Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True, Time Travel Dream, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

There are some interesting things I would share here for those who are interested along with the usual encouragement of exercising discernment. This blog has mostly become more about journaling so if this is not something that sounds like you would be into then please feel free to disregard these posts and blog.

One of the first things was a Cobra dream from this morning which I don’t recall much about. Either way, I knew a post was coming soon. His post didn’t have anything to do with a jungle which is what I saw in he dream so I’m not sure why it happened that way but oh well:

There was another Cobra dream which I didn’t write down, in addition to other dreams, due to being too sleepy to document them. But amazingly, not only was the above dream prophetic, I also happened to write about the second dream on the iPad 15 minutes before (3:32 PM) he posted the most recent post, which happened today at 3:47 PM Arizona time:

I believe a prophetic dream possibly came true on March 11th which was the day I wrote it down and included it in a previous blog post. This was about time travel and timelines and such which also happened to be very emotional. I remember crying in the dream:

What I remember was that this dream was one of the first ones I had after going to sleep and then somehow it was re-visited and was the last dream I had before waking up and what I experienced was what you read above.

While scrolling through movies I was strongly guided to watch ‘The Adam Project’ which is about time travel and turned out to be very emotional and I cried at the end. It was a good movie for 2022 actually and was released on Netflix the same day as the dream, March 11th:

The magic 410 appeared here in the form of the year that Ryan Reynolds’ character comes from, 2050, which is half of 4110.

This may or may not be related, but I took a walk on March 13th and when I got back home I tried to turn the light on and it turned on for a second before burning out. It was like a flash of light and then darkness:

Then, about 7 hours later at 01:40 AM Arizona time (08:40 UTC), we had a big M-Class solar flare:

That one might be a coincidence/stretch but there are no accidents or coincidences in my world anymore.

One interesting thing that might be a neat coincidence was that Cobra posted the ‘Ekpyrosis’ (‘great fire’ in English basically) post at 3:47 PM, one minute after an M-Class solar flare: (3:46 PM):

And on the Angels Numbers website the time the meaning of the number 347 was published happens to be 12:31 PM which was the checkout time on my receipt from today:

And now for some songs that have been popping into my head which have sometimes been leading to real-world synchronicities, specifically the magic number 410.

‘Liebesträume No. 3’ by Liszt (Love Dream in German) played in my head recently but didn’t seem to lead to anything. Perhaps this and other songs are meant for others:

One song was ‘Deep Peace’ by Libera which I didn’t find much about. I think it was just a calming message:

‘E.T.’ by Katy Perry played in my head also on March 14th. Perhaps this was prophetic as Cobra posted his update today, March 15th, and the Light Forces, which are mentioned there, are partially composed of extraterrestrials. The lyrics are negative in some places and I don’t recall which part of the song was playing in my head:

Another one which may have just been for fun was ‘On The Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez:

Another one which happened today that lead to a pretty cool synchronicity was ‘them’ playing ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson in my head which was super random. After doing some digging I found that his official Facebook page posted about him setting a record of selling 100 million copies of ‘Thriller’ on April 10, 2014 (he died in 2009):

The word ‘fox’ continues to appear here and there and I’m not quite sure why yet. Perhaps it’s a new-ish spirit animal and/or perhaps it means something else which will make sense later. It’s hard to tell.

The little blue specks of light also appear here and there. It’s sometimes pale blue or regular blue. They seem to appear random and a possible pattern I’ve noticed is that they sometimes appear during times when I make important personal decisions. I don’t know if this means anything.

It sure would be great to have someone like Ashtar or another Ascended Master to help through this Ascension process. I feel like I’m in a state of confusion and frustration a lot of the time with all of these dreams and synchronicities. Is it supposed to feel like I’m doing something wrong all the time? Perhaps this is a consequence of there being so much Free Will. I think the thing to do is just the best that I can with what I have. I wish the toplet bombs were gone so the Light Forces could finally put this global rabid dog down and start the Event. The people, especially Lightworkers/Lightwarriors, suffering here is just unimaginable.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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