Storm Has Arrived Video Synchronicity, Stars and Stripes Forever Synchronicity, The Magic Number 410 & More

For those who are interested there are some interesting synchronicities I will share here. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

The Higher Ups have been continuing to put seemingly random songs in my head which are leading to real-world synchronicities. On March 18th I found myself humming the ending to the video ‘The Storm Has Arrived 432Hz’:

Clicking on the video will start it at the point that I was humming:

The ending of the video is basically scrolling text about how people should prepare for upsetting information to come out as this is the shift of the ages.

Earlier today, March 19th, I suddenly found myself humming part of the American marching song ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’:

These are never random and I started digging for information about this song. It was written by John Philip Sousa in 1896 and was made the official march of the United States in 1987.

This research continuously results in discovering the magic 410 connected to these songs in one way or another. In this case the 410 appeared as the beginning of the catalogue number which is printed on the vinyl record. I was only able to find a picture of side A; the song ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ is on side B:

410 appears in the barcode number:

They have continuously been playing part of the song, ‘On The Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez, where she sings ‘dance the night away’. I’m not sure exactly what this means but I did discover another synchronicity that took a little more digging to find out. Per the YouTube video on her channel the song was released 1/1/11 which would be a nice 11:11 synchronicity:

After getting some cash back at the store yesterday, March 18th, I got a dollar bill that began with 410:

While watching Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ I noticed that the title appears at the 4:10 mark:

I let ‘them’ use my eyes to type out c-class solar flare earlier but I didn’t write it down and we did have a C-Class solar flare happen after that. The Stars and Stripes song in my head happened (1:34 PM) 37 minutes before the solar flare which happened at 2:11 PM Arizona time.

But I realize that if I don’t document these things people will assume I made it up. “Proof or it didn’t happen.”

Something sure has changed though. These solar flare synchronicities seemed to start around or after the December 21st, 2021 mass meditation. These abilities are developing at break-neck speed and there has been little time to adjust to them. It is like a paradox also where the liberation process is going agonizingly slow and yet these abilities are evolving at warp speed. If they could just turn me into an Ascended Master already I could wipe these cabal people out and start the Event. Just a fantasy of course. I can control time and space in dreams, but I wish I could do the same in the physical plane. It would be over in a New York second.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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