Just Passing on a Friendly Reminder About the Equinox Meditation Tomorrow

Just wanted to pass on a reminder about the spring equinox meditation happening tomorrow. It will be 3:28 am for AZ folks and I will list the times for everyone else below. You can find your time by clicking on the link below:


12:28 am HAST Honolulu
3:28 am PDT Los Angeles
4:28 am MDT Denver
5:28 am CDT Chicago
6:28 am EDT New York
10:28 am GMT London
11:28 CET Berlin
12:28 pm EET Cairo
5:28 pm ICT Bangkok
6:28 pm CST Taipei
7:28 pm JST Tokyo
9:28 pm AEDT Sydney
11:28 pm NZDT Auckland

Let’s do this! Victory of the light!

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I Think I Was Hacked by Russians (Satire/Humor)

My life is in shambles. I have nothing left. My computer was stolen, my projector was taken and my vintage RC Cola Memorabilia stash was ransacked and emptied out. I paced and pondered and almost walked a hole in my remaining vintage 1955 RC Cola Rocky Balboa Special Edition floor rug when it hit me…Those no-good cyber-bully Russians must have done this!

Now, I don’t have any proof that they did this but I am fairly confident that my recent hack attempts and this burglery were done by Russians at the orders of Vlad the Cyber-Impaler himself. I mean, I’m pretty sure they don’t have our freedom there in polar-bear land. And I’m willing to bet they don’t. even. drink. RC COLA. They have every reason to hate us.

I am officially, through this channel of communication, filing a complaint against the dictator and RC Cola-hater Vladimir Putin for aforementioned crimes against my person and property and hereby call upon my followers to go forth and purchase all of the carbonated products (don’t buy Coke they sponsored the Sochi Olympics in 2014) you can get your freedom hands on pour them on any Russian person you can find!

The attack against me should be seen as an act of war and the rest of ‘Muricans everywhere. It is imperative that we contain this obvious threat to our liberty and justice as soon as possible and fill every nuclear warhead we have available with as many red, white and blue products as possible and level every Russian city and citizen on this beautiful planet we call America.

I will need the president’s blessing to coordinate with the various levels of military intelligence to ensure no RC Cola factory, factory worker (yes the Russian RC Cola employees will have amnesty) or retail locations are damaged in this upcoming campaign.

You may be asking yourself, why should we trust this person? Where will the resources come from to execute an operation such as this one? The best response I can give you is that I am confident in my information and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in Washington D.C. is that decisions like this are best made in a highly emotionally charged state of mind where blind rage, irrationality and revenge are the key tools to deterring foes and criminals of any level.

So get ready Russia because I’ve got my blinders on and a whole heap of money and brainwashed soldiers at my disposal and I am going to wipe the floor with your economically thriving, highly diplomatic, excellent public speaking, incredibly funny, superior intelligent, Cabal-destroying ass.

До свидания.

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Crazy Awesome Synchronicities All Day

Today is a day that shan’t be forgetting soon. The amount of synchronicities that have happened just today has blown me away. I will begin this story with myself waking up early to take my car battery to be tested and charged or to know if it needed to be replaced.

Since my vehicle was made before I was born I knew it was bound to have rusted and failing bolts and parts all over the place. I grab my tools and go to Autozone and when I went to try and take my battery out I realized I grabbed tools that were too small. I thought they would work. Argh!

So then I go back home and park in a different parking space than my usual one. I proceeded to remove the bolt holding the battery terminal to the clamp and it just broke. I was so bummed! Then I look down on the ground and there is a perfectly usable (but used) battery terminal that fit my exact situation for that exact moment. I just laughed and laughed…

I seriously would have been screwed and would have had to walk to the store to get a terminal. I threw that in and headed off to Autozone and the guy there informed me that my battery was good. I was shocked actually and expected worse news. I have time to save for a better one!

I also made a trip to a different auto store for a jack and the register number was a synchronistic number for me. I also found my jack was on sale. Pretty cool day!

Just a side note, I have been seeing my birthday numerically a lot lately. In TV shows and in everyday life. Like I would go to answer someone’s call at work and they would ask how the patient in 410’s heart rate is or a patient’s medical record number had 410 in it:

An an interesting additional synchronicity, the picture of my birthday on YouTube’s size was 444k:


I just love documenting these things and I really enjoy sharing them with you guys and gals as I really feel it gives a real world example of the ‘other side’ doing a lot of work to make sure the grand opera of Earth is running properly and in amazing ways, for those who have eyes to see anyways.

I am feeling like everything is going to be okay. Both on a micro and macro scale. I know there are others who are suffering and I do help them whenever I can. I would also like to add that I have been really exercising my manifesting (law of manifestation) muscles and doing daily affirmations and meditations on abundance, health and wealth. It is definitely working and I just wanted to share that with all of you because I think people need a real world example of these abilities working.

Anyways this is all I have for now.  Interestingly I have finished writing this at 1:44 pm:


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March Equinox “Victory Now” Meditation

There is a meditation event that is gaining traction that I feel would be a good idea to participate in by those working with the Prepare for Change team. I’d like to pass it along to all of you if you feel guided to get on board with it. It hasn’t been endorsed by Cobra or has been announced through his blog but I felt it was important to share it as our last meditation was so successful.

The time will be 3:28 am for Arizona folks on March 20th. For your local time click at the link below:


This is (all on Monday):

12:28 am HAST Honolulu
3:28 am PDT Los Angeles
4:28 am MDT Denver
5:28 am CDT Chicago
6:28 am EDT New York
10:28 am GMT London
11:28 CET Berlin
12:28 pm EET Cairo
5:28 pm ICT Bangkok
6:28 pm CST Taipei
7:28 pm JST Tokyo
9:28 pm AEDT Sydney
11:28 pm NZDT Auckland

Here is the video we will be using (in English):

Thanks for checking it out everyone and much love! Maybe we can cut the timing down on The Event even more!

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For Those Interested, I Finally got a Car!

Yes it’s true. Today is the day that all the manifesting, visualization and frustration finally paid off as I drove home in a station wagon from the 80s. Lol. For security reasons I won’t say exactly what kind of car it is but it is nice and is in great shape.

Of course everything went very very synchronistically.

First after giving up on getting a vehicle a few days ago after a terrible day of attempting to go look at one I was guided (strongly) to continue looking. I just happen to look on craigslist and there it was, the next car I would get. I asked if it was available and the gentleman replied (quite a while later) that it was and that I could come look at it.

I caught the next bus just in time. It was even running 1 minute late. Then I just barely caught the next bus. There were lots of numerical synchronicities on the way there. 11 11 and many others.

Then I arrived and there was the vehicle. The gentleman was nice and showed me everything I needed to see and told me everything I wanted to know (I am a backyard mechanic).

I got to the DMV and within 15 minutes I had put it in my name and I got it insured. This all took place within about an hour or less. Totally amazing.

It needs a bit of tinkering but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Cars in the 80s were made a lot better than they are now believe it or not (before the Archon invasion of 1996) and everything is easy to get to.

I want to reach out to each one of you that donated some cash to me for this to happen. It literally wouldn’t have happened with out you so I am sending you all a HUGE HUGE hug in such high gratitude! I am grateful beyond words and even cried today in such amazement that this finally happened!

It’s time to take this thing to the car wash so I will leave you for now. Thank you again for everything you are all doing in general and I hope to see you all soon enough. Much love!!


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New Benjamin Fulford Radio Interview

There appears to be a lot of intel being released lately as the battle for humanity and control of the Earth winds down and victory nears. I know many of you know of Benjamin Fulford and are familiar with his weekly intel reports. Occasionally he will appear as a guest on any number of radio shows and this time he has completed one on The Divine Truth Show on Revelation Radio today March 13th, 2017.

Ben and the hosts discuss current events, mass arrests, PizzaGate, the financial system, geopolitics and much more. I am about half way through it and can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

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A Call to Make Preparations for The Event

As we inch closer to the final breakthrough I would like to put out a call for everyone reading this to position themselves as well as possible for The Event to occur and to be ready to be of service when the time comes, whenever that is.

I have a tab on my home page titled The Event where I include many documents you can study, print and share with those around you. I have created and given several of those documents to those in my MeetUp group to study and to prepare for when things start happening. Knowing your stuff and what is happening will be key!

The plan is still the same:

  • Get together at least 2 weeks worth of food, water, meds and supplies
  • Get money out of the bank and into something tangible (toilet paper, silver etc.)
  • Study intel and information on Cobra’s and other’s blogs
  • Realize everything is happening according to divine timing
  • You will be exactly where you are supposed to be when The Event happens
  • Get contact list ready; e-mail, phone, walkie-talkie etc
  • Mentally prepare to be calm and loving in the event of possible chaos
  • Don’t panic and make irrational decisions
  • Remember there are billions of ships monitoring the whole situation here
  • Without Cabal’s negative mind-control technology people will be more responsive to this information

Here is a summary of what we will expect to be happening (not exactly all in order)

  • Temporary Bank Closures (2 Weeks Max)
  • Disclosure Playing on Television and Emergency Broadcast System
  • Mass Arrests of the Cabal (Televised)
  • Liberation of Planet Earth from Dark Forces
  • Release of Suppressed Technologies
  • New Financial System Put in Place
  • First Contact
  • Ascension for Some Beings

One of the most important things is to stay informed by following blogs like this one, Cobra’s and many others (check out blogroll on the bottom right hand side of this blog) for accurate and genuine information. There is a lot of deception in the alternative media, sadly. Acquiring and honing in on your discernment skills would be a good idea at this time. Learn to feel what information is right or accurate.

Everything I could possibly want to convey about The Event is included in the tab I have on the home page so I would just defer everyone to that for the best information and links to other blogs and websites. But basically the information you need to know is included here.

Another thing I’d like to share is that everything is going to be okay, I believe the longer wait we have endured is ultimately going to be a good thing as everything will have been worked out and will be in place at the right time so everything goes smoothly. Plus we may not even remember anything after the solar flash happens anyway so why worry so much?

Thank you all for reading and victory of the light! (hopefully soon!)

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