I know the amount of meditations being requested is overwhelming…

I am overwhelmed myself…these meditations are by request and aren’t required…if you are are free and feel guided to participate in them then by all means! But I don’t want you all to feel obligated to do them…I know everyone has their responsibilities and the resources of the lightworkers are already stretched to the limit.

So please don’t overwork yourself…You are loved no matter what…No judgement will fall upon anyone…Everyone has their mission here and it may involve these meditations or it might involve making Kombucha or organizing and breathing class 😉

Just wanted to send this out in case anyone was feeling like they are being asked too much…

Light and love to each of you always,


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4 Responses to I know the amount of meditations being requested is overwhelming…

  1. Jeannine says:

    Thank you Jonathan. This is very helpful! <3

  2. truthearth says:

    Yes! Lots of emergencies..luckily I work a hospital…12 hours of constant emergencies..

  3. Lester says:

    And is increassing..

    Currently there are at least 4 important meditations to ease and calm events as Earth begins her Ascension.

    -The erupting volcano in Bali
    -The situation in Puerto Rico after the Hurricane
    -The election referendum in Catalonia this Sunday
    -The meditation to remove the toplet bombs.

  4. We are unlimited! Remember that all is unfolding perfectly and we are in exactly the right place at the right time, witnessing and observing all the things necessary for our highest growth and learning.

    When we understand that time and limitation are but illusions for our human experience, we can begin choosing to transcend them through our intention and inner knowing.

    Instead of focusing on our limitations, I suggest giving greater attention to our potentials and dreams.

    We just might surprise ourselves at what we can create together!


    Love Always,



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