Prophetic Solar Flare Synchronicity Comes True, Sleeping Beauty Synchronicity, Time Travel Dream & More

For those who are interested I will be sharing some synchronicities which seem to have come true amazingly. As always discernment is advised with anything you read here.

On March 9th I shared some solar flare synchronicities that were happening and it turns out that these were prophetic.

There was a tune that the Higher Ups put in my head which was a tune titled ‘Sun’ by Thomas Bergersen which had a runtime of 4:10 and I used this in a video titled ‘Visions of the Golden Age II 432Hz’:

Then, the next day, March 10th, we had a long-duration C-Class solar flare which was directed at Earth:

The magic 410 appeared here because the time the flare happened was 20:55 in UTC and 2055 is half of 4110:

It came from sunspot 2960:


“…Then on March 10, a long-lasting solar flare took place near the large sunspot region AR2960. It also produced a CME, and this one is due to strike Earth more directly on March 13…”

This is significant because when I went to look up this number on the Angels Numbers website, the time the post was published was 11:11:

March 10th was a significant personal day as well and I’m learning that some of my daily activities and life decisions are synchronized with the activity of the sun. I scheduled an appointment with a counselor to help handle my severe PTSD which I have been irresponsibly ignoring. The appointment was set for 14:00 (2:00 PM) March 10th and amazingly, the solar flare happened while I was on my way there which was at 13:55 (1:55 PM):

I got a couple of signs that I was supposed to go the appointment in the form of seeing 410 on a McDonald’s bag of food that was left on the staircase in the lobby where I was waiting for a ride along with seeing a van with a wolf decal along with the words ‘Bad Wolf’ from Doctor Who on it drive by. Whenever the wolf appears, in any form, that is a sign that I’m on the right path.

I had been starting to see 11:11 over the past week or so which I thought was unusual but comforting. While waiting for a ride back home I was talking to my case manager about the numbers and they mentioned seeing 222 along with 11:11 which was really amazing to hear. I showed them the above website because that is a spiritual favorite and the one the Higher Ups primarily use to communicate. They had also given me a food card in the recent past (November 2021) whose pin code was 1111 which I sent a picture of to them as we had just been talking about it:

[Adding this synchronicity later on in the day:

After going to get lab work done I decided to roam around the area and went to the store and got a few things. I ended up checking out 52 minutes before an M-Class solar flare:

Got the receipt at 2:40 PM and the solar flare happened at 3:32 PM Arizona time:

I also let ‘them’ type out the word ‘safe’ on my keyboard before leaving to get labs done. I’m not sure what this means. Perhaps they meant I’d be safe:

[End of synchronicity update.]

[Adding this next synchronicity later on:]

I forgot to add a prophetic synchronicity which was about the Ascension Plan. I was guided to read the last update from Eric Klein’s ‘The Crystal Stair’ which Cobra recommended some time ago. This was included in an article published on February 5th:

And then on February 12th, Cobra published the updated Ascension plan:

[End of additional synchronicity.]

Another beautiful 410 synchronicity was when they gave me a classical music tune a couple of hours before the appointment and the solar flare. The tune was ‘Sleeping Beauty Waltz’ by Tchaikovsky. It took a little digging to figure out this melody because classical music composer names and titles can be a bit difficult to remember.

After doing a little digging I found that the Sleeping Beauty story is categorized as number 410 in the Aarne-Thompson grouping:


“…The Aarne–Thompson–Uther Index (ATU Index) is a catalogue of folktale types used in folklore studies…”

They also put the Russian tune ‘Kolibelnaya‘ (‘Lullaby’ in English) in my head. Originally sung by Polina Gagarina and used as an audition song by Aida Nikolaychuk on X-Factor Ukraine:

Perhaps this is some kind of synchronicity related to the Ukraine-Russia conflict? The woman is singing a Russian song on X-Factor Ukraine. I am not sure about this but I know there is a reason. Sometimes the synchronicities need time to reveal themselves.

Last night I had a time travel dream which was important but I was too tired to write it all down. In the last dream before waking up, I revisited this dream somehow and I think I remember trying to document it in the dream while also experiencing it again. At some point I realized I hadn’t actually written down the dream on the iPad and would have to document it yet again. There was something about timelines and it was very emotional:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light! While thinking about what else to add to this article and going into a light trance I suppose, I found myself humming the following piece by Johann Strauss II:

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