Prophetic Dreams Come True, Cobra Post, Solar Flare Synchronicity & More

For those who are interested there have been some interesting developments regarding these dreams and synchronicities. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

Some might recall that I had a dream where Nancy Pelosi made a strange appearance but without any context or anything. This was March 31st and interestingly, today, April 7th, it was announced that she tested positive for Co.vid:

The other part of this dream, which was seeing a bunch of new videos uploaded by Arbre Solaire, has also come true as the channel has uploaded a handful of videos since the dream happened.

I don’t know if this next dream was of a personal nature or if it had to do with Cobra’s blog but on April 4th I saw a dead body buried in sand with the head sticking out which was covered with sand along with flies flying around. Then the next morning on April 5th Cobra posted a black alert coded message:

Thankfully the alert has been downgraded since then.

On April 5th I felt some energy in my body and felt that ‘they’ wanted to use my eyes to communicate a message on the keyboard which I let them do. They typed out ‘C-Class solar flare’:

I wrote the above screenshot at 1:36 PM and then about a few hours later at 5:41 PM Arizona time we had a C-Class solar flare:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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