The Gay Agenda (Humor)

FIRE ISLAND, NY – It is being reported now that LGBTQ mastermind and conspirator to turn all Earth humans into flaming wrist-flipping pink flamingos, Jonathan Carty, has initiated stage 4 of his evil plan which will begin with women, children and men all over the world ranging from ages 0-24.

The first 3 stages began with innocent quips written into television shows varying from drama to comedy to full-blown pink glitter sparklers being mandatory as part of 4th of July celebrations in schools across the country to forcing infants to learn the names of all the characters on the Showtime Network’s hit show, ‘The L Word’. When we reached out to Jonathan for a comment he has this to say with his intolerable feminine lisp and 14-inch 70’s retro heels:

“Everything is going according to my super plan. Ever since I arrived to this planet from the distant but still fabulous Rainbow Galaxy in my bath house/rave club spaceship it has been my dream to subvert the traditional values of the people of this sphere they call ‘Earth’.

These people, instead of seeking spiritual progress and allowing themselves be distracted by any little thing that they see, have created the perfect environment for me and my people to take over and finish our final solution. Which is to turn everyone and everything as gay as possible. We aren’t holding back. We want pink tassels and rainbows everywhere. #SorryNotSorry”

This reporter can confirm the statements made by the flashy evil genius Mr. Carty by mentioning that 23 of my own friends and family members have turned and are now spending much of their time shopping, painting rainbows on their faces and attending foam parties every week.

If something isn’t done soon, this reporter will see himself visiting the wine and cheese vineyards in Italy while driving in a Mini-Cooper convertible in just a week’s time. Time is of the essence people. We must ignore the most important issues of our time, including our own personal spiritual development and neutralize this threat from above before we are all dancing on Pride Day Parade floats in g-strings!

We reached out to the mad leader for a final comment and he had this to say:

“Resistance is not fabulous, it is futile. You will be assimilated in no time, girlfriend. *Snapping gesture in Z formation*”


We have just been handed top secret documents from the Carty Regime which proves without a doubt the veracity of the claims made here in this article. Without further delay, here is the proof we are all looking for. Make this viral people:

Image result for gay agenda meme


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Important Corey Goode/Ascension Update

I will be doing a larger update containing many sources as I normally do but I have been feeling like I need to take it easy for now. This update resonated with me as important and I thought I would share it with all of you for your information. Light and love!

“Update, Have you been feeling dizzy, light headed, head aches, agitated with the loss of appetite?:

After watching SuspiciousObservers report from yesterday I thought I would make a little post about the energetic changes that are occurring. I recently met with Tear-Eir for the first time in weeks. I was shown the nearly transparent spheres through out the solar system.

He stated that the energy buffers would soon fade away allowing the full brunt of the cosmic energy to fully impact the inner solar system and interact with the Sun. It was explained that what we have witnessed on the world stage over the last year. We are seeing more volcanic, earthquake and electrical storm activity that we have previously observed.

We have also seen the polarization between opposition group turn into wars to destroy the other side. We are seeing people around us behave as if they have “End Times Madness”. This diagnosis may not be far off. Many who are on the Service to Others and Karmic Cleansing path are also feeling the symptoms.

Many of us are experiencing high anxiety, head aches, dizziness or vertigo, loss of appetite and unexplained agitation. Tear-Eir communicated that it was extremely important for each of us to ground ourselves and meditate often to maintain a high vibration.

If we manage to stay in a higher vibratory state these cosmic energies will have less of an impact on our physiology. Tear-Eir stated that it was also very important for us all to coordinate our mass meditation efforts. It was further communicated that these symptoms of anxiety, dizziness, and headaches are causing many to want to withdraw and close off the world.

It is best if each of you communicates with people of the same vibration as much as possible right now. Networking, developing relationships and encouraging one another to continue our missions and to not feel alone against the darkness. Many of us are also finding it impossible not to deal with traumas from the past or karmic entanglements we have with others.

It is best to bite your lower lip and focus on those issues head on. As difficult as that is to do, it allows you to maintain a higher vibration. These traumas and karmic entanglements have “mass”. The cosmic energies that are flowing through us eddy around those traumas and anchor you to a lower vibratory state that is not compatible with 4th Density energetics.

I have found this very difficult to do my self in recent weeks. I am beginning to listen to a Remote Viewing DVD that I bought some years back. It is excellent for guiding me into deeper states of consciousness when I have too much on my mind to meditate on my own.

In my opinion, we should all focus inwardly to take care of the issues we have been running from and to put all of our energy into meditation and self-reflection. We also need to continue to support and encourage one another on this difficult journey.

The cosmic energies are only going to increase from here on out. Watch this SuspiciousObservers video to see how the solar activity is having an effect on human behavior and physiology.


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New Video About Goddess Energy with Enya’s Music in 432Hz

First allow me to share the difficulties and interference I experienced while creating this particular video. The video kept crashing (this happens sometimes with larger HD material) but certain clips wouldn’t show up or stop working and I would have to delete them and re-add them several times.

This happened so many times and became so frustrating. Luckily, I rendered a video without text first and just used that over the Swiss cheese timeline I now had. My computer had a big brain fart and it told me that rendering this video would take 12 hours even though the previous one took only 50 minutes. Something was up here.

Anywho, it’s not exactly what I wanted but it’s very close to what I wanted and it’s as good as it’s going to get! I retrieved some information about the Goddess Energy and how they pertain to the Event and included them in the video. I hope you all enjoy it if you decide to check it out! Light and love.

P.S. I was just having trouble uploading this video to YouTube. I uploaded it to my TruthEarth account but it was telling me that the video was private through my other account. After some loading and reloading the video seems to work now. OY!

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2nd New Interview with Cobra for the Month of July

We have another interview that was released the other day by Essayenya Mosteenya of the blog ‘Wholenss Navigator‘. The questions are excellent and they shed a lot of light on things that I didn’t know I wanted to know! There is no audio but there is a transcript on their website. I will post of pieces of it below. Light and love everyone!

“EM: Is it a good idea to interact with Ascended Masters and even our Higher Selves in the way we would interact with our friends? For instance, besides sharing our bitterness with them, we could also share some funny anecdotes in our lives, and maybe make fun of them like we do with actual friends?

C: Yes, you can interact with them as with your friends. Exactly.

EM: Have the Light Forces (even for Ascended Masters, and Source) ever worried that if the Event should be delayed further, they will run the risk of losing some Star Seeds?

C: They are fully and completely aware of that situation.

EM: If the removing of toplet bombs proves to be so much more difficult than the Light Forces expected, then how come beings from a much higher dimensions waited until now to intervene? Is it because of the hostage-retaliation mechanism once again?

C: Actually it was always quite challenging to intervene on this planet because of this hostage situation and in the last 25,000 years the Light Forces always needed to be very careful in all their operations. And the situation is still not resolved because when the situation is resolved we will have the breakthrough. We will have the final liberation.

EM: In view of the control over the flow of intel by the Chimera group, is it true that even for Resistance Members, they themselves also underestimated the quarantine Earth status, and are as shocked as we are?

C: Yes, they also underestimated the situation and it was quite a surprise for them as well. Not as much as for the surface population but still they were not expecting this to be so difficult and they were not expecting this to be taking so long.

EM: What about Source?

C: Source – of course the Source was and is aware of this. But communication with the Source is never perfect in this dimension of the Universe. And understanding of the cosmic situation is never perfect because of the primary anomaly so this is why this perception from the Source did not completely transmit into the manifested Universe.


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Prophetic Dreams Coming True/Synchronicity Report

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about one of my co-workers. I witnessed her in great distress. She suffered an injury to her right eye and was bleeding a lot. A few days later when I saw her in person I told her about it. We both laughed it off and went about our day.

She came into work today and said “so you remember that dream you had about my eye? Well I am having vision problems right now.” She told me that she was seeing a kaleidoscope type of vision where she couldn’t see out of her eye. She didn’t say which one. But she had been under a lot of stress and from what I’ve learned, health problems originating on the right side of the body pertain to the here and now and moving forward, while the left side indicates issues with the past.

I remember experiencing something similar with my eyesight, except it went away after a short while, which I explained to her could happen with her. We were both blown away that this seemingly random dream would indicate future issues. At least a couple weeks into the future.

Many of my dreams have come true or have contained information and intel regarding current events or people. Sometimes I see big events and sometimes they are small like what I am doing the next day. Sometimes I get information days in advance that comes true. I can’t really control it.

I had a dream where I knew the sex of my brother’s newly pregnant wife. When I told them what it was I guessed right and they found out about 3-4 weeks later that it was the sex I was told.

I recall having several dreams about fixing my car where the repairs I had done were not successful and that I would have to address them again. Then I remember a breakthrough in the dreams where I saw that I was going to be successful in the next attempt I made and it turned out to come true. My car has no engine issues at the moment.

If anyone is interested in other dreams like this that I have had I would recommend checking out my dream journal. I don’t document every single dream. That would take too long as I have several every night. I only use the most important and compelling ones.

Now onto the synchronicities! I have been seeing 108 (a sacred geometric number) and variations of this number a lot lately. I held a Prepare for Change meeting this last Sunday and when I went out to my car to go back home I noticed the mileage was at 01308. 1308 is military time for 1:08:

photo 1 (4).JPG

Then on my way back home the other day I saw a billboard with the temperature being 108 on it:

photo 2 (2).JPG

I saw this license plate the other day:

photo 3 (2).JPG

And again on my receipt:

photo 5.JPG

Then today I was listening to some music and saw lots of synchronistic numbers that included the amount of likes and other things I highlighted. The name of the song was ‘Ti Sento’ which is Italian for ‘I feel you’, which told me that ‘someone’ was close to me and possibly watching out for me.

333 (1).png

I got another 722 when I went to the store the other day. It rang up as 19.22, which in military time is 7:22:

photo 4.JPG

When I went to go change the oil in my car I bought an oil filter that had a part identification number of 333 in it:

photo 2 (3).JPG

These are just a few of many that happen! Thank you for checking this out and I am wishing all of you light and love.

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New Video of Footage of Universe with Enya Song in 432Hz

Today I felt guided to create this video. It is a very relaxed and comforting experience and a reminder of what is to come. There is more room for light and love on this planet right now. I’d like to replace some of the negativity with this.

Synchronistically when I went to go find a photo for the thumbnail, I was immediately drawn to the following photo. The up-loader of the photo’s name was cobra1111:


Wishing everyone light and love!

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Cobra Interview for the Month of June

We have a new interview with Cobra by the Prepare for Change team for the month of June that was just released. I will post some excerpts below. Thank you to all of those who put this together!

“Aaron – Cobra, what intel do you have for the USS Fitzgerald that missile destroyer that was supposedly rammed by a Philippine cargo ship? What really happened?

COBRA – On a deeper level there is a lot of, I would say, games being played about disclosure of Navy Secret Space Programs and certain forces, I would say negative forces are trying to warm the Navy not to disclose too much because there is a very strong positive faction within the United States Navy that wants to release, that is actually in favor of Full Disclosure. They want to release everything. But there are other factions that are strongly against this. There is now quite strong infighting going on about this issue.

Lynn – Can you comment on the 3-finger mummy of Nazca that was found recently in Peru?

COBRA – O.K. What would you like to know about that?

Lynn – We would like to know if this is it legitimate report or is it fake?

COBRA – I would approach this with caution at this point. I would not put too much hope into this particular story.

Lynn – It could be fake?

COBRA – I would say there was interference in the whole process and not everything is what it seems to be?

Aaron – How about the energy vortex in Syria, is it better now?

COBRA – Yes, it is better now. There is much progress in Syria. It is not fast but it is solid. The light forces are liberating Syria and you can almost see the end of this Syria horror story.”

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