Spirit Animal Appearance, Possible Prophetic Twitter Buyout Synchronicity, Possible Prophetic French Election Synchronicity, Possible Semjase Telepathic Contact, Prophetic Dream, Prophetic Solar Flare Synchronicities

For those who are interested there are some pretty exciting things in here which I would share along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

My spirit animal, the wolf, has been continuing to appear in the most interesting ways. On April 19th I went outside and saw a van with ‘Wolf’ on it which belonged to a local radio station. I edited it to make sure no one can identify the location:

To reiterate, I had a dream on December 7th, 2018 where I was told I was going to be going on a quest of many perils and benevolent wolf beings would go ahead and make sure the path was safe so I could complete my journey. Since that dream the wolf has appeared in various forms very regularly in the waking and dream state to let me know I was on the right path and put my mind at ease:

December 7th 2018 03:07 AM

Had a dream where I was to go on a quest of many perils. I would be aided by these wolf/dog beings who would go ahead and clear the path for me so I could continue and complete the journey. It was like a video game. They paved steps for me and fought monsters and evil beings for me so I could traverse the path they led for me.

They are very brave beings that are doing this. I remember having to go through the entire above and below ground structure to get to the next level, I don’t know what the end game to this whole thing was. But it was an honor to be able to participate in this quest in any way, because of the sacrifices of those who would volunteer to help.

The time period seemed to be very old, like when fire was used to light the way. I don’t remember there being any technology. It was similar to playing Diablo (computer role play game).

There would always be a next step in where to go next. I think there was another version of me that would appear at times as well. Like in the cave structure. I may have been dressed in a tattered but covering robe.

And to call the last 3-4 years since that dream ‘a quest of many perils’ has been extremely accurate and the understatement of the year. An enormous thank you to those beings doesn’t feel like enough (and to the people who have financially helped out over the years!).

It’s possible that the Higher Ups were communicating and confirming that Elon Musk was going to purchase Twitter before it happened. While online they kept pointing me to investment/stock companies (Schwab in particular) and I thought they wanted me to start trading stocks so I got an account which I learned was not necessary (once again I drew a conclusion when I shouldn’t have). This was on April 18th. Elon made the bid for Twitter on April 14th but it wasn’t clear if that was going to go through. Apologies about the size of the picture below, WordPress wouldn’t let me shrink it for some reason:

Then, per documents from the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), on April 20th, he had secured the funding to buy Twitter.

Then, on April 25th, it was announced that he bought Twitter:

Strangely, on April 21st, I ‘felt’ the word ‘Threnody’ (song by Thomas Bergersen) strongly (felt it and saw it in my mind’s eye and my gut) and decided to write that down:


“A threnody is a wailing ode, song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.”

Per a Facebook post by Thomas Bergersen, he said he wrote the piece as a “musical contemplation on the current unrest in Europe” from 2016.

It’s possible that this synchronicity was regarding the French elections where Macron was announced the winner on April 24th, a few days after writing the song down:

This has resulted in clashes with police and protests:

On April 22nd, I also heard Chopin’s ‘Revolutionary Étude’ again but at a specific point in the piece where it was one of the most dramatic parts. So this may have also been connected to the French election results (part of the title of the piece is French):

There’s a possibility that a part of a recent dream from April 18th featuring Al Capone and tens of thousands of arrests has come true:

There was something about 88 years and while I couldn’t quite figure out the other details yet, on April 23rd, about 6 days after the dream, it was announced that Republican Senator Orrin G. Hatch died at 88 years old:

Interestingly, I calculated that 88 years minus the current year, 2022, would be 1934 and this was the year Al Capone was transferred to Alcatraz prison and it was the same year Orrin Hatch was born. I think there is more to uncover here but I’m not sure about it yet. Maybe the dream was trying to communicate that this guy was as bad as Al Capone. Also as interesting Mr. Hatch was the longest-serving Senator in Utah history. After doing some digging I did find that he took money from Big Pharma and his son is a lobbyist (legal bribery) for the pharmaceutical industry.

I’m not quite sure of the reason for this next song that I got on April 21st (also before the final French election result) but it was the song from ‘Time to Come Home II 432Hz’ (‘Clair de Lune’ by Debussy):

Another strange song that I got on April 23rd suddenly was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles:

After doing some research I learned that this was the first music video played on MTV on August 1st, 1981 at 12:01 AM::


“On 1 August 1981, MTV (Music Television) kicked off its very first episode, blending music and television, and for the first time ever.

The opening credits of the debut episode started with a rocket launch, followed by a video depicting an astronaut on the moon planting an MTV flag…

The very first music video played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles...

I’m not sure exactly what this means yet. Perhaps this is a synchronicity that needs time to reveal it’s true meaning.

Okay now on to the solar flare synchronicities. I think it’s so cool that ‘they’, whomever ‘they’ are, are able to communicate in advance that a solar flare is going to happen and then it happens. My educated guess would be that this is The Source/God communicating this because the timing is sometimes so exact I can only theorize that a mind with great intelligence/creativity/love can be the author of such things. These synchronicities are organized/created/done in such a way that they are for the highest good of all concerned.

Although yesterday, April 29th, I kept getting the Katy Perry song ‘Birthday’ in my head which had uplifting lyrics like ‘cover your eyes, I have a surprise’ and so on. They use this song/lyrics sometimes when something really amazing is about to happen. Also, it was Jacob Rothschild’s birthday yesterday (April 29th) so maybe this is a message for him as well:

I don’t know if this is actually what the song was predicting but I suddenly got a telepathic image in my mind along with the word ‘Semjase’ just a few hours after the above screenshot:

The closest image I could find to what I saw was a combination of these. Semjase was not in the image this time but the landscape was similar to the below photos. It was like two hills with forest trees and kind of dim with an opening in the middle of a large sun which was either setting or rising, I couldn’t tell. Perhaps this was also predicting the X-Class solar flare that happened today, April 30th:

I learned before starting this article that today, April 30th, is a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse:

Okay that will dovetail perfectly into the solar flare synchronicities. So on April 27th I felt the Higher Ups put some energy in my body and I knew they wanted to use my eyes to communicate something on the keyboard so I let them. They typed out ‘C-Class Solar Flare’ and ‘X-Class Solar Flare’:

I wrote the C-Class message on April 27th at 7:19 PM and then 48 minutes later at 8:07 PM (Universal Time converted to Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare:

I wrote down the X-Class message at 7:21 PM on April 27th:

Amazingly, and always to my surprise as I never know if these things are going to come true when I write them down, we had an X-Class solar flare today April 30th at 6:47 AM Arizona Time (along with a lot of other solar activity leading up to this):

The magic 410 appears in the details here because this X-Class solar flare originated from sunspot 2994:

(Space Weather)

“…X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: So long, and thanks for the X-flares. Departing sunspot AR2994 unleashed another X1-class solar flare today, April 30th @ 1347UT, as it exited the Earthside of the sun…”

If we plug this number 2994 into the Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we get 14101, the 410 surrounded by 1s:

The significance of Pi has been emphasized in sci-fi (Stargate SG-1) and by extraterrestrials (encoded in a crop circle):

Another example is from a show I just discovered yesterday called ‘The Lost Symbol‘ which is a prequel to ‘The DaVinci Code’ which was 10 episodes long and unfortunately canceled after one season. They included a reference to the Pi symbol being found on a Freemasonic ring as part of a quest to discover ancient wisdom which can help someone achieve Apotheosis (Ascension):

(The Review Geek)

“…Back at the library, Langdon and Katherine meet back up with Warren and begin looking over the ring’s engravings. Now, given it includes the symbol for Pi, Langdon begins writing out the numbers (he actually knows the first 417 by heart) and uses this to circle letters from the scripture found in Solomon’s safe…”

[Adding this next synchronicity May 1st at 5:50 PM]:

So I realized the possible telepathic contact/image with Semjase seemed to be directing me to some astrological information and might have even been prophetic because of the X-Class solar flare that happened the next day (New Moon and Solar Eclipse simultaneously also on April 30th). I discovered that when the sun goes down tonight, May 1st, there will be a Mercury-Pleiades conjunction.

This recommendation was just added today on SpaceWeather.com. I would add here that the conjunction started on April 29th (same day I got the telepathic image), but astrology mostly goes over my head so I’m not looking into these things and only noticed this on SpaceWeather today. I do know that Mercury has to do with communication so that could be another synchronicity regarding this telepathic image and Semjase is from the Pleiades so that is another detail that fits into this synchronicity:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0015-576x1024.png

And in the telepathic image I saw a very large sun that seemed to be rising or setting (setting might make sense due to the recommendation of checking out the conjunction after the sun sets which appeared on the SpaceWeather website the day after the telepathic image). I couldn’t tell, and the area around the image was darkened so maybe that was saying it had to do with space. There’s definitely a lot going on in the solar system these past few days for sure!

[End of additional synchronicity.]

I am being guided to include a story about an important event that happened a couple of years ago or so. Apologies about the grim and negative nature of the story. It was a nice beautiful day and I was either coming back home from the store or walking to the store. I don’t recall if I was guided there or not but I remember noticing a perfectly new razor blade sitting on a rock behind the shed on the property. I remember that the razor blade was not there the day before.

They guided me to pick up the razor blade and then used my eyes to point to the ground. They wanted me to bury the razor blade. So I asked several questions out loud and learned that they wanted me to promise that I would not take my life. At that point I got really worried and thought about how bad my life was going to get that they would want me to promise not to off myself. Looking bad it was bad and so much worse and I’ve thought about doing it so many times. I’m learning that they need this body to be alive and for me to be in it and to complete the journey all the way to the breakthrough. I need to go all the way.

Whenever things would get really bad I would notice a song would be uploaded that day with a title like ‘Stay’ or ‘Please Don’t Go’. Sometimes I would get panic attacks because I know they would probably do some kind of divine intervention to stop me from leaving this body. I would panic because I couldn’t leave no matter how bad things got. But my guess is that the consequences of leaving the physical plane would be somehow very bad although I don’t know what those would be. Again I apologize about the nature of this story and for probably sharing too many personal details but they wanted me to include this anyways.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish you all much love and light!

Synchronistically, this song by the artist ‘Sun Rain’ was just uploaded while writing this article. It goes along perfectly with the activity of the sun today:

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