Presidential Dream, Cobra Post/Blue Dawn Synchronicity, Final Battle Synchronicity, Al Capone/Arrests Dream & More

There have been some interesting things happening for those who are interested in checking this out. As always discernment is advised.

I am hesitant to post the following dream because some might find it to be outrageous, which is an opinion I would share. But here it is nonetheless. I believe it was a prophetic dream because it happened early in the morning before some drama occurred in the comments section of Cobra’s blog on April 8th.

In the dream I realized I was briefly the 10th president of the United States and there was a gentleman there who wasn’t being very nice while I was trying to sign some things. I remember thinking how cool it was to be part of history, even just for a little bit:

The 10th presidency was very specific and so I did some research and discovered that Vice President John Tyler became the 10th president after William Harrison, who was the President, died 31 days after taking office. John Tyler was referred to as, ‘His Accidency’, due to the situation. I believe this happened in the dream because I had no intention of replying to this/these individual(s) who regularly insist on attacking my comments on Cobra’s blog in the comments section. The energetic attacks after publishing those comments were severe.

I would reiterate here that just before these strange attacks in the comments section started, I had a dream about being chased by Jacob Rothschild specifically. Of course I’m not sure if that is actually true or not, but when we had a confrontation, he was made of paper, which I interpreted as him being harmless:

I finished writing down the presidency dream at 3:22 AM and then later in the morning after seeing that/those individual(s) comment under my comment choosing to attack, I decided to just address it. If comment section drama/conflict turns your crank, I will share the link here and let you read it for yourself.

I first responded at 11:38 AM and the dream seemed to be prophetic in that I was signing things and was having an altercation with a gentleman. The situation is similar because John Tyler hadn’t intended to become President and after doing some digging I learned that he was the first Vice President to ‘succeed the presidency after the death of his predecessor’:

(White House)

“John Tyler became the tenth President of the United States (1841-1845) when President William Henry Harrison died in April 1841. He was the first Vice President to succeed to the Presidency after the death of his predecessor…

On the other hand I’m excited to share this next prophetic synchronicity which was that on April 14th I suddenly started humming the tune from one of my videos which took a little bit to figure out. Amazingly it was the tune from ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz’ where I created some ‘fake’ positive headlines about the liberation of Earth to help people visualize it and help manifest it in reality:

Then on April 16th, two days later, Cobra posted an article titled ‘Apocatastasis’ which was sharing some intel about the situation and the coming breakthrough which one could also call the ‘Blue Dawn’ (dawning of the Age of Aquarius):


“…Most of all this is already cleared, and we are approaching the moment of the apocatastasis:

Apocatastasis is the moment when all quantum and subquantum anomaly will be cleared and all evil consciousness either transformed into the Light or annihilated in the Central Sun…”

Apocatastasis is a Greek word which appears in the Christian bible in Acts 3:21 that translates to ‘reconstitution or restitution’:

(Got Questions)

“…Proponents begin their defense of this position by pointing to the use of the word in Acts 3:21, which says, “For he must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration [apocatastasis] of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets…

Then, on the same day, Saturday April 16th. one of my relatives sent me a picture of this pamphlet they got in the mail:

Some might be able to guess it was a Christian religion pamphlet containing messages of generally what you’d expect.

There have been some very interesting dreams happening and they have happened after the Divine Intervention meditation we just did on the Full Moon on April 16th.

This morning of April 18th there were some really important dreams and I could tell the Higher Ups really wanted me to write them down but I was so sleepy I thought I could just try to remember the details later but I think some of the info was lost.

The first one had to do with being related/connected (it felt more like related stranegely) to Al Capone for some reason and there were dates involved and a relative that was born in the 1800s along with tens of thousands of arrests coming. I am still trying to figure this one out:

I don’t know if I recalled everything correctly but basically the same/similar story happened the first time I fell asleep and then again later on in the night to seemingly emphasize their importance and make sure I remembered the details in the morning.

In regards to the possible meaning of the 88 years, I learned that 88 years ago from this year, 2022, would be 1934 and this was the year Al Capone was transferred to the Alcatraz prison. Since the dream had a number amount of arrests perhaps it has to do with the arrests of the Cabal:


“…He entered Atlanta penitentiary in May 1932 but was transferred to the new Alcatraz prison in August 1934…”

I thought maybe Al Capone was like a comparison of the Black Nobility since he comes from the House of Capponi:

(World Crime Syndicate)

“…Al Capone was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi. The Capano family were a nobility of Naples and were related to the Florentine Capponis. The Capano family established themselves in Delaware and still own a large real estate company and have been involved in politics. Members of the Capano family have been Jesuit educated from Boston College and the deceased Thomas Capano was convicted of murder with his brothers assisting him…”

Another dream from the other day was talking to an old best friend from a long time ago and trying to convince him not to join the military and tell him about the current situation on the planet. I tried to ease him into it as I’ve learned the hard way just unloading a bunch of truth on someone is not the best idea, even though we would like everyone to be able to get up to speed that fast:

April 8th 2022 08:32 AM

Best friend dream. I remember we were hanging out in a store I think and then I remember we were on our way back to their house.

I think we drove and they expressed that they were sleepy. It was late like in the early hours of the morning. I remember it was cold and snowy out I think.

Then I think they started to talk about how they want to join the military. I didn’t like this at all and started to ease them into what the real-world situation is right now.

I strongly suggested they don’t join. I told them about the Jesuits, the network of genocidal families who are losing control of the planet and would see it destroyed through wars, biological weapons, famine, etc.

They actually listened because I was their best friend and I was wording it in the right way and gauging their reaction as I went along. They got a big download.

It was an unexpected talk and I didn’t know it was going to go that way. I was just so happy to see them and I miss them.

I remember we were in their room at one point I think. Then I don’t remember anything else.

I’ve learned that all of my knowledge from the physical plane gets carried over to the Astral Plane and there have been many dreams where I teach whoever happens to be there about the situation here and sometimes in graphic detail (pedophilia, satanism, child sacrifice, etc.).

An interesting song that was playing in my head the other day suddenly was the beginning of the song of the video ‘THE FINAL BATTLE 432HZ’ from some time ago. The screenshot below is from today, April 18th:

Another fun one from April 17th was hearing/humming the song from the movie ‘Space Jam’ (the original one). It’s called ‘Get Ready’ by 2 Unlimited:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event! Let’s get ready to rumble!”

I’m not sure what this means exactly but it sounds interesting! As usual I never know if what I’m writing down means anything or not at the time. Sometimes the prophetic synchronicities/dreams/etc. need time to materialize their true meaning but these sound exciting. The title of the movie is ‘Space Jam’ so maybe it’s about extraterrestrials.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with here but one of my neighbors said there was someone in a white car staring over at our complex. The neighbor went to confront them and asked them what they’re doing there and then they left. This was like a couple weeks ago or so.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light as always!

This beautiful piece by Thomas Bergersen was playing in my head recently and that’s the song I will close this article out with:

PS Don’t forget to laugh once in a while:

PPS Just noticed that this article was published 13 minutes before an M-Class solar flare. The article was published at 9:37 PM and the flare happened at 9:50 PM Arizona time. To check the time the article was published on PC (don’t think this can be done on mobile or tablets) simply hover the mouse over the date under the title at the top of the article:

Arizona is 7 hours minus Universal Time so 04:50 AM on April 19th is 9:50 PM April 18th.
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