Lottery Scratcher Synchronicity, Trump Dream, Many Solar Flare Synchronicities, Many Dreams, Teal Swan Prophetic Dream & More

For those who are interested there are some more interesting dreams and synchronicities happening that will be shared here. As always discernment is advised.

One interesting thing that I’ve learned about the Higher Ups is that they know what the winning lottery numbers are (as far as the scratchers go anyways). I know this because they have divinely-guided me to them on occasion to prove an important point and/or just give me a reward for hard work. Recently I did some house-sitting and decided to journey up to the store and I telepathically got ‘scratcher’ on the way there.

After getting a few things I went to the register they used my eyes to point at the identification number for the particular scratcher they wanted me to get. They guided me to get 5 number 15s which were 1 dollar each so I spent 5 bucks. After assuming I would lose on all of them because I’m just not that lucky when it comes to gambling, I was amazed when, on one particular scratcher, I won on every number and got $10 total. Woohoo! The winning numbers were 8 and 9 and that’s what I got for each thing plus a $5 bonus:

Sorry about the quality I took the picture with my laptop.

The next thing I would share is a Trump dream that happened on June 5th. I am not a big fan of any politician or billionaire (‘oligarch’ in most other countries) but perhaps this dream had to do with the January 6th Committee investigating the so-called ‘insurrection’ (which seemed to actually be a trap in some ways) which started Thursday June 9th:

June 5th, 2022 08:58 AM

Dream about following Trump around with my siblings I think and some other people and we went to a restaurant. Trump and I didn’t talk or make eye contact at all.

I remember the people at the restaurant were very helpful and seemed to treat us differently because we were with him.

I think there was something before or after this about painting walls a different color. Maybe being in some living space or something connected to him.

I didn’t know what our relationship was to him in the dream but it felt like we were supposed to be there. I don’t know if his wife or kids were there.

The restaurant was multi-leveled and I think we were sat down right away.

I think I may have been expected to pay for my part of the meal but we had just barely got to that point before I woke up I think so I’m not sure if I had to or if Trump would cover it. Don’t remember much else.

Donald Trump is many things but he is not responsible for the ‘insurrection’ so maybe this dream is indicating that he will be fine as it relates to this particular issue.

I forgot how this happened or why I wrote it down, perhaps I restarted my computer. I don’t remember but something about the sun kept appearing and so I decided to write it down on June 7th. This would turn out to be extremely prophetic as you will read on:

And then solar activity started creeping back up into the C-Class range after taking a break for a little while. A C-Class flare happened at June 9th 03:39 AM which would be June 8th 08:39 PM in AZ time, the next day after writing the above email:

Yesterday June 9th an opportunity to be service-to-others presented itself when I walked to the grocery store and saw a woman flying a sign in the parking lot. When I went into the store and came back out I telepathically got that I should to give her all the money I had. She was flying the sign to help her family and especially her 1-year old who she showed me a picture of on her phone. I offered to get some groceries for her if she wanted and she agreed. I’m including all of this because of the time I got on the receipts were before an increase in solar activity which has become the norm now interestingly.

I apologize about the quality of the photos here; I used my laptop camera to take them. Here are both receipts. The first one is mine for 2:29 PM and the second one was for her and that was 2:55 PM:

And then we had a C-Class flare at 4:15 PM in Arizona time, 80 minutes after getting the receipt for her stuff and the biggest C-Class flare we’ve had in a while at the time:

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the next solar flare synchronicities but yesterday I suddenly started hearing background music from ‘Merlin’ which is a British show about Arthurian legend which is most excellent (you can watch it here for free). It took a while but the part I heard was the beginning part of a track titled ‘Finale’ which was used in the following scene where Merlin says he was born to serve Arthur and help him create an amazing world. It is from the ending of the show (season 5 episode 13) in the episode titled ‘Diamond of the Day Part 2’:

I don’t know what this means yet but it definitely means something:

I am learning that probably everything that is happening, including things that appear to be ‘accidents’, are happening for a reason and aren’t accidents at all. One such amazing example is a copyright claim I got for one my videos titled ‘The Solar Sneeze 432Hz’.

It’s a short video which is basically about the sun flaring and then an animated person going up into the sky like they are Ascending with the final scene being from ‘Babylon 5’ where one of the characters Ascends after his DNA is manipulated. This happened on June 9th at 8:53 PM:

And then amazingly, today June 10th we had an M-Class flare happen at 3:54 AM Arizona time. The flare happened 7 hours after the above copyright claim:

Unfortunately the video is blocked in some countries now so I’ve uploaded it to BitChute for those who want to check it out:

Something strange happened after the video finished uploading though. For some reason it got like 17 views right away and one dislike. I don’t know if new videos are advertised for everyone to see. I don’t use BitChute much so maybe I am just not aware of how it works. In any case it’s better off there than YouTube.

The video is prophetic is another way as well because the thumbnail photo for the video is of a solar flare happening on the upper left part of the sun and that is where this M-Class flare originated:

Ben from Suspicious 0bservers just released a video about this during the time of this writing:

In addition to this there appears to be another prophetic component to this because in the Solar Sneeze video there is a scene where the solar ejecta is headed towards earth:

And apparently the sun released a CME (which was a separate event from the M-Class flare) on June 9th sometime (data isn’t complete yet as of the time of this writing as far as I know). The sun is the middle dot and the dot directly to the right is Earth:

Last night and this morning was a wild night filled with a lot of dreams. What’s interesting is that the M-Class solar flare happened this morning June 10th at 3:54 AM AZ time and it was an M1.22:

When I finally woke up I looked at the laptop clock and saw it was 12:22 PM. I was not happy about sleeping in so late but realized it was probably a synchronicity as the flare was an M1.22. The dreams aren’t really important so you can skip them if you want. I don’t think there’s anything prophetic or useful in them. One of the dreams turned out to be prophetic as you will read below.

I don’t have proof of when I woke up but I started writing down the dreams at 12:30 PM;

Another couple of dreams were full animated like a cartoon or like South Park:

This one was about just walking onto some thrift store property and helping them even though I didn’t work there. I got the number 808 as the time in the evening when the driver was taking me home. Very interestingly, after adding this and that to this article in addition to proof reading and editing various things the original publishing time was 8:08 PM. I don’t know about mobile or tablet devices but on a computer with a mouse you can hover over the date below the title and it will show you the article publishing time. It’s interestingly because I wasn’t even paying attention to the time when I was doing all of this.

June 10th, 2022 12:34 PM

Had dream where I just waltzed onto the property of a thrift store and just started helping them in the back.

There was a young man and an older woman there who needed help moving a vending machine somewhere and so I just helped and they didn’t ask any questions haha.

We used a dolly to move it which took a bit of effort for me and the woman.

Eventually the young man drove us down a city road and was taking me back home I think. He said the time was 808.

That number means I need to watch how much money I spend. Don’t remember much else.

If I remember correctly, there were about 4 dreams that were the same and spread out throughout the night and morning and were very annoying because it felt like I was there for way too long:

This hasn’t happened yet but the Higher Ups have been communicating that an X-Class solar flare is coming. As usual I am skeptical about this but the sun is acting up again so we will see. Publishing these things before they happen is always a leap of faith that may not result in anything. I definitely wouldn’t put any bets on it. Here are a couple from June 7th:

And here is one from today:

I would also add a possibly prophetic dream here regarding another lightworker named Teal Swan. She escaped a brutal cult that practiced human sacrifice among other horrors. She survived years of horrific ritual abuse and was used by the cult as a seer as they want people with abilities in their ranks. She is extremely intelligent and kind. I would highly recommend looking into her story. She did an interview with a news channel about it but I would add that the content is beyond gruesome.

Here is the dream which was about tarot cards from May 30th:

May 30th, 2022 10:56 AM

Dream where two people looked at me with masks. There were things happening before this but don’t remember them now.

I remember there were two tarot cards I think. The people had animal masks on which were white and had horns but I didn’t know which animal it was.

The animal on the cards seemed like the same animal I think. Maybe a bull horn or something like that.

The card was different and I didn’t see which one it was but the artwork included the animal and a light green nice looking landscape.

Don’t remember the other card well. This is all I can remember. 

And then a couple of days later on June 1st, she announced that she was releasing her own deck of tarot cards called Aether Creature Oracle Guidance Cards which is downloaded as an app. I looked on her Facebook and saw that it wasn’t announced beforehand, it was just announced the day of, June 1st:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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