X-Class Solar Flare Dream/Synchronicities Come True, More Solar Flare Synchronicities, Cobra Dream, RuPaul Dream, Fun Dream, Attacks, Spirit Animal Synchronicities & More

There have been a lot of dreams and synchronicities happening which will be shared here for those souls who are interested in checking them out. As always discernment is advised. Apologies about the length of this article.

Recently the Higher Ups communicated on May 3rd that an X-Class solar flare was going to happen:

I was skeptical about this but took a leap of faith anyways and shared it in the previous article. This was followed up by a dream where I saw ‘X1’ on a license plate along with the message of the dream being that I had nothing to worry about. That dream was on May 5th.

They used my eyes to type out ‘X-Class’ again on May 7th which I decided to document just in case, still thinking it wasn’t likely to happen:

The same day, May 7th, I ‘accidentally’ clicked on the following link:

And just yesterday or the day before they used my eyes to type out ‘X-Class coming’ but I didn’t write this down and dismissed it because it had been days since the original prediction and I didn’t think they could possibly predict a solar event that big so far in advance. We are talking about 7 days in advance.

Additionally as interesting, while writing down a dream on May 8th I accidentally shutdown the computer (backspace is just under the power button, oops) and when I restarted it I saw the Sun wallpaper on the homescreen and thought this might not be an accident:

Well my mind was blown when today, May 10th, we had an Earth-facing X-Class solar flare and even the intensity that they predicted in the dream was correct, it was an X1. I’m still a bit in shock honestly! This has to be one of the biggest leaps of faith that has paid off so far:

In the countless amount of numbers they show me everyday the triple 7s kept appearing before this solar flare and this means that you should expect miracles to happen. I’d say they were pretty accurate!

Another synchronicity that might be part of this is that someone took me to get my prescription glasses today. This could symbolize this particular solar flare synchronicity coming into focus and seeing the end result of the signs leading up to it very clearly.

The flare originated from sunspot group 3006:

And interestingly the meaning of the number 3006 on the angels numbers website was published at 11:11:

The next item of interest is a dream about being with a group of people and some of them were extraterrestrials:

May 6th, 2022 07:40 AM

Had dream about being with a group of people and some of them were extraterrestrials. One of them was a young woman who had beautiful and noticeably bigger eyes than we do.

We were walking around together in a large group of like 10 of us I think and I don’t remember what we were doing but we just went from place to place in what seemed like a school or library perhaps.

There was family conflict happening between some of them and their relatives. They needed love. Don’t remember much else.

Just before and after the Divine Intervention Meditation the Higher Ups are now regularly communicating in advance about solar activity. On May 6th I let them use my eyes to type out ‘C-Class solar flare, big one.’ on my keyboard:

We had a few C-Class flares after that but we did have a big C8 on May 8th, a couple of days later:

The Higher Ups are quite skilled at making not only myself but other people uncomfortable sometimes. I say that because of the nature of this Cobra dream I had on May 7th which I haven’t quite been able to figure out yet. Perhaps it’s predicting an upcoming (or already happened) uncomfortable situation. If Cobra is reading this I apologize about this brother:

May 7th, 2022 04:08 AM

Dream about being in a big house and Cobra was there along with some other people too. I don’t know what we were doing there but I remember Cobra needed to shower and wanted privacy.

I think I was in the bathroom or somewhere close by and maybe he told me he wanted to shower or I just knew, don’t remember now.

I remember there was a skunk chasing this older lady around and hopped up right onto her and it sprayed her really bad, like point blank several times.

I remember using the hostess cake snacks to lure the skunk outside and to get rid of it without getting sprayed. It worked actually and I had to go outside and stand outside of the room where Cobra was in the shower.

For some reason the bathroom had access to a sliding glass door to the backyard so there was a risk of seeing someone in there from the backyard possibly.

When I went outside I avoided looking into the sliding glass door to the bathroom. I remember thinking Cobra was probably irritated that I was outside there and heard the other sliding glass door open.

I think I was visualizing this but didn’t know for sure if it would bother him.

I also remember seeing a big lion casually lying down and looking like it had a bit of a human resembling face. He looked very tame and that he wouldn’t attack someone.

Don’t remember which other animals there were or what we were doing there or when or where. I remember trying to read the ingredient list on the hostess cakes to see if they were vegan because I wanted one but couldn’t read the label that well.

Someone was there with me I think, maybe a lady and there were other things that led up to the skunk and the shower but don’t remember now.

This next dream definitely won’t be for everyone but I decided to write it down because it seems prophetic. I think it might be about the upcoming season of one of RuPaul’s Drag Race shows called ‘All Stars’ which is set to premiere on May 20th which is 10 days from the time of this writing. This is where they take winners of previous contests and compete with each other and try to win first place. In the dream though there was a scene where the theme song from BBC’s ‘Merlin’ was playing and it was a powerful moment. I remember the cinematography was just incredible:

May 7th, 2022 09:57 AM

Drag Race dream where the contestants had to dress up and do challenges. This time the cinematography was spectacular with great color and detail.

It was just beautiful and amazing looking. I think I saw them do an intro of the contestants. It was also very funny I think.

I remember it was one of the contestants turn and they had to fly and suddenly the theme song from the BBC’s Merlin was playing during the scene. It was powerful and I think there was a castle in the shot.

All in all I would say it was an amazing episode that I saw. I think All Stars season 7 is about to start.

I don’t remember what was said but it seemed like the whole thing was amazing. The one I saw had a dress that was long and I think red/black/white or just two of those colors.

The way they were moving made the dress move in a certain way which was mesmerizing. They were very slender. Don’t remember any names. There may have been some slow motion shots.

I couldn’t believe how well done the cinematography was and how vivid and beautiful it was.

Another dream from that night/morning was about presenting some art to a class that was done by a relative:

May 7th, 2022 10:00 AM

Don’t remember much but I think there was some art and creative ideas that I ended up using to share in a classroom setting that one of my relatives did.

The artwork was world class and the colors and story were incredible and well thought out.

I don’t remember much about what it was but I think it was some kind of animated cartoon idea which surprisingly ended up being a big success with the students and teacher.

I remember a small but full color page that was extremely well done and how vivid and attractive the artwork was.

I didn’t have my own so I ended up using theirs. I’m not sure what it was called or what the character’s names were or anything but that it was a surprise hit.

On May 7th I heard the song from the video ‘A Positive Divine Message 432Hz‘ but at a specific point in the song. It was the part of the video where there was information about the Island of Light Communities that will be established after The Event (some are already in development) which is where certain people will go to complete the Ascension process:

The time I documented this was 07:57 PM and then 56 minutes later at 8:53 PM (UTC converted to AZ time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

The other interesting part about that particular scene was that it was taken from an episode of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ Season 2 Episode 12 (Epiphany) where the main character goes into a portal and can’t get out. He eventually finds himself in a community of people who are on the path to Ascension and ultimately helps them by overcoming their fears which they created themselves. A more detailed analysis of this episode can be found here which includes the episode to watch for free.

This wasn’t included in the last post because I was guided not to include it but during the possible telepathic communication with Semjase I was given some uplifting and prophetic information:

I believe this next story which is connected to this possible communication with Semjase is another example of what you put out into the Universe comes back to you.

My neighbor, who speaks mostly Spanish but enough English to get by, had come over May 5th and I was showing him cards that you’d have in a wallet and he saw my food stamp card and expressed that he needed help with this. So we tried calling and I couldn’t get an answer because I wasn’t his authorized representative. So I just asked the woman if he needed to apply again and she said yes.

So we do the whole application process online and he, supposedly, will be getting approved by this upcoming Friday (hopefully). Amazingly they waived the interview so we didn’t have to do that. He asked for help with applying for jobs too and we were able to do quite a few and he showed me a link in a text to schedule an interview which he did and that was just today May 10th.

The Semjase message from April 29th said I would be getting some money. Fast forward to the day after I helped my neighbor which was May 6th I started to walk to the store and on the way there I found $12 dollars on the ground. Wow! So this appears to have been not only a prophetic message but another example of how good deeds come back to you in some form. I don’t know for sure if it’s Semjase or not but this was really amazing either way. I wish there was a way to know for sure that it’s her.

The Higher Ups have been getting a lot better about communicating that an attack is going to happen. They can’t prevent them from happening but over the last several months they have been using our communication system (one example is using my eyes to point at things) to communicate that an attack is going to happen. I decided to write this down because it seemed important:

I didn’t connect these two events earlier but perhaps the attack warning from that day was for the upcoming night which was hell:

Very strangely the other night which I think was May 6th going into the 7th (the night after publishing the previous article interestingly) I got some knocks on my front door. They woke me up out of a dead sleep and I was not happy. They kept knocking and I decided to ignore them. I went to the window and looked out quickly and saw an SUV which seemed to be a police vehicle. The person was using a flashlight to try and look inside my place.

I was getting pretty mad and thought that if I answered the door I would say something I would regret. Fast forward to last night my neighbor added some information to this event and said that night they heard footsteps in the gravel and apparently only knocked on my door. They said it was like 1 AM.

Then today the relative that took me to get the glasses told me about how there was an alert about an altercation which was located exactly at this building I’m in. Okay there was no altercation and the people here get along just fine. And at 1 in the morning? Oh boy I was so mad.

Assuming this was some kind of attack it’s definitely not the first. Terrible things would happen while I was working on videos and especially meditation videos.

One thing I forgot which I hope is a coincidence is about a couple of weeks after moving in here I noticed my water was off one evening. I went out to investigate and it turns out the person on the other side of me had an end part of a pipe burst and water went everywhere.

This is another pattern I’ve noticed which is that wherever I live/visit for the past couple of years or so there is some kind of water event (pipe bursting or something) that causes problems and damage. I believe that at least some of these things are retaliation due to the timing and because water problems can cause a lot of damage which is what they want to do. They want lightworkers/light warriors to stop and just go away and die (and suffer as much as possible during the process). But we will not go away and die, one way or another we will be victorious.

On May 7th they put the song ‘One Step at a Time’ by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks which is about just letting things happen in their time (possibly connected to the X1 solar flare):

The next dream from May 9th was absolutely so much fun I was actually a bit upset that I had to wake up here in the physical world. It was basically this gentleman and myself on some kind of levitating platform and everything I would think would manifest almost instantly:

May 9th, 2022 09:30 AM

Dream were I went with a gentleman to a mall-type setting to get some things for him I think. There was some kind of platform we rode on kind of like from Tomorrowland.

I remember it tilted at one point and I slid down and off and was hanging on to the edge for dear life!

I remember at one point we were enclosed in some kind of space, possibly on this platform and anything I would think of manifested quickly, within about a couple of seconds. This was so much fun!

I remember him telling me to lock the door gate and I looked at the little hole where you’d put a lock.

I thought about putting a zip tie in there and the next thing I know I heard some noises and realized I over did it.

Suddenly the other side of the gate had a zip tie in it, the fence had a bunch of them sticking out and when I looked down at myself I had them around my wrists! This was so cool.

I changed the landscape and did so much more with just thought.

We spent what seemed like a long time there. I remember we were done and some spooky people came in through a door for something. They were dressed up and one of them looked at me.

Then I was with two other people, a woman I used to work with I think and they wanted to ride this platform and be part of a story like a holodeck I think.

It seemed like it was going to be a great time. It was exciting. I’m not sure what story though, they seemed to have a serious demeanor. Don’t remember much else. Don’t know where we were or the time.

Another song they put in my head which took a little while to figure out was ‘Crescendolls’ by Daft Punk:

This is the part of the hour-long ‘movie’, which has no dialogue, titled ‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem‘, where the benevolent extraterrestrials, who were kidnapped by an evil wealthy French mogul (possibly Rothschild), are finished being programmed in his underground base and are ready to get a record deal and start their public career. They are shown in this part of the movie as being totally miserable, being mistreated and, with their memories and physical appearances changed, not knowing who they really are. I’m not quite sure of this meaning of this synchronicity:

Last night , May 9th, I went to go hangout with the neighbors and after a while one of them starting singing the big bad wolf song (Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf). They did this a few times and I thought this might be a wolf spirit animal synchronicity.

Earlier the same day I noticed a brown spider hanging out in the crack of the front door and thought it might be a brown recluse (very poisonous). After looking at it and checking out pictures on Google it turned out to be a wolf spider. It decided to make a break for it and went into the bedroom as fast as it could. Sorry wolfie, love ya but you gotta go outside. Maybe it was predicting the neighbor singing the big bad wolf song later in the evening.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

PS Hopefully this neutral and g-rated humorous video won’t offend:

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