah) of the Living God’ (מָּשִׁיחַ אֱלֹהִים חַיִּים) is 512 as well (literally translated to ‘God Has Sent Down Life’):


Amazingly, this word ‘anabainó’ (to go up, ascend) appears 82 times in the King James Bible and we know if we multiply 82 times 5 we get the magic 410:


It doesn’t stop there, the dream occurred on November 7th (yesterday as of the time of this writing) and the same day a song titled ‘Ascent’ was uploaded to an ambient music channel I am subscribed to:


Interestingly the gematria value of the Greek word ‘anabainó’ (Αναβαίνω) is 915 and if we plug this into Pi we see Pi in the position number:



This appears to be a message and confirmation that I am on the Ascension path. ‘They’ have reiterated many times that everything is going according to the plan (at least in a personal sense). Although sometimes it’s easy to lose hope because of the day-to-day nonsense of The Matrix in addition to living totally on faith and not knowing what’s going to happen or when.

Then this morning I got another number which was also a leap of faith as I wasn’t sure if I remembered the number correctly at all. But somehow I think I did:


If we plug this number 3305 into Pi we see the time I wrote down the dream (1:53) at the beginning of the string of numbers:


I also discovered that the gematria value of today’s daily bible verse is 3305. The cipher says ‘Satanic’ but actually this is just a cipher which assigns a number to every letter starting at 36. These numbers existed long before Satanism ever existed:



There is another possible synchronicity here… The book I checked out at the library recently by Dolores Canon, ‘The Convoluted Universe Book Two’, has 661 pages and one of the divisors of 3305 is 661:



This particular post number is 31523 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position right behind 555 which is a number which has been appearing a lot in the waking and dream state:



And finally I will share another dream from this morning about telling some dream people what is going on here on Earth. Pretty much all of my knowledge from the waking state carries over in the dream state and I often find myself teaching others what is happening here and also being a student in a classroom myself:

November 8th, 2019 04:42 AM

Long time spent with old best friend. We caught up during the day and at night we went to a party where I explained the situation to people who would listen. Not a whole crowd, just one person at a time. I told one guy about the Podesta e-mails and about child sex trafficking. I explained it to them in-depth. People were groaning negatively when they overheard what I was saying.

Then my best friend’s mom was there and I said goodbye to her and she told me about next year’s party theme being the last days of Pompeii. I told her that’s perfect, history repeating itself.

Then I told her what was going on, she listened with concern. My best friend didn’t really want to hear any of this. Oh well. You’re getting red-pilled whether you like it or not. I tried to explain what happens to a society that chooses immoral behavior (consuming animal products, not recycling, ignoring the homeless, allowing evil to exist, etc.) Then I woke up before I could tell her about The Event.

So that’s everything for this report, much love all.

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Federal Reserve Mission Dream, More Prepare Dreams, Jesus Synchronicities & More

So this won’t be a number-dense post like some of the other ones have been lately. There have been some interesting dreams manifesting which I will share here and some other synchronicities as well.

The first dream was about being at the Federal Reserve and getting away with some important documents they didn’t want getting out:

November 1st, 2019 00:02 (12:02 AM)

Mission at the Fed. So I dreamt about a mission to the Federal Reserve. I saw a group of older people dressed nicely and they were there for a meeting. I saw them go into a room.

These were very malevolent people. I think some of them wore red. It was Christmas time. I stole two important things from this location. I don’t know exactly what they were now, but I think they were documents or things they wouldn’t want exposed.

I remember making it out with these things and being next to a Christmas tree trying to read what I had. It looked like invoices; the pink, yellow and white papers.

I also remember I got a small clam shell cell phone from them. I went outside and tried to put it on silent as they were coming for me but a boy which I thought was my son was there and he threw a punch at me and then I woke up.

I saw men and women at the Federal Reserve, I knew it was the Federal Reserve.

I considered the possibility that the appearance of the X-Mas tree was some kind of a prophetic time frame where some kind of ‘something’ would happen with the Federal Reserve around that time… We shall see of course, not putting any faith in dates…

The next dream was about being with the Star Trek crew and making preparations to leave. The time I finished writing this dream was 4:10:


‘Ha’ should be ‘Had’

And this interesting dream I just had this morning:


The time I wrote the above dream down was 5:56 AM and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘apelaunó‘ which means ‘to drive away’. This could mean that the Cabal is going to be driven away by a storm (Wave of Love, Liberation Operations).

The next few things are some possible information on receipts. The other day I tried to print out a label to ship an order of Orgonite internationally but the website wouldn’t work for me no matter how many times I tried. It said I had to go into the Post Office to get it figured out… *Deep sigh*. So I drive all the way there and the guy who works there said I could just do it online next time and I told him it wouldn’t work for me. And then he said he was using the same system the customers use to create labels. The same website that wouldn’t work for me was now working for him…

This happens sometimes when I am supposed to go somewhere ‘they’ need me to be in order to get a synchronicity to happen. ‘They’ have turned off my internet, stopped my car from starting, “lost” my car key, shut down debt card machines at gas stations just as I am about to pay (true story). So in this case, it appeared to be yet another Jesus synchronicity:


The above receipt is actually from November 1st and it was the morning so I don’t know why the date and time are incorrect there but the important thing appeared to be the receipt number = 416. This happens to be the gematria value of one of the ways to spell Jesus’ name in Hebrew (לישוע). That was the only thing I could find regarding that number:


The next synchronicities are from today’s receipts from the store:


The transaction number is 9404 and the number 944 has appeared in big ways in previous reports. In this case I reversed it and looked up the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance and found that it was ‘megar‘ which means ‘to overthrow’. This is an excellent synchronicity because the Light is currently overthrowing the Darkness.

And the checkout time was 9:46 and this is one of the main ‘sign post‘ numbers which appear to let me know the correct path is being taken.

The next receipt has an amazing synchronicity on it:


After being guided around the store to finally picking out some things in the clearance section I made my way to checkout stand 3 and started talking to the woman there who also happened to be Vegan! Another unicorn! Randomly meeting other Vegans is such a rarity it was a very amazing experience. And I think she wouldn’t have told me she was Vegan unless I had brought up one of the clearance items. She said she has been vegan for 30 years… I’m only 29…

Here is the amazing synchronicity in addition to that, the total cost was 6.19 and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘apolausis‘ which means ‘enjoyment’. That situation was absolutely an enjoyment and it’s amazing that the information on the receipt reflected that… That synchronicity wouldn’t have happened without the ‘higher ups’ guiding me to pick out certain products in order to get that total.

This particular post number is 31489:


31489 happens to be the 3389th prime number:


And the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘Yerushalaim‘ (Jerusalem) which is possibly translated as ‘Foundation of Peace’ and we are indeed going to have a New Jerusalem on this planet after The Event.

Today while in town I gifted several pieces of Orgonite as I do sometimes. I document these trips on for those who feel guided to read up on that. I post there as ‘dibspace’. There were a few towers which I placed Orgonite by (including one in very close proximity to a high school, the towers are generally placed where children are):

I was also able to create a flier and share it with the manager at a metaphysical store in town who was happy to post it there so hopefully a few more people will join in from that. You can find this flier on the post with information about the Silver Trigger Meditation and just below here:


This is everything for now, much love all!

PS The higher ups wanted this song to be posted for this article:

So it is the next day, November 5th, and I’ve checked today’s daily bible verse and found that the words ‘Heaven and Earth’ appear in the verse, just like the title of the above song:


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More Completion Synchronicities, Numbers in Dreams, Turkish President Dream & More

So some of the synchronicities in this report might be a reach as I haven’t been able to figure out for certain what the message was that they were trying to convey, if anything. As usual people should exercise discernment here.

The first will be some more dreams which have been manifesting which have been interesting to follow up and research on.

The first dream which I don’t remember now appeared to have a lot of 555s manifesting in it. I woke up at 404 and thought this might be an important number to look into:


As it turns out, the word assigned to the number 404 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anapsuchó‘ which translates to ‘I refresh, revive, comfort’ but what is more interesting is when the word structure is analyzed:

404 anapsýxō (from 303 /aná, “up/completing a process” which intensifies 5594 /psýxō, “cool by blowing”) – properly, bring cooling (reviving, with fresh air); (figuratively) bring much-needed (much-welcomed) relief, “causing someone to recover a state of cheer or encouragement after a time of anxiety and trouble – ‘to encourage, to cheer up’.

Sounds like this goes along with previous synchronicities and messages very nicely. The next dream was about Turkish President Erdoğan which appeared to have a message for him (like he is going to read this blog… but still thought it should be shared here):


The next dream (one of several this morning) was about seeing the Great Seal motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ on a circular golden medallion with an Eagle on it. I think I had to match it up to something in the dream but I don’t remember much about it now. The Eagle continues to appear synchronstically which could be in connection to the Cosmic Central Race.

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So I decided to research this a little more and thought what I found might go along synchronistically with the beginning of this new Cosmic Cycle which is happening right now:

(Great Seal)

“…E pluribus unum is the motto suggested by the committee Congress appointed on July 4, 1776 to design “a seal for the United States of America…

E Pluribus Unum describes an action: Many uniting into one. An accurate translation of the motto is “From Many, One” or Out of Many, One” – a phrase that captures the symbolism on the shield.

The time the dream was written down was 7:08 AM and interestingly if we plug this into Pi we see the number 303 appear right after it:


Today happens to be the 303rd day of the year:


Last night I was getting this incredibly strong telepathic image and corresponding euphoric emotion attached to the number 1002. In my head this number was visualizing and manifesting as the most beautiful, powerful and royal number. It was hovering in front of a scene which I could only describe as ‘heaven’ (higher astral plane) with clouds and light everywhere along with the appearance of the number being shiny and really emanating the energy of royalty and the highest divinity:


This is the first time I have experienced something like this and so I looked further into this number which has appeared and was documented in previous reports.

As it turns out, the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘birah‘ which has appeared before and this means ‘castle/palace’. Some might recall that the word ‘palace’ had been appearing here and there recently although I wasn’t sure why. I am still not sure why, but its importance was underlined greatly with the above telepathic experience.

1002 is the gematria value of ‘Phoenix Rising’, ‘Thomas A. Anderson’ (Neo’s name in ‘The Matrix’) and 1002 spelled out ‘One Zero Zero Two’ has a value of 4100.

This actually dovetails into the next set of synchronicities having to do with the video I just made called ‘The Breakthrough is Coming 432Hz‘. The higher-ups wanted that video done that day and with a few last minute changes in order to make the synchronicities work later on (which I am unaware of until later when I start researching them):


This next synchronicity is pretty wild and I don’t know if this is exactly what was intended to be documented but I will share it and let everyone decide for themselves. I was guided to go to the library a few days ago and pick out one of Dolores Cannon’s books ‘The Convoluted Universe: Book Two’ which I didn’t really read when I had it some time before that:


So here is the possible synchronicity. The time the video was made was 18:18 (6:18 PM) and while I was reading through this book I found that the chapter having information to do with The New Earth was found on page 618, along with beginning the chapter with a bible verse from Revelation:


So it appears ‘they’ had me check this book out on the 27th and make that video the next day on the 28th in order for this synchronicity to be possible.

618 is also the gematria value of ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Peace and Love’.

If we plug the time the video was uploaded (18:18) into Pi we see it takes position 1572:


I was getting dead ends until I reversed the position number and subtracted the 1818 from it:


And very interestingly, the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is… ‘basileion‘ which means Palace! So here we see this word popping up again in connection to these synchronicities.

The run time of the video is 3:42 and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘anakainósis‘ which means =  (from 303 /aná, “up, completing a process,” which intensifies kainō, “make fresh, new“; see 2537 /kainós) – properly, a new development; a renewal, achieved by God’s power.

All of these things go along together perfectly. Yes it takes a lot of digging to get these results but they have been ending up the same pretty much every time.

The next is a receipt I got today which stumped me for a while but I think I may have figured out the meaning:


The total was $70.39 and this happens to be the 905th prime number:


And if we reverse the 905 to 509 and look this number up in Strong’s we see the word assigned to this number is ‘anóthen‘ which means ‘(a) from above, from heaven, (b) from the beginning, from their origin (source), from of old, (c) again, anew. This could mean that these synchronicities are being orchestrated ‘from above’. This makes sense because that is the only way these things are possible. I would also add that I had to put a few things back because I didn’t have enough money for them, but the synchronicity manifested anyways.

The final thing was subtracting all of the numbers on the receipt together, including the date:


If we plug this into Pi we see the position number is 6660 (Goddess presence manifesting) in addition to seeing the 509 in the string of numbers:


This particular post number has the digits of Pi (314) and the sacred 144 appearing together:


And to go along with the theme of ‘completion’ which has been manifesting over the past several months the gematria value of today’s daily bible verse is 999:



This is everything for now, much love all.

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New Video: The Breakthrough is Coming 432Hz

The song used for this video was uploaded just today and I got the strong guidance to make this video also today. This was quite a workload as the previous video was pretty involved and it is normal to spend several hours getting everything in these videos figured out and made. So I am thinking there might be some synchronicities or something connected to this video which might manifest at some point. ‘They’ are always right in their guidance. Hope you all enjoy this one, much love.

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