Disclosures in the Sci-Fi TV Show ‘Crusade’

This show is a spin-off of a longer-running show called ‘Babylon 5’ which I wrote a large article about recently that you can read here if you’d like.

The premise of this show is a continuation of Babylon 5, however it was only on for 1 season and 13 episodes. The show follows a captain and his crew in search for a cure for a plague released into Earth’s atmosphere by beings that call themselves the ‘Drakh’ (pronounced Drawk).

I believe the Drakh is just a small change from ‘Draco’, which are a race of reptilians who have been traversing the galaxy for millions of years conquering and oppressing populations of people. This is what we have been hearing from whistle-blowers and insiders all the way back to David Icke’s work and even before that.

  • The Drakh

The Drakh take center stage as the villain in this series and are pictured as what we would know as the Draco Reptilians.


They are extremely malevolent and were doing the bidding of the ‘Shadows’ which were very ancient and powerful negative beings that would ultimately be defeated in the Babylon 5 series. This correlates to Cobra’s intel which I will quote below:

(2012Portal) “The Matrix is run by beings, called Archons (Greek for rulers). They are beings that came from the Andromeda Galaxy and chose to experience darkness. They refused to reconnect with the source. Through millennia, they created Draconian and Reptilian race through genetic engineering  to use them as slave warriors to expand their dark empire.”

(2012Portal) “Our Solar System has been under control of Orion/Andromedan Chimera empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races.”

  • The Excalibur 

The Excalibur is the name of the ship that is to search the stars for a cure for the Drakh plague. When I did a little research on the meaning of Excalibur I found that the ship could be named after the sword because it was a tool used to destroy and take out some of the greatest enemies known of their time. And only the correct person could pull it from the stone.

  • The Drakh Plague

The Drakh plague has very similar traits to the technology we see being used here on the population. The virus is a very complex nano-biological technology that adapts to its environment. It is released into the atmosphere which blankets the planet with it and gives no one a chance to escape its effects. It targets the most crucial body organs.

Image result for drakh plague

  • Illuminati

Once again the Illuminati or any other genocidal secret society is brought to light here when a group of ‘religious fanatics’ plan on blowing up part of the space station. The bomb they used was set to go off in 6 minutes and 66 seconds:


The leader of the ‘doomsday cult’, as they are called in the show, is someone who hears voices in his head telling him to engage in destructive activities. This man turns out to be French which is interesting to note. Giving more hints that this ‘cult’ could mean they are the Rothschilds, in reality, who are based in France.

  • Metaphysical Knowledge

More metaphysical knowledge was written into the show which I believe was quite significant. There is an episode where the crew rescues a being from a damaged ship. The being transfers its consciousness into a member of the crew and begins to control them. The being was able to break off its consciousness into many people and operate in unison throughout the ship.

This concept is a very big one in that we are learning, or re-learning I should say, that the Universe is One super being and everything is a piece of its consciousness and is part of ‘the whole’ which encompasses everything that ever was, is or will be and at some point in their evolution will be reintegrated back into itself.

  • Roles Reversed

During one episode the crew encounters an ET race of beings that claim the Earth government was having secret meetings with their government and covering them up from the public. The ET’s government destroyed anyone’s lives who searched for this information. Publicly they denied everything.

The ETs claimed their government covered up contact with other ETs and crash sites involving ships with humans. The beings go on to say that money is cut from education to the young people of their society and are subsequently dumbed down and can’t think for themselves and are much easier to control. Their government has affected every aspect of their lives.

They also tell the captain that large amounts of money went into building secret underground bases.

A representative from the ET’s government arrives to take back the beings to their planet, most likely to kill them, and the government representative mentions that their secret organization stages the sightings and uses ‘aliens’ as a scapegoat to stop wars. The beings were very ‘Men in Black’ looking:

  • Data Dump/Disclosure

After meeting with these ETs (pictured above) the captain decided to send a large data dump of information to everyone on the planet all at the same time. Information about Earth and other truths that would end secrecy on the planet forever. This is something we have been hearing about for a while now which is part of the plan of The Event.

  • PedoGate Reference?

This one is a big maybe. But one of the scenes included is one where the negative ET belonging to the secret organization on their planet talks about studying our culture and mentioned ‘pizza’ and ‘ice cream’ in his final words. For those who don’t know pizza and ice cream were code words found in the Podesta e-mails which translate to sexual activities with children. I will share the video below and let you decide. He mentions it at the 2:58 mark:

There were a few other things that happened or were disclosed in the show that I had already written about in my article about Babylon 5 so I will only include what is above.

Thank you all for reading and much love to you!

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Revisiting the Disclosures in the Movie ‘The Matrix’

I recently watched the movie The Matrix again hoping that the new knowledge I’ve learned from whistle-blowers and others would make these concepts and disclosures more obvious. There are definitely things in there that someone may or may not have already figured out but I’d like to add my flavor to the mix just because.

I wanted to start by breaking down the names of the characters, because I believe there is a big load of information in them.

  • Neo

The main character Neo’s name has a large amount of information in it. The word ‘neo’ means new. If we switch the letters around you will get ‘one’ and ‘eon’. The premise of the show is that we are entering a new age which is the correct definition of ‘eon’ per David Wilcock’s research. We then have ‘one’ which if we put all three together reads as such: ‘One New Age’ or the ‘New Age of The One’.

  • Morpheus

Morpheus plays a very important role in this film as his name has ‘morph’ within it. To morph means to change or transform into something new. He acts as the catalyst for Neo to learn to find and experience his true unlimited potential.

  • Apoch

Apoch is another character with another interesting name. Apoch could easily be changed to Epoch which by definition means “the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something.” So the name Apoch could indicate that a new time in history is occurring.

  • Trinity

I’m sure some will say that Trinity’s name has religious implications, which could be true. But I am willing to bet that the writers also wanted to convey the idea of the sacred divine masculine, feminine and another aspect that I can’t think of right now. It could also have sacred geometric implications which the movie did include which I will write in this article later.

  • Switch

Here is a character whose name could mean that someone’s consciousness could be ‘switched’ on and off, creating a powerful being or suppressing someone and using them as a battery.

  • Cypher

The definition I found for cipher is “a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.” In the movie the characters use technology to add or remove ‘code’ into the reality which they understood and could manipulate to their desires. We see the floating and falling green letters and characters at various points in the movie.

  • Dozer

This one is pretty self-explanatory. There are those who are dozing off into sleep, those being the general population. They don’t have original thoughts and everything they do is carefully manipulated and regulated by the agents within the false reality.

  • Tank

A tank is a very powerful vehicle that can be used to combat an enemy with great force. Tank could be a name given to indicate the potential power of the group that is trying to break free from the Matrix.

  • Mouse

The name ‘mouse’ was given to a character who was very intelligent but not so in-your-face like the other characters. This could indicate that the crew and the resistance must be ‘quiet-as-a-mouse’ in order to succeed in their operations to break free of the Cabal.

Now I will include various symbols and other pieces of information that convey signs and signals that are being broadcasted into the consciousness of humanity, waiting to be decoded and understood at some point.

  • Inverted Pyramid

During the scene where Morpheus is explaining how the real world is there is an old television set in the middle of them talking and if we look closely you will see a pyramid on it:



This possibly indicates that there is a group that call themselves the Illuminati that control everyone via their television sets. One could even argue that the circle in the middle could be the ‘all-seeing-eye’.

  • Soylent Green

In addition to using humans as batteries to substitute energy being blocked from the sun the machines liquefy humans who cannot produce anymore energy and are used as sustenance for the other humans. There are many reports coming out that human meat is being found at McDonald’s meat packaging warehouses.

Can anyone else think of what a psychopathic secret society would do with hundreds of thousands of ‘missing’ children that they sacrifice every year? Why not feed them to the population! The moral of the story being, avoid fast food.

  • The Second Coming

Now I am not a big fan of religion but I’ve found it is becoming more important to study some of the information in various religious texts around the world. One of those being the return of Christ. Now I’m on board with David Wilcock’s research into this as he posits that it simply means a return of a higher consciousness or awareness of the Universe or The One.

In the movie they mention prophecy many times and include one of them which I will share now:

“When the Matrix was first built there was a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. It was this man who freed the first of us and taught us the truth – When he died, the Oracle prophesied his return and envisioned that his coming would hail the destruction of the Matrix.

Neo AKA ‘The New Age of the One’ would return and dismantle the Matrix and free everyone within it.

  • Law of Manifestation

Neo is taught what appears to be the Law of Manifestation in the movie. Using his mind to change and attract what he wants. Information could be ‘downloaded’ right into the mind and the knowledge would be readily available to use for whatever purposes needed.

Neo is made to realize the true power of his consciousness and how he can change his form and engage in mind-over-matter techniques and abilities.

  • Sacred Geometry

In one simple scene the writers may have shared one of the most important pieces of information for our reality and for our personal growth. It was a scene with Neo waking up by the sound of his alarm clock which read 9:18:


These numbers are significantly important to understanding sacred geometry. Broken down those numbers start with 3, 6 and 9, which, if we remember what Tesla said:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

These are just a few of the many things you will find in this movie. It is rich with symbolism and occult information. There are many websites that break down bible verses that were written into the show or latin phrases that apply here and so on.

This is all I would like to share for now. Thank you for reading everyone and much love as always.

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David Wilcock Notes from Contact in the Desert

A very kind and amazing individual, Joan, has taken and published some notes of David Wilcock’s talks at this year’s Contact in the Desert gathering that I will share in full below:

The Solar Flash

The solar flash will be very bright, and will cause a transformation for our planet.

Jesus is part of a group of people who agreed to come here to teach us. The group would all be in basic agreement with each other.

There are two types of ET’s; angelic and Christ-like, and the really negative ones from the Draco Reptilian groups.

Jesus represented the Hero archetype.

The solar flash is not a catastrophic event. It’s a benchmark in the evolution of any planet.

We are living in a “laboratory” and the negative and positive beings are both playing a part in that.

Doing dream-recall is better than any other form of therapy.

David had many Solar Flash dreams where his body turned into light. In these dreams, he would roll up, like a ball of energy, and then ‘take off’ (leaving 3D and ascending; my note).

If you are positive, you ascend. If you are negative, you are consumed.

Frasco-Kereti is the name for the solar flash event in Zoroastrianism. In the Vedas it is called the Samvartaka Fire. The Vedic writings speak of rainbow colored ‘clouds’ that will appear, like a rainbow display; the same as someone attaining the rainbow body. (Only now the whole planet is ascending; my note).

“…after enlightenment, you carry water and chop wood…”

Padmasambhava would levitate in the sky with his 25 disciples.

During the Flash, unless you are very evil, you will be taken by a “relocation team” to a safe spot, if you’re not yet ready to ascend along with the Earth…

…passage from the Vedas…
“…I AM the flame known as Samvartaka. I AM the sun wearing that appellation…”

The Egyptians and Greeks called the Solar Flash “the fire from heaven”.

Apparently, the Flash happens every 25,000 years.

The Book of Enoch (removed from The Bible) says about this that “the wicked and godless shall be removed from the Earth”, “the sun shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light”, and, “the planets orbits and tasks will change”.

When 3D disappears, the higher dimensions remain. 4D is actually located several miles above 3D.

The Stoic Philosophers of Ekpyrosis spoke of the Flash. (Ekpyrosis means solar flash; the fiery blast that comes from the sun).

The “golden age” really means the “golden race”. In ancient times it was known as a race, and it was only later that this was changed.

All the Greek philosophers say that we are transforming into a golden RACE. They see through time, so they know that the sun is going to do this.

In the Mithraism mystery schools there was a lion-god statue that the students breathed through the back of and fire came out of the openings, symbolizing the Flash.

The Sibylline Mysteries say, “the Golden One shall arrive again in the entire Earth.

Full Disclosure: The Downfall of the Cabal

Henry the Eighth was the first Cabal king.

The majority of the DOD is involved in a civil war right now. Films made under it’s influence are exposing the cabal.

A small saucer appeared on President Reagan’s desk, and tiny people came out of it! They told Reagan to stop nuclear weapons.

86% of Congress are members of MAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

NRA white-hats created Bitcoin as an alternative to The Federal Reserve.

Snowden was the “face man” for many others behind the scenes in the NSA.

During a period when the Illuminati was trying to recruit David, they wanted him to portray Lucifer as a benevolent angel.

The people behind Trump are not Cabal. Trump is the “battering ram” that smashes the castle so everyone else can rush in.

David is hearing from insiders that Trump fired Comey because Comey supports Pizzagate.

We are co-creating all of this. You guys are my ground-crew. It is a battle that we are all in together. We are transforming what life is like on Earth.
– David

The cabal cannot win this. All we have to do is to not provide “loosh” (fear-energy) for them. The battlefield is your own mind and heart. Become a blessing. Become someone who creates good thoughts every second, not just during ‘Global Meditations’ and other isolated events.

Trolling is a drug addiction. Trolls get high off peoples reactions to their comments. This actually produces brain chemicals that are addictive. These trolls love to put people in categories, giving them ‘labels’ for their ‘files’.

The entire system can change due to the actions of just one person (one guy created Craigslist and virtually wiped out the mainstream classifieds, one person started The Drudge Report).

I love you because you ARE me. – David

…honoring yourself is honoring others…

Just because the big event didn’t happen in 2012 doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

When you ascend, you’ll be given a golden light body and you can make it look however you want it to look.

The next few years will determine whether we get full disclosure. Will we be sheep, or will we share our truth?

I am up here praying that you love yourself, as that is what will change the world.

The Morning Talk

‘Contact in the Desert’ ~ highlights from my notes at David Wilcock’s morning talk today…

Atlantis was at war with the ‘Rama civilization’ of the Mahabharata (which is now Siberia)…

…comets are formed when the oceans from planets are ejected out into space during planetary disasters; they freeze and become ‘dirty snowballs’ that are full of microbial life from the oceans…

“C-3PO’s” have been found all over the solar system. They look just like the ones in Star Wars…everything in Star Wars has actually already happened somewhere in the solar system…

…our sun is very close to a galactic portal (as a plasma tube that can actually be seen)…

…the death-star in Star Wars is a reality; there are several in our solar system; especially around some of the moons of Saturn…

…after the demise of Atlantis, all of the enormous animals that were lethal to humans (such as the woolly mammoth) died off…

…after ascension, all of your belongings are left behind…this is often what happens when we find ancient relics; their owners had ascended…

…the ultimate in technology is when one item does everything, for instance an iPhone-like unit or an amulet can produce your food, levitate you, provide travel to other star-systems, etc…

…the book of Enoch is all about crash-landed ET’s…

…Gobeki Tempe was the real site of the ‘Adam and Eve’ (the original couple), according to research…

…in the Vedas it says “a bolt of lightning was charged with the energy of a thousand suns”; this relates to the fact that the ‘Rama society’ may have nuked the Atlanteans…

…the Alliance is now synonymous with the DOD…

…the Antarctic “city” is actually a spaceship…the rooms on the ship have their own personal yards, fruit trees, grass and gardens…they are lighted by sun-charged light-emitting materials…the bathrooms turn the owners own waste into fertilizers for their personal gardens. The ship may be as big as 15 miles in diameter. The ship is made with a self-healing metal. This is what protected the ship from meteors in Space. This metal is intelligent and can choose whether to heal itself or not…this metal can also transform into another object on voice command. Because the occupants have free energy and 3D printing, they have continued to live for all this time…their population has doubled since they first arrived…

…the large Mothership is oval-shaped; the smaller one is extremely advanced…

…the ships are controlled by a form that fits the hand and fingers; the wrist is restrained, and the fingers they have can move in more directions and more freely than our do…these finger and hand movements fly the ship…

…when the ship crashed, it froze and burst open, yet it still was able to heal itself…

…the recent crashed ship stayed on the surface…it has symbols on the controls that look similar to Chinese, only more pictographic…the pictograph illustrated what the function/meaning was…

…the first ship (500,000 years ago) took down plants with it when it crashed…the second ship landed in the snow (55,000 years ago); this was the one whose occupants had elongated skulls…this ship was found two miles down under the snow…

…there were smaller craft inside the Mothership…the Mothership would create inflatable buildings and send them to the other Antarctic ships…

…one of the ships that was found had three living beings in it…

…the first two ships used the same kind of symbols…

…Saturn’s moons have gravity that is 60% that of Earth…there is greenery there, including bromalaids, yucca, papaya, pineapple and coconut palm trees…two of Saturn’s moons could be terraformed right now…

…80% of Earth is heated by it’s nuclear core; the sun is not the only source of Earth’s heat…

…the Antarctic colony was a series of ships arranged in a circular pattern around the pyramid/research facility…there was travel between the lunar colony and the Antarctic colony…

…the inhabitants of the second ship spread throughout the Earth. They were the Pre-Adamites…they interbred with the earth-natives…

…the Roswell ship crashed when it was on-route to the Antarctic colony…

And here were a couple of photos taken by Kaulipele who has been publishing his own records of the conference on his blog:

Thank you to everyone who is ‘working’ while enjoying this conference. We are grateful and are glad you are there to witness such an amazing event and meeting of ‘the minds’ of our time and community. Victory of the light and much love!

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Disturbing Katy Perry Video Featuring Cannibalism/PedoGate References

This music video showed up in my YouTube subscription feed the other day and I was stunned at the images and activities they engage in throughout the video.

The video is a step-by-step cooking recipe featuring Katy as the main course, which, if we believe what various whistle-blowers tell us, these wealthy elite dine on human flesh, particularly the flesh of children.

At the very end of the video there is a scene that pans out and shows a pie full of human body parts and Katy appearing to be more than anxious to dig into it. Barf.

It seems like these psychopaths are exhibiting very arrogant behavior and mocking those who are researching these things and believe they will get away with everything they have done. Of course, they would be wrong. Haven’t they seen pretty much any movie ever made? The bad guys always lose. And it’s usually due to their own arrogance.

Listening to the song is a strange sensation of a good beat but a sickening feeling in the stomach…I hope you find the video more watchable than I did. Much love everyone…

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You Are The Wrench in the Machine

I was just thinking about how things are going here on Earth and what would have happened if the Starseeds and other Galactic Forces hadn’t intervened when we/they did.

We all know Ascension is happening right now in real time and we are all guiding humanity and each other head first into it. From the Cabal’s perspective, we are the wrench in their machine. Their Orwellian dystopia isn’t happening because of each and every one of you reading this. I just want to remind you all how amazing you are and that you should be proud of how far you have come on this planet.

Image result for you are amazing

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and really congratulate yourself on how much you have accomplished and endured on this planet. Playing the role of the white blood cell (cells that protect against attacks) in this galaxy is obviously not an undertaking for an amateur being. You are the galactic elite forces (meaning skilled, not superior than others).

You passed the tests to come here and you have been carrying out your mission as you have intended, despite the veil and all other methods of suppression implemented onto you even before your incarnation here. The war continues but you carry on as you are the best person for this mission. Your star family cheers you on as you spread kindness and joy into other people’s lives, ruining the Cabal’s plans for a world of the strong conquering the weak like in the Hunger Games.

The Cabal tries and tries and always fails to start world war III because of your collective effort with our galactic family. The game of whack-a-mole is a good yet simple analogy to describe how this war is taking place. We all have the same goal here so let’s continue to wreck this machine that the Cabal is trying to integrate everyone into!

Keep up the great work everyone!!

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Cobra Update: Disclosure Process


There are great changes happening in our Solar System. A vast fleet comprised of many motherships of countless positive cosmic races has reached its final parking position on key resonance points within our Solar System to support the process of full Disclosure.

Some of those ships can be seen clearly on photos which were taken by our team this week with StratoProbe 5 about 17 km (57,000 feet) above the surface:

For the first time in 26,000 years, the Chimera group is lately starting to show signs of worry about the stability of the quarantine status for planet Earth.

This is why they are fortifying their defenses within the Air Force Space Command:



Disclosure process is an exponential curve, going slowly at first during the soft Disclosure phase we are experiencing now, but steadily accelerating until we reach the breakthrough at the moment of the Event into full Disclosure.

Many seemingly unrelated initiatives of the surface population are part of the same greater plan of the Light forces (Operation PrisonBreak) to penetrate the quarantine.

Many space program initiatives in the nearspace, in Earth orbit, on Moon and Mars are expected to experience their breakthrough in the next few years:








Mainstream media are slowly preparing for the announcement of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Although certain negative factions will try to spin this into partial Disclosure, they will not be successful and all mainstream media soft Disclosure announcements are really stepping stones towards full Disclosure and are part of the same Operation PrisonBreak:






Scientists are finally discovering the plasma web that spans across the Universe:


Which is perfectly described here:


Dipole Repeller, one of the biggest toroidal structures in the Universe is a sector in this Universe with the Local group of galaxies in its center and two lobes of opposite polarity laterally spaced in both directions. This is the cosmic purification station for the Primary Anomaly with planet Earth in its central null zone. Dipole Repeller is the cosmic dynamo that energizes the process of Compression Breakthrough:


Regarding the basic structure of the Universe, scientists are finally beginning to realize that dark energy does not exist:


At the same time, alternative community is finally beginning to realize that Schumann resonances are NOT increasing:




Schuman resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paperclipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.

The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

There are other concepts in science and in alternative community that will begin to dissolve slowly as more Light and understanding comes in, among them being the second law of thermodynamics (closed systems do not exist), time travel into the past (it violates causality, at least on macroscopic level), and flat Earth (sunsets into the ocean on flat Earth would be impossible because of atmospheric absorption, as sunrays of the setting Sun would need to travel through thousands of miles of air).

Victory of the Light!

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What Kind of Work Goes Into a Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is an amazing thing and just about everyone has experienced it at some point in their life. But for those who are more aware of the existence of a behind-the-scenes aspect of our reality, the following question may arise: What kind of background work goes into arranging and executing a synchronicity?

Some of you have read articles I’ve written where I have documented incredible synchronicities that are both numerical and situational. Everything is exactly set up in the right time and the right place. Can you imagine all the work that goes into you seeing a simple 11:11 on the clock?

First you have to be guided throughout the day during your normal routine. Maybe you go to the store to get breakfast or you make it at home. You may be guided to skip a step in your normal routine in order for this to happen. You cross the street at a specific time at a specific traffic light interval. Perhaps you talk to someone on the street or you get a phone call from someone and you talk to them for a ‘seemingly’ random amount of time. This would be one of several steps guiding you to the exact moment you look at a clock and see 11:11.

In the following article I had several mind-blowing synchronicities all day long. The light rail trains I got on were designated as sacred geometric numbers, 108 and 144. Out of all the numbers and out of all the trains that could have been there when I arrived on that day, which, by the way, I spontaneously decided to go just the day before. Those beings on the ‘other side’ would have had to get the exact train with those numbers I mentioned that I would be aware of to be there and ready when I was finished with my day.

That must mean that the beings beyond this reality worked it out with those here the exact trains I would be getting on that day. The right people would go about their day, doing their jobs and unknowingly being guided to create this grand synchronicity which I am sharing with you again. They would wait until I was finished visiting the Japanese Garden, walking around town and returning to the bus station to find the train numbered 144 rolling up to take me back home.

I recall a 5th dimensional character, ‘Griffin’, that was written into the script of Men in Black III and much of his conversation involved him seeing probable futures and all the different daily events, some mundane and others not so mundane, that would lead up to an event that he foresaw:

So whenever you see, hear or experience a synchronicity in your life, you may ask and wonder what went into organizing it and the amount of resources that went into you discovering it at the exact right moment. It’s incredible!

This is all I wanted to share for now. Thank you and much love!

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