Big Solar Flare Synchronicities, Being a Guide Dream, Blue Dawn Video Synchronicity, Lots of Special Dreams, Prophetic Erik Prince Dream & More

For those souls who are interested there are some interesting things happening which will be shared here. Discernment is advised as usual.

I will start with an interesting dream about being a guide for a gentleman who seemed to be going through the death process. For convenience the dream has been typed out below the screenshot:

May 1st, 2022 07:18 AM

Dream where I was helping a gentleman through the death process. I remember only parts of this. I remember trying to fly at one point and was able to go up a bit but not a lot. I was wondering if I was a spirit or if I was still alive in a body. I couldn’t tell.

I remember this man, I forgot his name, but I think I was supposed to help him because he had died and was confused.

I remember getting into his vehicle while he was in there while he thought he was alone. He saw me and got upset and asked who I was. I don’t remember what I said but I got his name right most of the time and forgot it a couple times and said the wrong name.

I remember he wanted to go back to his house and I knew we shouldn’t go back there. On the way there I was begging him please don’t go back there. I was crying and begging. I think I called him Larry but that wasn’t his real name.

We eventually got to his house and I knew this was going to be bad. I tried to warn him, I begged. But he insisted.

I remember trying to go to the bathroom and their cute black dog was in there and was interrupting me so I let it out of the bathroom. I remember that he was going to relive the tragedy.

I saw their other dog get stuck in some kind of machine. I think the dog was brown and like a golden retriever looking breed. The machine moved and the dog was stuck. Then I think the man’s son got involved.

This machine was part of the house and was underwater. I think the man died trying to save his son while his son was trying to save the dog. I didn’t see it but I felt like I knew. Then I don’t remember anything. I couldn’t tell if I was a spirit or if I was still alive it was a bit confusing.

Then on May 2nd the song from ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz’ video started playing in my head:

I believe this was precluding a solar flare due to the fact that the beginning of the video begins in darkness and then the sun starts to come into view and then the song starts when the sun reaches its maximum exposure:

That song in my head was documented on May 2nd at 3:31 PM and then a few hours later at 6:38 PM (Universal Time converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

About 14 hours after documenting the song message we had an X-Class solar flare. 13:25 in Arizona Time would be 6:25 AM on May 3rd:

On May 3rd I had some amazing dreams that were full of laughter, joy and just so much happiness. I don’t remember much of them but I woke up feeling so great it was very needed:

The same day May 3rd I suddenly heard ‘Venus‘ by Lady Gaga:

I’m not sure about this meaning of this quite yet.

The next amazing thing that has been communicated is to do with solar flares. Once again a benevolent Higher Force is communicating that a solar flare is going to happen and then it does. I let them use my eyes to type out three different kinds of solar flares.

They kept giving me telepathically ‘A’ ‘B’ and I ignored this thinking that those level solar flares are not important. But I think they were trying to communicate the order in which the flares were going to happen which I didn’t document.

The first one was a C-Class which I documented on May 3rd at 1:27 PM:

And then 44 minutes later at 2:11 PM (UTC converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

‘They’ typed out ‘M-Class’ on my keyboard (these solar flare messages were documented within a few minutes of each other) and amazingly the next solar flare that happened was an M-Class and after that there were several M-Class flares:

The M-Class message was written out at 1:29 PM and then about 4 hours later at 5:19 PM we had the M-Class solar flare:

They had me type out ‘X-Class’ as well but that hasn’t happened yet as of the time of this writing so this is a leap of faith to write this out before it happens:

On May 3rd they also put the Beauty and the Beast song in my head:

The only thing I can speculate about this song is that there are lyrics regarding the sun. This is drawing a conclusion also and it might not be what is intended to be conveyed:

“Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before

Ever just as sure

As the sun will rise

Certain as the sun

(Certain as the sun)

Rising in the east”

I’m not sure what the meaning of this is quite yet either. I never know if any of these things mean anything when I write them down so maybe it’s related to solar activity and maybe it’s related to something else which needs time to manifest.

The next is an interesting dream which I will share below. The first featured a number and the spaces between the numbers were included in the dream = 1 11 11:

There were a few things I looked into regarding this number and I thought of it as a possible countdown from the time the dream was documented = 1 day 11 hours 11 minutes and this would be today, May 5th at 8:25 PM (20:25) which is still about 2 hours away from the time of this writing.

The other thing I thought of is plugging it into the Pi calculator and seeing what came up and I found the third instance of 11111 appearing in Pi appears just before 410 in the string of numbers:

Yesterday on May 4th in the evening time I suddenly found myself humming ‘These Dreams’ by Heart:

I didn’t realize it but this was going to preclude several interesting dreams over the course of the night and into the morning which will be shared below. Although just before those I got a telepathic image along with a mild bodily energy surge. The Higher Ups do this when something they want to communicate is really important. The image was of a character from a ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ episode titled ‘Transfigurations’ which is basically about an human-looking alien who experiences strange symptoms that lead to him transforming into an Ascended Being. You can watch it for free here if you want. The quality isn’t super great but it’s free:

Here is the first dream which was about getting benevolent hidden and metaphysical assistance. I’ve typed it out for convenience:

May 5th, 2022 01:44 AM

Details fading quickly. Dream about being somewhere difficult.

I remember watching someone and there were some kind of special and unique pills left for them. I believe there was three. Two were different from the other I believe.

There were other things happening before this but don’t remember much now. I remember watching two people together after one of them had found the pills and taken them. They were for that person specifically I think.

When the other person was feeling something like cereal, the person that took the pills could feel what they were feeling. They could feel the texture and they were both amazed at this.

I think it was a small but powerful way of letting the person know that someone was watching out for them. I think I was looking at a woman but I’m not entirely sure. [The person seemed androgynous.] I think there were extraterrestrials involved. Important.

This person had long blond hair that I think was pulled back. A good person. Don’t remember who anyone was or where this was or when. I think there was something about languages and another detail I am having trouble remembering.

The next dream was about getting some information from a psychic medium to someone with the name ‘Nuñez’ and I think there was a high ratio of souls coming in to support the people. I think it was 130 souls to 1 person. There were other larger numbers before this but the details faded:

May 5th, 2022 03:56 AM

Dream where there was something about spiritual warfare I think. I remember a woman in the audience I knew and a psychic medium said who here knows Nunez?

Several people raised their hands including the woman I knew. The medium wasn’t supposed to do this because something else was going on in this room full of people but they chose to speak up about this Nunez.

And for some reason I raised my hand and pointed it towards the woman I knew and everyone looked at her. She skeptically said that it probably wasn’t her because so many people had raised their hands.

I remember someone talking about how there are more souls coming in to support the people. It was a large amount and I think the number 130 came up. I don’t know if that was a ratio (130-1) or what but this was good news.

There were things that happened before this that led up to it but don’t remember now. I don’t remember anymore info about Nunez or where we were or what day or time it was. Details fading. 

And then there was a dream later on in the morning which was possibly predicting an X-Class solar flare in addition to being a message about being worried over nothing. This is another mention of an X-Class solar flare that has not yet happened as of the time of this writing so this is another leap of faith to include this:

May 5th, 2022 09:57 AM

I remember a dream about riding around in an RV and this went on for a while. Someone I used to know was driving it at one point and I was afraid of their driving. They kept doing u-turns over and over and it was getting stressful.

I remember driving past a vehicle I think where there was an X1 in the license plate number and thought about how this might be a prophetic thing predicting the intensity of a solar flare that hasn’t happened yet.

I was nervous throughout this dream in general but looking back there was no reason to be. Everything turned out fine.

We had to change the front passenger tire with the spare and then the young guy that was driving parked outside of his dad’s house and had to go help him with stuff.

He was putting away a lot of stuff he had in a trailer or something. Then the dad had some kind of towel around him with rainbows or something light-hearted on him and I asked about it and his wife laughed about it in a good and amusing way. I was worried for nothing.

It’s possible the Erik Prince dream I had was prophetic in regards to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He was simply there with no context or anything. This was January 9th:

And the invasion of Ukraine happened on February 24th more than a month after the dream. Interestingly, the magic number 410 appears as the time stamp for the following headline from Russia Today:

Cobra mentioned Erik in a recent post:


“…Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, appears to be one of the main forces behind both sides of the conflict in the Russia-Ukraine war:…”

The word ‘fox’ in various forms in addition to images of the animal itself continue to appear regularly interestingly. While looking into any information I could find about Semjase I found this clip from a film where someone named Foxfur has an in-person meeting with her. I don’t know how accurate some of the things they discuss in the film are but it was interesting nonetheless:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I’ve been guided to this uplifting song recently:

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