Prophetic Eurovision Synchronicities Come True, Bad Dreams, Attacks, Cobra ‘Dream’ Comes True, RuPaul Dream Comes True, Solar Flare Synchronicities, ET Contact Dream & More

There have been some interesting things happening which will be shared below for those who are interested. As always discernment is advised.

Some might recall that in March this year I kept turning my lights off accidentally and thought this might be pointing to a song titled ‘Lights Off’ by We Are Domi for the Eurovision Song Contest being the winner.

This is drawing a conclusion which I have been learning to stop doing. But the synchronicities were predicting something that actually came true.

[Adding this next synchronicity June 5th, 2022]:

I just remembered a possible prophetic song the Higher Ups provided on April 23rd of this year where they put the song ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ by The Buggles in my head:

After looking into this song I discovered that it was the first music video ever played on MTV on August 1st, 1981 at 12:01 AM:


“…On 1 August 1981, MTV (Music Television) kicked off its very first episode, blending music and television, and for the first time ever.

The very first music video played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles…”

After going back to look at the music video randomly today I realized that the Higher Ups were possibly using this song to emphasize that the Czech Republic band We Are Domi would be performing first in the Grand Finale before it was publicly announced which wasn’t until May 10th. The song lyrics even have the words “You were the first one”:

“Oh-a oh-a
You were the first one
Oh-a oh-a
You are the last one”

The first thing you see when you watch the music video is something similar to the half kinetic sun used as a prop for the stage:

And here’s a great comparison shot from the Eurovision 2022 stage:

[End of additional information.]

This song continued popping into my head and on May 10th even got a telepathic image of a beautifully vivid scene of them on stage winning (not sure why I got the word winner when they didn’t win, unless it was to mean they ‘won’ the opportunity to open the Grand Finale):

The song kept playing in my head which I decided to document just in case:

The Grand Finale happened on May 14th and while We Are Domi took 22nd place, they were chosen to open the Grand Finale and perform first:

So while they didn’t win, ‘they’ communicated that this band was important in some way and it turned out they were right! Out of all the bands that could have opened, it was them which I thought was amazing. How something like this can be communicated a couple of months before the song contest even started is truly amazing.

I would also add here that the light show that went along with parts of their song was epic and although the kinetic sun that was part of the stage stopped working a few days before the contest started, this made it almost resemble light exploding from the galactic central sun. This also seemed to go along with all of these solar flare synchronicities that have been happening these past several months. The stage design was intended to be like the sun:


“…The Eurovision 2022 stage design, entitled โ€œThe Sun Withinโ€, was meant to play on the movement and energy of the sun…”

Clicking play will start the video where the light show starts. There is a lot of flashing so I’d add an epilepsy warning here.

To go along with the possible galactic central sun resemblance (all of this could be a coincidence) I discovered that the same day the list of performers were released, May 12th, scientists released the first picture of the black hole at the center of our galaxy:


“…On May 12, 2022, astronomers on the Event Horizon Telescope team released an image of a black hole called Sagittarius A* that lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy...”

Very interestingly, the Statue of David was used in the background effects during the performance and I wondered if there was something to be found there. After doing some digging I found a bit of conflicting information about the statues’ height but did find several references to it being 410 cm tall:

(Victoria and Albert Museum)

“…Considering the colossal size of the original David (410 cm) and, above all, its โ€œalmost ricketyโ€[3] state, Papi needed to take immense care to avoid damaging the statue…”

The most recent article before this one was published on May 10th and the next day I believe there was some retaliation in the form of some terrible dreams. It was negative at every conceivable level and I was made to feel like I was an accident:

It’s possible another retaliatory situation manifested while talking to my neighbor when a large tree branch suddenly snapped. It was huge and happened while we were talking about doing inner work and other subjects regarding how things work on this planet:

I believe it was May 15th when a dream about America’s Got Talent magician Issy Simpson made an appearance which was super exciting:

Interestingly on May 16th there were several dreams about being a spirit (dead) along with a date and something about 410 days after that date:

September 21st in 1996 was the 265th day of the year:

And interestingly April 10th (410) is the 100th day of the year with 265 days remaining:

Although either if it’s 410 days after that date in 1996 or 1997 I couldn’t really find anything significant. Either way it would be November 5th.

A possibility might be that November 5th, 1997 was the day of the biggest sunspot of the year:

The day before that date the same sunspot group produced an X-Class flare and another X-Class flare the day after:

So perhaps this dream has to do with solar activity. Time will tell of course but I wouldn’t put any bets on it.

Interestingly this particular blog post number ends with 410. These are generated by WordPress automatically when a new blog post is created.

I’m learning that these seemingly random ‘accidents’ are not accidents at all and this next one is another example. I had to restart my computer, (forgot the reason why) and noticed the sun as my wallpaper and though that this might not be an accident. The Higher Ups will use anything and everything to communicate messages if necessary. This was May 24th at 2:34 PM:

And then the next day May 25th we had an M-Class solar flare which would be 11:24 AM in Arizona:

I almost didn’t write this next thing down because I wasn’t sure if I actually remembered it or not but it was a possible Cobra dream/vision that happened in the partially awake/sleep state on May 21st:

My interpretation of this is that in the ‘dream’ I saw what looked like another video being posted but it wasn’t the same video so perhaps this was communicating that the new post would be similar but not the same. This could definitely be prophetic because the new post was going into further detail about the video form the previous post which was about various cycles of time ending/beginning. The ‘dream’ was also prophetic in that it happened on May 21st and Cobra published the new post on May 26th:

Another possible encouraging synchronicity happened on May 21st while at the library and one of the kind librarians had a t-shirt that said ‘Justice is Coming’ on it:

Some might recall a dream that happened recently about RuPaul’s Drag Race show where the cinematography was amazing along with the theme song to the British sci-fi show ‘Merlin’. This dream happened on May 7th:

And then amazingly they uploaded a very well-animated video (amazing cinematography and detail just like in the dream) introducing each of the queens dressed as Greek women on May 16th, 11 days after the dream:

The Merlin theme song seemed so random but now I realize it was communicating that the video would be taking place in ancient times as I’ve researched and found that Arthurian legend is from around the 5th century. So both Greek civilization and Arthurian legend would be considered ancient history.

[Adding this next synchronicity on June 7th]:

It appears that I possibly added the incorrect video (or perhaps the dream was prophetic in more than one way) but a new video clip was uploaded on the RuPaul’s YouTube channel which was a challenge for the queens to ad lib (improvise) an episode of a court show called ‘Fairytale Justice’ (similar to ‘The People’s Court’). This is much more similar to the dream where I heard the theme song from ‘Merlin’ and saw a castle. A castle was featured as part of the intro of the video which was published on June 5th:

Here is Camelot castle from the ‘Merlin’ intro:

I would also add that the wolf spirit animal appeared in the form of the defendant who played the big bad wolf. It’s interesting that this ‘bad wolf’ keeps appearing in real life throughout time and space just like in Doctor Who:

[End of additional information.]

I did a little research into RuPaul since he has appeared in a dream before. I watched several interviews and found that this is someone who is probably a starseed. He said he never wanted to be in The Matrix and has great wisdom about the Universe and life in general. This is not to say his life is without controversy and it’s hard to say if there is any connection to him and the terrible things that go on in Hollywood. In any case, this prophetic dream coming true was very cool.

The next is a dream from May 22nd which featured ET contact with two different types although the first one I don’t remember and the other one was unidentifiable but materialized in a gumdrop shaped series of orange energy lines:

On May 26th ‘they’ put the music from the ending scene of Men in Black 2 into my head and this is the part of the movie where the evil tentacle being finally gets destroyed and there is a huge fireworks show above the Statue of Liberty:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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