Moving Synchronicities, Cobra Dreams Come True, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested there are some things I would share here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment with anything you come across here.

The last week has been quite chaotic and this transition into a new place has been difficult but successful so far.

Very interestingly, the day we were supposed to meet with some people to sign the lease, the appointment to do this was canceled just as I had all my stuff loaded up in a relative’s vehicle. This was March 28th and interestingly they left the voicemail at 8:20 AM and 820 is 410+410.

I knew these things happen for a reason but this seemed like a big set back. So I brought all my stuff back into the apartment and waited (thankfully it’s not a lot of stuff!). Throughout this whole time the sun has been going crazy with many solar flares happening during this process.

So finally the move-in day was yesterday, April 1st and everything worked out. Interestingly this was the date of the New Moon. I have noticed that the Higher Ups will organize big life changes and synchronize them to happen on astrological configurations. Astrology generally goes over my head so I never know what is going to happen on which day:

I am able to remember dreams much better now and have been trying to document them. One of them was about seeing a new Cobra post which I wrote on March 27th and then the next day March 28th Cobra posted an update:

‘Shirt’ is supposed to be ‘short’.

The day I was supposed to move into this new place on March 28th, almost everything went unusually wrong the whole day. The relative helping me had an appointment cancel on them that day in addition to the appointment to sign the lease here. After that we just decided to go to a couple of thrift stores but both were closed. So we went to Goodwill and strangely got the perfect parking spot as close to the front door as you could get. The person had just pulled out.

Then I heard a couple of great songs on the radio in the store and I think this was the reason for these strange blockages happening. The songs were ‘Break Free’ by Ariana Grande and ‘Best Day of My Life’ by American Authors:

This relative dropped me off and decided to try and get their nails done. That didn’t go well either and they weren’t able to. So they just decided to go home. Very strange.

Some might recall that I’ve been seeing the word ‘Delta’ a lot recently to the point of feeling the need to document it which I did on March 24th:

My first thought was Delta Option from Cobra’s blog but once again this is drawing a conclusion and I never know for sure what these things mean until later on. This may or may not have been what was trying to be communicated but I learned that about 6 days later after the above screenshot on March 30th we had an X-Class solar flare and under the picture of the sun there was information that the flare came from a Delta-class magnetic field:

Over the years the two things I have found myself saying over and over after these synchronicities and leaps of faith are ‘I never would have seen that coming’ and ‘I never had anything to worry about’.

I had a strange dream on March 31st about seeing a portal being opened and that it was a rare and special event which had to do with the Department of Defense in addition to another dream where I saw that dream come true. This has happened before where I have a seemingly prophetic dream and then have another dream where I see that dream coming true. It’s truly mind-boggling but amazing:

March 31st, 2022 03:13 AM

Dream about being in the woods or something and a special portal opened. Like a rare video game event which you can’t control (used to play an online game called ‘Runescape’ which had these).

It had a message which was important but don’t recall now. It was very special and a couple of people were with me and witnessed it. I think the situation was like a video game almost.

Then I remember something about the Department of Defense connected to it somehow. I think I saw the letters ‘DoD’ in the portal at one point. The message was positive I believe but can’t recall now.

There was something about acting.

I remember seeing a circular portal with an outline of some color which I don’t recall now. I got the impression that not a lot of people get to experience this. I think there were other messages too but don’t recall them now and don’t remember if they were positive or negative or somewhere in the middle.

Very interestingly, later the same day Cobra posted ‘Happy Birthday’ to the blog at 2:21 PM, which is called ‘The Portal’ and is the official communications outlet for the Resistance Movement (which could be another way of saying Department of Defense, since they help defend the planet) and the 10-year anniversary of the blog being started is a rare and special event which the dream seemed to be indicating:

The second part of the dream was interesting (it included an appearance by Nancy Pelosi strangely enough which I haven’t been able to figure out why yet) and was also prophetic in that later in the day Arbre Solaire posted the following video:

Some might recall a couple of dreams that communicated some strange messages/symbols which didn’t make much sense at the time. It was two dreams about seeing Dumbledore and a diamond. In the second dream it was like several dreams all crammed into one and this time there was something about a road name. The first dream was from December 14th, 2021 and the second January 6th, 2022 so at least 4 months or so in advance they told me where I was going to live:

Amazingly, and at the risk of sharing too much information, the place I am living in now is in a place having diamond in the name along with the road name being diamond and the diamond is my birthstone.

Today I went to the library to get a laptop and here is some amazing stuff. In the above dreams I kept seeing Dumbledore and in the first one there was something about Hogwarts and while at the library I came across a sign which pointed in different directions and had location names from Harry Potter, including Hogwarts:

This library was so beautiful, huge and modern. They had nice laptops with a hotspot to checkout for free. This is perfect because there is no wi-fi here like at my other place. It had a small free food ‘pantry’ and probably many other resources which can help people. Libraries are amazing because they are one of the few places in our society where you aren’t expected to buy anything when you go in. It’s my favorite place in the world to be and it feels like a very sacred temple because this is where so much knowledge is and it’s available for free. A library card is one of the most important things one can have, assuming one has the ability to get to the library.

Today we had a couple of huge solar flares. They were both M-Class and the second one happened 30 minutes before checking out this laptop. I checked out the laptop at 10:14 AM and the flare peaked at 10:44 AM, both times being Arizona time:

The first solar flare happened earlier this morning and was a long-duration M-Class:

Interestingly, the director of the short film I was in sent me a trailer/teaser from his motion graphics class which was about a sequel to the film. It seemed to be synchronistic as he emailed it to me on March 30th just a couple of days before moving. Vimeo won’t let me embed the video so I will make the text a hyperlink. I asked him if a sequel was on the table and he said possibly in the future but just wanted to share his work and how he was improving which he was greatly.

Just a little fun with numbers here. Today is April 2nd and is the 92nd day of the year (this is not a leap year):

And if we plug 42 (the date April 2nd, 4/2) into Pi, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, we see it takes position 92:

Today I missed an opportunity to help someone in exactly the way they needed. After getting the laptop I walked to the store and noticed a woman and her daughter on the sidewalk flying a sign asking for help. A relative had given me a gift card to that store which is why I was there. I should have asked the woman there if I could help her out because after going into the store and spending it all on household stuff I went outside to ask her if I could buy her some food. She immediately asked for a gift card to the store and I became disappointed because I would have been fine just giving it to her. I got her some food and drinks anyways but this was one thing that the Universe seemed to have set up which was an opportunity mostly lost.

I think it’s important to try to reserve judgement and help people who put themselves out there like that because it’s definitely not the most dignified thing someone can do. My case manager emphasized this as well and it was either them or their spouse that suggested that they could be angels testing people. Of course it’s important to balance your own needs too with being service-to-others.

I think the general message here is that there is order behind the chaos and that even if things seem like they are falling apart and going wrong, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is a reason for the changes happening. At least on a personal level, I can only speak for myself of course since I don’t know other people’s situations. This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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