Huge Powerball Lottery Dream/Synchronicity & Prophetic Dreams Come True & Other Synchronicities

These dreams and synchronicities have really been kicked up a notch these last several days.

The first one I will share here is one with several layers. Recently I’ve been putting it out to the Universe that it would be wonderful to win the lottery, specifically the Powerball lottery.

I recently had a dream about the lottery which was interesting:

The jackpot for the drawing for January 6th was $410 million dollars so here we see this magical number manifesting again:

Amazingly, the winning numbers for the Powerball January 2nd drawing were the first five digits of the previous blog post on this blog titled ‘Prophetic Presidential Dreams Come True’ published on January 3rd. I have no control over the identification numbers of the posts; they are generated automatically by WordPress when a new article is created:

What are the odds of that?

Next was a prophetic dream featuring my spirit animal the wolf which occurred on January 4th:

Then two days later, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I was looking into the situation in Washington D.C. on January 6th and found a live stream with the channel named ‘Wolf Neve’ which featured a wolf head resembling very closely the one I saw in my dream as their channel photo:

The same day a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun hit Earth:

And if you can believe this, the above Twitter link from Corey Goode ends with the magic 410:

Probably just a coincidence…

Earlier today I just happened to pull up Trump’s Twitter account and saw that he had just uploaded the video addressing the people about a minute after I had went to the website. I got the screenshot after watching it and the ending was interesting. And for the record I’m not politically inclined either way, I’m just going with the flow:

“…to all of my wonderful supporters… I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning…”

So of course everyone will have to make of that what they will. I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicities which indicate ‘new beginning, new beginning, new beginning’ over and over again. So whether this is a personal synchronicity or a message for others or both is up to the reader to interpret, but a lot of times the synchronicities I experience are messages for others.

Another sign which indicates that we are taking steps to the next level is this particular post number which contains digits 12345 in a jumbled order:

Regarding the previous post ‘Prophetic Presidential Dreams Come True’ I think the dream with the command codes might still be something that could come true as it seems like the codes could be related to a plan which needs to be executed by the President and the administration. I really don’t know for sure.

I would note that the senators dream from that post featuring someone drinking raw eggs might have been related to the certifying of the votes for Biden. When I looked up the meaning of raw eggs in a dream it was one of two things. The first thing was that it represented a difficult situation that needed to be dealt with. Another interpretation had do with with health but that didn’t seem related.

In the first dream where I saw my first name in a video message I also wrote down that I saw a second message but I didn’t have any indication of what it was. Perhaps Trump’s latest video message was that message. Just a theory of course.

In any case, I suppose we will have to see what happens from this point on and keep holding the light as much as possible.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love!

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